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The partner of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has described his ongoing incarceration in one of England’s highest security prisons as “intolerable and grotesque”.

Stella Moris, 38, and the couple’s two young sons Gabriel, four, and Max, two, visited Assange in prison on Saturday morning for the first time in eight months.

Despite winning his long-running extradition battle against the US in January, Assange remains in HMP Belmarsh in south London pending the outcome of an appeal.


The 49-year-old Australian is still wanted in the US on an 18-count indictment, facing allegations of plotting to hack computers and conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defence information.

The prosecution followed WikiLeaks’ publication of hundreds of thousands of leaked documents in 2010 and 2011 relating to the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as diplomatic cables.

Ms Moris said the last time she had seen Assange in the flesh was at his last court appearance in early January.

Judge Vanessa Baraitser ruled Assange should not be extradited to the US on mental health grounds due to his suicide risk.

But she refused to release him while US prosecutors appeal the decision, citing fears he would abscond.

Ms Moris’s visit to the prison coincides with the date Assange sought diplomatic protection from the Ecuadorian Embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden on sex offence charges which have since been dropped.

“He was happy to see the kids, but he’s suffering,” Ms Moris told the Press Association. “You know it’s a grim, horrible place.

“The situation is utterly intolerable and grotesque, and it can’t go on. The situation is just getting more and more oppressive.”

 Pinning hopes on Biden

Ms Moris said she and Assange’s lawyers were hopeful there is less of an appetite to prosecute him in the US following Joe Biden’s election victory.

“The Biden administration is showing signs of wanting to project a commitment to the first amendment,” she said.

“The only logical step for (Biden) to take would be to drop this entire prosecution, and I hope that cooler heads prevail than under the Trump/Pompeo/Barr administration.”

Ms Moris said the UK’s decision to keep Assange behind bars “degrades” the country.

“Having Julian locked up and facing extradition degrades the UK, and it is a threat to press freedom in the UK,” she said.

“(The UK authorities) need to look at this situation afresh and bring it to an end, because it’s gone on for too long, and Julian’s life is at risk.

“They’re driving him to deep depression and into despair.”

When asked if she though he was being kept safe in prison, she said: “It’s not the right place for Julian at all, he shouldn’t be in prison at all, he shouldn’t be prosecuted at all, because he did the right thing: he published the truth.”-AAP


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FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW #####£££££‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹#!!!!


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impotente rei publicae...

The following five premises, though overly simplified, are the guts of the story:

By clinical definition, it appears Trump has a narcissistic-sociopathic disorder. Such people can be charismatic and attractive but often lie and con in their quest for total power and do not care about other people.

Trump’s followers have literally fallen in love with his narcissistic traits.

Trump uses the age-old myth of the hero’s journey to seduce followers: Trump is the only hero who can save America from the barbarians. His supporters buy it because they are infatuated with him.

 Above all else, most Trump followers want to feel safe — they see threat where others see none and are driven to protect themselves. For many, deterrence of outside threats and protection of insiders – whether by Q, segregated communities and border walls – are their raison d'être.

Trump followers tend to be politically conservative, meaning, on average, they are not the best at processing complex ideas. They’re unlikely to grasp progressivist reasoning. And research says many are drawn to simplistic, all-or-nothing solutions and authoritarian ideologies – such as Q – that, in turn, fuel prejudice.


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Thank you Independent Australia. Unfortunately, the same could be fossicked about Joe Biden and say Hillary Clinton. JULIAN ASSANGE IS STILL IN PRISON BECAUSE OF THEM. The only difference is in the style of their respective sociopathy. Trump was bold, bombastic and idiotic. Joe Biden’s sociopathy is sneakily affable and clean, while doing the usual sociopathic tricks, though Joe’s mind is on the way out. He was the guy who devised the Patriot Act. He supported illegal wars and is likely to start another one soon, with “morality” on his side. He represents the lack of American humility.


And please, realise that the politically “progressive", on average, are neither the best at processing complex ideas…

Progressivist reasoning, despite being kind-hearted, has many pitfalls, including the failure to recognise that many people are devious, such as Joe Biden.


The same could be said about Obama and his failure to do any of his promises “yes we can”, that became a “maybe we can” on his reelection, and a “I did not do anything” by the end of his terms — except bomb Libya and start a war in Syria under false pretences. Sure, there was Obamacare which should have called something else to remove the "narcissistic" element... Our general mainstream media is also heavily sociopathic in their one-sided reporting — and who can blame them? They are there to protect our own general cultivated bourgeois sociopathy.


FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW ############!!!!!!!!!!!!

media hypocrisy...


As we are reminded of the Pentagon Papers, published 50 years ago, we have seen a media collapse in investigative accuracy and fairness, since then. The “liberal” media fell for the trap set by the CIA and its front-shops, while the conservative media had no shame, in tooting the war against Saddam. "Saddam was a bad boy" wasn’t he, so we all get absolved, either way… Rubbish…. Of course, the DAILY manipulation of media by the CIA and the NSA should be front page news and all media — all in favour of “freedom of the press” but gun-shy in regard to JULIAN ASSANGE… because of the NEED TO PROTECT THE establishment and the leaky laws, you know… Since then, the “liberal” media have gone into supporting their side without any investigation of the crap their side has ever done and are doing, while the conservative media have gone all out to point these errors, while absolving the crap of the Idiot. 



Here a fair analysis would be to define that the Democrats’ goal is to appear “honourable”, while the goal of the Republican would be to appear "beneficial”. In truth the Democrats are more deviously hypocritical in their actions versus their morality than the Republicans — who don’t profess any morality of equality and only support who first past the post…


Thus the media is caught in this bind of fake truth versus fake truth in which the truth never comes out, or is presented with caveats and twisted versions, while their opinions oscillate around which rich dudes to support. Even on important subjects such as climate change (aka global warming), the pace of change is snail-pace going backwards on both sides, while appearing righteously momentous on the "liberal" media side.


What threw the comfortable establishment out of joint was the four years of Trump — the Boorish dealmaker — with one speed: go bankrupt and make a load of cash. As well as annoying everyone on the planet, Trump was succeeding beyond expectations until Covid-19 came along as a life-saviour for a Democratic media and their party of rich hypocrites that spend four years trying to unseat the idiot with lies and more lies… Eventually, their boy Biden won against “all odds” … It looks that some ballot boxes got counted twice but we won’t mention voting irregularities as there was enough votes in Biden’s bag. Since then, Boy Biden has gone all stops to send the USA complete broke by printing more money (120 billion a month) than the printing presses can cope with. Lucky, these days, we mostly deal with virtual cash and paper bags are e-crates directly transported by high speed internet blue cables to the banks for distribution. According to the laws of banking, it’s one dollar for you and one dollar for us. Fair.... 


The “liberal” media thus sees no crookery as it is their side doing the printing. Had it been Trump doing the same caper, hell would have stormed the streets and a few more fish shops would have been overcooked


It’s time for the “liberal” media to recover its roots that led to the Pentagon Papers… But here, one has to realise that this brave release of information was directed at a Republican President… Anything that could damage a Democrat President shall remain under the carpet like the Hunter Biden’s crockeries… Hey, this is reality. Meanwhile Julian Assange is stuck in a prison in the UK (the Queen should ask for his release immediately — his imprisonment is giving the realm a bad smell despite the potpourris) while Saint Joseph Biden is looking like god Himself to the “liberal” media, despite his diminishing faculties. 


Have the “liberal” media lost their morals? Of course.... When the New York Times decide to end its daily cartooning venture, one knew they were not only in the pocket of the establishment, but in the lint lurking at the bottom of it… Shame on all the “liberal” media to do what we usually expect from the gutter conservative outlets, such as the Murdoch media — which by the way are laughing at the “liberal” hypocrisy, Wouldn’t you?...






The Pentagon Papers’ Legacy After 50 Years

The courage of all those involved, including journalists at the New York Times, has all but vanished after half a century.


It was a humid June on the east coast 50 years ago when the New York Times began publishing the Pentagon Papers. The anniversary is worth marking, for reasons sweeping and grand, and for reasons deeply personal.

In 1971 Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers, a secret U.S. government history of the Vietnam War, to the Times. No one had ever published such classified documents before, and reporters feared prosecution under the Espionage Act. A federal court ordered the Times to cease publication after an initial flurry of excerpts were printed, the first time in U.S. history a federal judge had invoked prior restraint and shattered the First Amendment.


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