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In choosing the Thom Roberts — a portriff of Adam (Shane Simpson AM), as one of the finalists, the Archibald Prize Committee fell for the old trick… A) the portraidfhp does not look anything like Shane Baby and B) the illusion is hackneyed. One does not have to go afar to find the illusion as shown for a while now on


But this amusing sample would not be a worry if some of the other choooooicezzz were not also controversially bad picks. Sure, it’s the privilege of being in charge of choice, not of merit. Yes, I know, art is in the eye of the art galleries beholderant… I would bet a million bux that I don’t have, though, that some of the rejected pieces were one thousand times better than some of what’s on offer, possibly chosen to annoy an already cynical public that loves the entertaining limited controversies that tickle their bourgeois funny bones. Some amateur bourgeois cynics would even go as far as saying “I can do better than this…” but there is no point in trying. I would even suggest that some of my 10 seconds caricatures in my cartoons have more artistic merit. I am biased of course.


And what would be the Archibald Prize without mentioning Del Kathryn Barton, this year not chosen but still appearing in a ridiculous childish portrait by Matthew Clarke. I know thirty-seven kids who could do better than this, except it would be on an A4 bit of paper rather than on a huge canvas. And my opinions here are my own and do not reflect those of the site, the site owners or hosting agencies. And what's the use of controversy when it becomes controversially boring and predictable?...


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Peter Wegner has won the 2021 Archibald Prize with a portrait of 100-year-old artist Guy Warren capping off the 100th year of Australia’s most famous art prize.

The announcement was made Friday morning at the Art Gallery of NSW, the portrait selected from 52 finalists who, with highly commendeds awarded to Sydney artist Jude Ray for her self-portrait Inside Out and Brisbane artist Pat Hoffie for her portrait of her daughter titled Visaya in a c-collar.

This is the first time in the history of the Archibald Prize that there have been two highly commendeds awarded. Art Gallery of NSW Trustees president David Gonski said the vote came down to the three but after considerable debate, the Wegner portrait stood out and was unanimously supported.


Nyapanyapa Yunupingu’s Garak - Night Sky was named winner of the Wynne Prize for landscape painting and Georgia Spain’s Getting Down or Falling Upwinner of the Sulman Prize for subject painting, genre painting or mural project.


Wegner’s portrait, called a Portrait of Guy Warren at 100, is a fitting win as the Archibald Prize celebrates its 100th year.

“When Michael called, my wife burst into tears, and I was speechless. This is an unbelievable moment in my life. It’s the culmination of years of my time in the studio and validation of my work,” Wegner, a six-time Archibald Prize finalist, said.

“When I think about the canon of all the previous winners and I get to be one of those names, especially in the 100th year, it is just an extraordinary feeling. I am humbled.

“Guy Warren turned 100 in April – he was born the same year the Archibald Prize was first awarded in 1921. This is not why I painted Guy, but the coincidence is nicely timed.

’I have been working on a series of drawings of people who have turned 100, beginning with my Aunty Rita seven years ago. I’ve gone on to draw more than 90 centenarians. I chose to paint Guy Warren because he is one of the most incredible centenarians l have ever met. This portrait honours Guy in the 101st year of his productive and meaningful life.”


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