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Aliens have replaced the angels. Homo sapiens is a species that cannot live without external guidance. Having vanished from relativity, god had to be replaced by the leader of the green men who regularly come to visit us in their flying saucers. From time to time one of their dare-devils (wow! Does this mean the devil still exists?) crashes his little craft and his progeny ends up in the arms of Hillary Clinton. This is real news. We’re nuts. But we’re hoping that these ugly-faced bigeyed little guys will show us the way because to tell the truth we’re hopeless.


And so, in search of avoidance of our ultimate purpose, which is to turn into dust, we invent noises. Aliens. We desperately need them to tell us that we’re on the right path towards eternity — or its derivative. Many before us have etched the existence of these beings into stone, pyramids and clay tablets. But as the priests of religions were found out to be charlatans, promoters of fake news, we have turned to the military and their sophisticated radars. Aliens are there! Look at the data! If I was an alien that respected my valuable status of alienhood, I would not be seen for quids near this shamefully idiotic planet. But here we go… Here they come by the donut and the tictac full.


This line of articles is dedicated to the little helpers/monsters/dangers that keep falling from the sky, and join the fairies/gnomes at the bottom of the garden. (Image at top from The New Yorker circa 1960s).


As we desperately wait for Julian Assange's freedom, here is the real news:


real newsreal news

genuine aliens...

Australia's Department of Defence says it has no system to record or analyse unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) reported in close proximity to Australian military facilities or assets.

Key points:
  • A US intelligence report released publicly analysed 144 UFO sightings, mostly by US Navy personnel
  • It is intended to guide policymakers toward a more detailed analysis of unexplained phenomena
  • Australia's Defence Department says it has no such protocol covering UFO reports

The department's admission has come as a major US government report on UAPs — better known as UFOs — has been submitted to Congress and released to the public.

The report from the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) analysed 144 UFO reports, the majority of them from sightings by US Navy personnel dating back to 2004.

"UAP clearly pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to US national security," the DNI's report concluded.

It said defence and intelligence analysts lacked sufficient data to determine the nature of the mysterious flying objects observed.

The report was compiled in conjunction with a US Navy-led UAP Task Force, set up following the shutdown of an earlier Pentagon UFO program called the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

Pressure had been mounting on the US government to take the controversial subject more seriously — it had long been dismissed by official ridicule and denial — since the leaking of a series of UFO videos, first published by the New York Times in November 2017.

Early last year, these videos were confirmed as genuine by the US Department of Defense.


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Yes! Here they come and we've made a movie about them. It think the trailer shows the blighters from space destroying our million Earthly cities with bugrays — but a farmer, flying solo in a Cessna 85B, defeats them by being more cunning, spraying rat poison and Roundup. Yoohoo!


If you have nothing else to do, President Hypocrite Biden, just FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW...

once upon a time...


Alien Minds and the Will to Believe


by Edward Curtin


Once upon a time in my youthful naiveté, I would mock those who said they believed in out-of-space aliens and flying saucers.

In my hubris, I even wrote an extensive academic paper saying that the popularity of science fiction and the myth of planetary escape provided by the UFO cults and the media served the function of distracting us from earthly problems connected to the changing social structure of western societies and the concomitant transformation of our symbol systems from the traditionally religious to the scientific and technologically based.

I argued that there was something devious in this new narrative, like the story of astronauts playing golf on the moon.  Although I didn’t then say it, I imagined the next public relations stunt would be ping pong on Mars.  But I now know that ping pong is a Chinese dominated sport.

I must confess that I have never seen a space movie like 2001: A Space Odyssey or Star Wars or the television series Star Trek; and I have never read any science fiction, like Childhood’s End.  

I was always repulsed by such fantasies, since figuring out what was going on here on earth was hard enough to grasp. They always seemed like a diversion to me. Of course, I have studied their storylines and know about them, and fiction is fiction, right? The movies and television shows aren’t real, right?

Culture, I argued in my youthful academic days, is the higher learning we are all subjected to; and culture rests upon the crystallization of a symbolic order that was then changing.

I was writing about the late 1960s and early 1970s when the promotion of esoterica of all kinds was widespread and growing madly.  And as Philip Rieff wrote in The Triumph of the Therapeutic

Faith is the compulsive dynamic of culture, channeling obedience to, trust in, and dependence upon authority.”

I then sensed we were undergoing a massive symbolic transformation in which the controlling symbolic (from Greek: to throw together) order was being replaced by a diabolic (from Greek: to throw apart) order (that controlled in a different way) and new stories were emerging that would not order people’s lives but would disorder them as they were offered a pastiche of choices to scramble their brains so “they would never know” for sure. 

This was all happening at the time of the political assassinations of the 1960s, the war against Vietnam, the drug and sexual revolution, the crisis in traditional religion, the turn to the east especially among the young, women’s liberation, etc.

As a sociologist, I was following a tradition of theorizing that tries to describe social change and how culture organizes personality through its symbol systems, in this case the crisis happening between the mainstream faith in science and the counter-cultural reactions and the ways this alleged either/or was being manipulated.

Silly as it now sounds, I argued that as a result of the failure of rational, scientific, and technological culture to replace the traditional religious symbolic plausibility structure it destroyed, resulting in a deep existential void of meaning, an alternative myth about outer space and extraterrestrial life was promulgated to divert people’s attention from the creation of our Nazi-run military space program, nuclear weapons, and the military-industrial complex’s nihilistic intention to use them.  

I was so naïve then.

My thesis was that through this symbolic transformation, power over all life and death passed from God to men, and a need arose to provide a story about the gods’ continuing existence.  Thus the UFO and outer space motifs whereby alien gods – through the technique of deus ex machina – might swoop down in flotillas of extraterrestrial spacecraft and swoop up the deserving ones to a beautiful beyond while the rest of the world was incinerated in a nuclear war, a staple storyline of science fiction.  Of course they might also rape you; but they were the bad aliens who were at odds with the good. 

 ET and The X Files were still to come.

This myth of outer space was joined to a widespread rise in the promotion of occult phenomena – astrology, the Tarot, alchemy, crystal balls, satanism, witchcraft, spiritualism, etc. – that opened up all kinds of alternative, hypnotic visions of other lives past “death,” incredible new visions of inner “realities” and the cosmos, spiritual journeys to worlds unheard of, aided or not by the fuel of psychedelic drugs that were pushed by the CIA.

Thus the gods within were added to the alien gods without and new faiths were born – or rather, created.

These were mixed in a witches mélange with mainstream science or pseudo-science to create an anti-faith faith in forces that could save or destroy us, whether they be aliens, astronauts, or Indian gurus such as the creator of Transcendental Meditation (TM), Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, whose exotic teachings were married to pseudo-science and promoted as a way to reduce crime and violence and bring peace to Earth.

This, I maintained in my youthful ignorance, was not a cultural accident. Mass cultural confusion seemed to have a malign purpose that was setting us up for a reactionary backlash that would return us back to the future. To a time when we could “never really know” but knew what we were meant to know.

That was in my old life as a scholar.  I was so much younger then but I’m older than that now.

For a few years, I have just been a regular beer-swigging normal dude walking unpaved roads and woodland hikes looking for the wildlife.  I have dispensed with the books.  I have recently had a revelation, like Saul on the road to Damascus but without the light or falling down. I heard no voices. It happened inauspiciously.

A while back I learned of a nice, peaceful place to take a walk down by the river across an old covered bridge down a dirt road where lovely birds could be seen and heard. I was surprised to learn of this place since I have lived here a long time and have sought out every wild country walk I could find. But serendipity happens and epiphanies occur.

Three years ago when I first walked the bridge over troubled water, the place was deserted.  On the other side of the twisting Housatonic River, I was surprised to see a large stone monument with an inscription signed by the governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker. I knew Baker, a Republican, like the former governor Mitt Romney, was the type of “mild” Republican that the overwhelmingly Democratic voters generally didn’t complain about.  

The monument commemorated a 1969 UFO event, attesting to it being “the first off-world/UFO case in US history” when a nine-year-old boy named Thomas Reed and his family were said to have encountered a UFO and were taken out of their car by the aliens to a cavernous enclosure with strange lights. Beamed up and out in other words. Then deposited back in their car.

I had mocked such reports before but this one was endorsed by the mild-mannered and thoroughly establishment Charlie Baker, a former CEO of Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, and I was shocked. So I read about it and discovered it had been a big event in the area on the night of September 1, 1969 when about 40 others reported seeing a UFO.

It made me laugh at people’s gullibility since remnants of my intellectual skepticism still clung to my numbskull. The more I learned about it, the less I believed it, despite Baker’s endorsement.

When I again returned to the spot a few years later, the monument was gone, and I learned a controversy had ensued, some people had complained, and the town had hauled the monument away. Now there is a smaller round shaped plaque on a metal pole commemorating the event.

It seems the 1969 event caused mass confusion, which would seem appropriate for that time and place, as my youthful writings about culture at large explained. This was two weeks following Woodstock, the height of the Vietnam War, twelve days after the release of the movie, Alice’s Restaurant, based on the 1967 experience of local resident Arlo Guthrie’s famous encounter and song about getting anything you want at Alice’s restaurant, a local establishment run by Alice Brock that attracted hippies and counterculturists from all over.

Clearly something was happening here, what it was wasn’t exactly clear, since you could get anything you wanted in those tumultuous times. And anything and everything was everywhere in the culture.

But things are so different now.

We are all older and wiser. We follow the science. We just do what we’re told. We read the papers about the new government report about UFOs or what they now call UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). There are some things we just don’t know but others that we think we do, just like the Defense Department and the intelligence agencies. 

That’s what they say, isn’t it, and they wouldn’t lie? We follow the science today. The CDC wouldn’t lie, right?  We just do what we’re told.

The creator of the television show, The X-Files, Chris Carter has a prominent Op-Ed guest essay in the New York Times to explain why he so desperately wants to believe in aliens and how he actually does so without actually admitting it.

Along the way, Carter makes sure to slyly tell us he knows the truth about COVID-19:

We are living in times of uncertainty, where truth may be unknowable. I don’t have to tell you this has bred a universe of rampant conspiracy theories. From the Covid conspiracy documentary “Plandemic” to the idea that we’re living in a black hole created by the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider when we discovered the Higgs boson.

He follows the science. He thinks truth may be unknowable, a saying that you may have heard before. You know: “We’ll never know.” Except for certain truths. For he knows all about the pandemic and aliens.  And he tells us:

When we were dressing the original set for Agent Mulder’s office on “The X-Files,” I came up with the poster with a UFO on it that reads “I Want to Believe.” And I think that’s where most people come down on the whole extraterrestrial business. Not quite there yet, but waiting for a sign.

I’m not waiting. I’m there. I received the sign. I know. I got there just a few days ago when again, in my newfound clarity devoid of my old intellectual perspective, I walked that bridge over troubled waters and saw a large piece of metal lying in a watery ditch right where Thomas Reed described his abduction. It was new and very shiny. Talk about signs!

If that isn’t science, I don’t know what is.

Direct observation has brought me to the truth.  The aliens came back and lost a bumper. Although you might say that’s just circumstantial evidence, I must disagree. It’s not a symbol, I know that. I saw it with my “eyes wide shut.” I follow the science. Life is not a movie, is it?

I once thought the UFO people were crazy and there was a concerted effort to confuse people.  But I was so much younger then.  I’m older than that now.

Carter ends his essay by saying, “I want to believe.”

I say: Lords, I believe. Help my unbelief.


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alien nuz...

1 Gay Time Lords...


Olly Alexander, the pop singer and actor who this year shone brightly in the Russell T Davies drama It’s a Sin, is reportedly set to be the next lead in Doctor Who.

On Sunday the Sun said Alexander was thrashing out final details with the BBC to succeed Jodie Whittaker and become the 14th Doctor.


If it happens, Alexander, 30, would be the first out gay actor to play the Time Lord.

Whittaker’s departure from Doctor Who has not been announced, although rumours abound that the next series and two special episodes, to be broadcast next year, will be her final outings.


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  2 Nucular minds...  UFOs aren’t just real, they’re capable of mind-bending feats of flight and have a keen interest in toying with the US’ nuclear facilities. That’s according to an intelligence official tasked with investigating these phenomena. 

Speaking to the Washington Post on Tuesday, Luis Elizondo, former director of the military’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), revealed that UFOs  – or whoever pilots them – are fascinated with nuclear energy.

There is “some sort of intersection between these UAP or UFO sightings and our nuclear technology with nuclear propulsion, nuclear power generation, or nuclear weapons systems,” Elizondo told the Post, adding that “those same observations have been seen overseas in other countries.”


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    3 cocoon...  

By Chris Sweeney, an author and columnist who has written for newspapers such as The Times, Daily Express, The Sun and Daily Record, along with several international-selling magazines. Follow himon Twitter @Writes_Sweeney


One of the founders of a new group formed last month, the International Coalition of Extraterrestrial Research, explains its mission to – and why he’s convinced aliens frequently visit Earth. 

Aliens have under-ocean bases and are trying to dissuade the human race away from nuclear weapons, due to the potential catastrophic damage.

In some quarters, that statement would see you dismissed as a crank.

But not for Gary Heseltine, vice president of the newly formed International Coalition of Extraterrestrial Research (ICER). 

They are a non-governmental organisation headquartered in Portugal comprising scientists, researchers, and academics from 27 nations. Their mission statement is: Preparing for Contact.

Every member of ICER has signed an oath underlining their core belief.

Heseltine explains: “It says after 70 years of worldwide research, we think the evidence points to something that is real, acts with intelligence and is likely to be extraterrestrial, and non-human.”


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Are you still reading this crap? No? Then go and bang on the door of the White Shithouse and demand FREEDOM FOR JULIAN ASSANGE NOW !!!!!!!!!

we saw them coming then...

Free Julian Assange Now ∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂

Cartoon below from The New Yorker circa 1960...


UAPs explained...

An astronautical engineering expert runs through the unanswered questions from the US government's UFO report.

"There's a lot more going on that we are not privy to," he says.

And former fighter pilot Alex Dietrich explains her strange encounter with a UAP, or 'unexplained aerial phenomena’.


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As a former UFO (UAP) pilot, Mr Leonisky can explain a couple of things. As there are gravity waves, there are also anti-gravity waves. Matter and anti-matter... This also explains why the Universe expansion is accelerating. Simple. So.


So, to fly a flying saucer, one needs to control anti-gravity to the point it does not destroy the fabric of the universe. It’s simple enough if you know how to do it. Don’t press the red button.


First, you need an anti-special joy-stick, a bit of anti-duct tape and some anti-positive (negative) ingenuity. I retired from flying the Gizmos a few years ago when I realised I had arthritic knees which is not good for aliens — a bit like kryptonite to a certain big guy. Meanwhile, planet earth was also full of my own kind who had settled here a few centuries ago. It had happened when they got the erroneous news that our planet had blown up and they themselves had run out of fuel. Anti-matter is iffy to manipulate into anti-gravity and for some reason, possibly due to anti-phosphorus shortages, the process of anti-fiddling was given up — and, we, the aliens, disguised as alchemists with big pots, were also burned to the stake by the religious mob, while the humans were pissing phosphorus into the rivers, destroying our only source of anti-stuff. The cads. 


The last of the Great Unlucky Ones was Joan of Arc, who was declared a witch. Looking for the philosophical phosphorus, some of us found a useless gold mine. We exchanged the gold for piss and after a few centuries of collecting amd refining to extract anti-piss, bob’s your anti-uncle. We’re nearly there, just testing a few of our old tricks. 


Of course we are preparing for the great takeover of this planet. Already 1,357 years on planet earth, we have managed to make you kill each other in wars and sadistic events and given you a few plagues. Lately we have devised what you call Covid-19 and so far we’ve only killed 4 million of you unfortunately, while you’ve been breeding like rabbits adding 89 millions at the same time. Hard to keep up... Nonetheless, if it had not been for little Gamatrontelepathetic who told Bill Gates about our plan by accident in a dream, the damage would have been greater. We are patient. There are 17 of us, here on this planet, and your 7.7 billion should be shaking in your boots. 


From time to time we bother your AMERICAN military with angel-like apparitions, as we used to do during the Spanish Inquisition. We had to install a Radar impact tracer on our flying machines, otherwise, you would not be able to scare your populace with records of our spooky presence. 


Remember that you are sinners and not worthy to be here. We are.


This message was translated by Googluxorian, our interpreter.


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August 5 2021…


WASHINGTON — The nation’s intelligence agencies are looking for ways to increase their expertise in a range of scientific disciplines as they struggle to answer unexplained questions — about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, unidentified phenomenon observed by Navy pilots and mysterious health ailments affecting spies and diplomats around the world.

Traditional spycraft has failed to make significant progress on those high-profile inquiries, and many officials have grown convinced that they require a better marriage of intelligence gathering and scientific examination.

Intelligence officials in the Biden administration came into office pledging to work on areas traditionally dominated by science, like studying the national security implications of climate change and future pandemics. But as the other issues have cropped up, the spy agencies have had to confront questions that are as much scientific mysteries as they are challenges of traditional intelligence collection.

The White House has given the intelligence community until later this summer to report the results of a deep dive into the origins of the coronavirus, including an examination of the theory that it was accidentally leaked from a Chinese lab studying the virus as well as the prevailing view that it was transmitted from animals to humans outside a lab.

The administration has also pledged to Congress to make progress on determining the cause of mysterious health ailments on diplomats and intelligence officers, known as Havana syndrome. And finally, a preliminary inquiry into unidentified flying objects and other phenomena failed to explain almost all of the mysterious encounters by military aviators that intelligence analysts had scrutinized, prompting intelligence officials to promise a follow-up in the next three months.

To bolster the role of scientific expertise, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence brought an experienced epidemiologist from the State Department’s intelligence and research division to serve on the National Intelligence Council, according to intelligence and other government officials. The office has also created two national intelligence manager posts, one to look at climate change and the other to examine disruptive technology, intelligence officials said.


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Note: In the admission of being an alien myself (see above post), I forgot to mention the anti-elastic, the secret ingredient, obviously... In regard to PHOSPHORUS, please visit:


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August 5 2021…