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The State Opposition says Sydney's new River Class ferries are an "embarrassment" and the design of the cockpit glass means ferry masters cannot see out at night.

Deputy Leader Yasmin Catley says the shape and angle of the cockpit windows and the quality of the glass reflects the ferry's instrument lights, and even lights from other boats, onto the glass.

This creates a glare that makes it virtually impossible for drivers to safely see when the sun goes down.

A spokesperson for Transport for New South Wales says final work is continuing to reduce the glare caused by lights during night operations, and improvements like this are a normal part of the commissioning process.

The Indonesian-built boats have been plagued by issues and last year it was revealed ten of the new ferries won't be able to pass under bridges on the Parramatta River with people sitting on the top deck.

Three of the new ferries were also found to contain asbestos.

"The vast majority of improvements are now complete and we’re expecting the vessels to go into passenger service within the coming months," the transport spokesperson said.


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The Liberal (CONservative) NSW government tends to do things on the cheap (that end up being expensive after all the correcting fiddles which could have been avoided from the start. Not only the ferries are wonky-ish, they are ugly as sin (a mistake of intent). Lucky the May weather is mild so far...