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Long COVID: Patients fight to be believed

Millions of COVID patients still experience debilitating symptoms months after their infection. Many of them have to fight the additional battle of convincing their doctors or loved ones to take them seriously.


In the past 18 months, the answer Marta Esperti has heard from doctors most often is: "You will have to wait it out."

But she felt waiting was not an option when her flare-ups of fever, vomiting, fatigue, tachycardia, memory loss and a dangerously low oxygen saturation persisted more than a year after her COVID-19 infection. A PhD student who loved to travel and work out, Esperti can now run out of breath while cooking lunch.

After visiting countless specialists in France and her native Italy, and paying many medical expenses out of pocket, she finally got her diagnosis: Long COVID. And exams show significant damage to her heart and lungs.

"I feel rage. For one year, I was not taken seriously," she said to DW. "Maybe if someone had listened, I would have had a chance to recover."

What is long COVID?

Esperti is one of millions of long-haulers who continue to experience effects weeks or even months after an acute COVID infection. These symptoms can range from fatigue to brain fog to shortness of breath. 

About 15% of COVID patients still have several symptoms after 12 weeks,according to a study conducted by researchers at Imperial College London in the UK. Women and older patients are more likely to be affected, but men and children also experience it.

Scientists are still researching possible causes, which makes the condition more difficult to diagnose and treat. For many long-haulers, a trip to the doctor’s office becomes a battle to be believed.


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Coronaviruses have sparked some massive disease outbreaks in living memory, but we've actually been battling them for millennia, according to a new study.

Key points:
  • Scientists have found evidence of an ancient coronavirus outbreak in the genome of modern humans from East Asia

  • A virus that interacts with human cells and tissues in a similar way to the virus that causes COVID-19 drove the outbreak

  • The findings could help researchers find new ways to fight COVID-19

In 2002 a coronavirus sparked what became known as the SARS outbreak in China, infecting over 8,000 people and killing more than 800 – SARS stands for "severe acute respiratory syndrome".

Four years later came the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) coronavirus outbreak that resulted in more than 2,400 cases and over 850 deaths.

And currently, we're dealing with multiple strains of SARS-CoV-2 — the virus that causes COVID-19.

Now, a team of Australian and US scientists has discovered that a coronavirus epidemic broke out in East Asia around 25,000 years ago.

According to their study, reported today in Current Biology, evidence of this can be seen in the genomes of modern-day people from the region.

"It wreaked havoc in the population and left significant genetic scars," said study co-author Kirill Alexandrov, a synthetic biologist at the Queensland University of Technology.


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Gus had a bad "Coronavirus" infection 15 years ago. The other half of this household had it a couple of years ago... The side effects lasted about six months each. It was like an interminable "bad flu". The difference with this one and the previous SARS infection is that this one has been declared a pandemic, possibly because it transmits "a bit faster". But like the previous flu, the SARS kill people with regularity. Especially old and frail people. They were counted as "flu deaths" (170,000 FLU DEATHS in AUSTRALIA, 2019). Eventually herd immunity is achieved by natural selection. 

Once a pandemic is declared, governments HAVE to act upon with draconian measures to show they are on the ball. Should they do not act, they would be sued by insurance and law companies on behalf of your granny that just died. Meanwhile, like previous flus and SARS infection, we have to protect the old people mostly (infected with Covid-19, they have 97.5 % chances of dying), plus the frail and the restless amongst the young people. What did we do? We had lockdowns with infected nurses going of old people retirement villages. You know the rest... 

Who is in charge of "Old People"?  THE Scott Morrison's government.... Who make up the most number of deaths daily in NSW? OLD PEOPLE....


FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW ££££££££££££££££££££⁄!!!!

I disagree...

KIt Knightly does a great job at exposing the repression in Australia...


Australia is going full Fascist …but resistance is growing

The Australian government been leading the pack on Covid-based tyranny from the beginning, but are they pushing their citizens to breaking point?


Covid19 has been used as an excuse to increase government control of pretty much everything, pretty much everywhere.

It is, without question, the greatest campaign to seize power, and greatest assault on personal freedom, of my lifetime. With countries seemingly in a contest to outdo each other’s clampdowns, lockdowns, quarantines and surveillance programs.

From the beginning of the “pandemic” three countries, in particular, have set the pace on this – Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Since last spring these three have been one-upping each other in a race to the fascist finish line. And right now, Australia is putting a sprint in to pull away from the pack.

Cities are going into full lockdown for just one positive test. Some Australian cities and states aren’t just under total lockdowns, but also ever-extending curfews. The details of which read like a dystopian novel.

People are not permitted to leave the state, let alone the country. They’re not even permitted more than 5km (~3 miles) from their home. They’re not allowed out at all after 9pm or before 5am. Masks are mandatory everywhere for everyone. Outdoors and in. No religious services. No weddings. Shoot stray dogs, just in case.

Police barge into “unapproved” shops and fine business owners, or go house-to-house making sure no one has gone out. People who test positive are taken from homes for “indefinite stays” at “quarantine hotels”.

They are herding thousands upon thousands of children in stadiums, without their parents, to perform (allegedly) voluntary mass vaccinations, despite the possible dangers. The army has been deployed to check papers and vaccine status at road checkpoints.


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But I disagree about the intent. Our governments are dumb enough to practice Nazism without knowing they are Nazis. They follow orders from the health authorities themselves under instruction from WHO knows what... And even the orders do not understand what they are doing. The WHO is a self-indulgent world quango where statistics are brewed like witches potage. They declared a pandemic and suddenly, many world governments had to do something to avoid "being sued" by insurance companies. Some government responded better than others... Even WHO as no clue as to the number of death from flu worldwide in 2019... No idea. It's a vague finger pointing between this low figure and this super high number with a factor difference of 400 per cent! So if you get hit on the head by police think about the low cost of your insurance premiums, heath rebates and medicare fees... Now with Covid, we are cataloguing the dead people... the number of cases and the number of revolts... Go easy, take the shot and blend in, until the storm is over.


Oh and if your are old and frail — and unvaccinated — please don't catch Covid-22 (I mean covid-19). YOU WILL DIE.  You will die anyway, but a bit later on, when getting up in the middle of the night without your walking stick, you fall on the tiled floor, breaking every bones in your body...

the clod...

Scott Morrison has pointed to a forgettable Nicolas Cage movie about cavemen to explain his hopes for reopening Australia, urging the nation to “get out there and live in it” once COVID vaccination targets are reached.

It’s the Prime Minister’s latest attempt to hold together a fracturing agreement on Doherty Institute modelling that sets 80 per cent vaccine targets for ending lockdowns, as premiers begin to push back on the plan they signed up to.

Ordinary Australians might again be wondering when families can be reunited and border rules relaxed. But Mr Morrison’s repeated references on Tuesday to The Croods – a 2013 Dreamworks film about cavemen – has left some scratching their heads.


“It’s like that movie The Croods,” he told Nine’s Today show.

“Some wanted to stay in the cave, and that young girl, she wanted to go out and live again and deal with the challenges of living in a different world.”


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Yes, and the Croods who got out were eaten by the lions. Insurance did not apply...



90 per cent...

Despite reports of the Delta strain's higher contagiousness and dwindling efficiency of vaccines, inoculation remains the most effective weapon to prevent major outbreaks.

As much as 90 percent of Sweden's population, with the exception of the very youngest, must be vaccinated to stop the more contractable Delta strain of the coronavirus, mathematics professor and modelling specialist Tom Britton has maintained.

While most researchers agree that Delta is more transmissible than previous strains, its exact contagiousness is yet to be determined. In his calculations, Tom Britton assumed that Delta is two times as contagious as the previously known strains.


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what about 73.9 per cent?...

 Statement on the Doherty Institute modelling sensitivity analysis


Following the release of the Technical Report and Addendum to National Cabinet on 10 August, the Doherty Institute-led modelling consortium was asked to provide “sensitivity analyses” of the scenarios represented in the Report.

Specifically, the consortium was asked to test the robustness of the recommendation to transition to Phases B and C of the National Plan at 70% and 80% vaccination coverage if COVID-19 infection was already established in the community. The original report compared outbreaks that were seeded with 30 cases at a time when “COVID-zero” was the goal. However, some states are now reporting significantly more than this number of infections each day. At these higher case numbers, it’s also recognised that test-trace-isolate-quarantine (TTIQ) responses are likely to be partially, rather than optimally, effective.

The modelling consortium considered three levels of case numbers at the time of transition to Phase B – low (tens, approximately 10-100), medium (hundreds approximately, 300-1000) and high (thousands, approximately 1,000-4,500) infections.

In the majority of cases the model’s conclusions were unchanged, with one important exception. If transitioning to Phase B at the 70% coverage threshold, seeding of thousands of infections in the context of partial effective TTIQ, with only baseline public health and social measures (PHSMs), resulted in earlier and larger outbreaks. While vaccine rollout continued throughout all the simulations, in the time window between 70% and 80% coverage, the epidemic was still growing from thousands to tens of thousands. As coverage increased beyond 80% coverage, the epidemic came under control. But starting from a point this high led to more cases overall.

Much less impact on the overall size of epidemics was observed when these seeding scenarios (tens, hundreds, thousands) were introduced from the 80% coverage timepoint. It is therefore recommended that case numbers continue to be strongly suppressed through Phase B until 80% coverage is reached.

In all scenarios, health outcomes were improved if a maximally effective TTIQ response (“optimal” TTIQ) were maintained. Similar impacts were achieved by combining partially effective TTIQ with a “low” level of PHSMs (above baseline restrictions). At high caseloads, additional “medium” level PHSMs may be needed while coverage increases from 70% to 80% to achieve target outcomes and protect the health system. The requirement for PHSMs above baseline will depend on how the epidemic is growing at a local or regional level and the anticipated impacts on the health system based on that epidemiological assessment.

These findings confirm our earlier strategic advice that even high levels of vaccination will not be sufficient to stop COVID-19 in its tracks. Maintaining at least partial (and ideally optimal) TTIQ responses will be essential for ongoing COVID-19 control. These measures will need to be supported by ongoing application of “low” PHSMs (above baseline) to keep case numbers down and achieve best health and economic outcomes for Australia.

Furthermore, as evidence continues to emerge regarding the Delta variant, it has become clear that our initial assumptions on transmissibility and vaccine effectiveness remain robust, however it also suggests Delta is more severe than was assumed in our modelling. This new evidence further endorses our recommendations for a multi-pronged approach to disease control to keep case numbers as low as possible so the health system is able to manage anticipated clinical loads. It therefore does not change our conclusions in any way.

This model is a high-level abstraction of the Australian context to guide strategic policy making. In reality, the national COVID-19 epidemic has been and will continue to be focal in nature, a “fire” fought on multiple fronts.

As stated in our original report, ongoing situational assessment of measured transmission potential and circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants in the Australian population over the coming months will allow benchmarking of these hypothetical scenarios to guide real time policy decision making about the transition to Phase B of the National Plan.

We provide such assessments to the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee every week, ensuring continuous updating of advice based on emerging local and international evidence to inform health responses.


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