Tuesday 25th of June 2024

craven images .....

craven images .....

Poor little wolfie will collect a $400,000 “performance” bonus due him on June 1, according to two senior bank officials. US officials asked him to stay on as a caretaker until the end of June to allow time for the naming of a successor.

In the end, the 24-member bank board, in a statement that all but exonerated wolfie said: "He assured us that he acted ethically & in good faith in what he believed were the best interests of the institution & we accept that. We also accept that others involved acted ethically & in good faith."

In its classic “AWB defence”, the board said that it could find “no ethical lapses” but it did conclude that: "a number of mistakes were made by a number of individuals."

And they were worried that wolfie was going to bring their institution into disrepute??

And surprise, surprise folks …..

It looks like yesterday’s man has emerged as bushit’s preferred candidate to replace wolfie as President of the World Bank …..

The other candidates don’t stand a chance given “aussie tony” has been busy humping bushit’s leg even more vigorously than normal.

The little fella has said that he hopes people will always remember him as the people's poodle. ...

As bushit & “aussie tony” spent their final days together, a reprise of the two enamoured leaders mutual admiration is offered through their stirring rendition of "Endless Love." The partnership may be coming to an end, but their hearts still beat as one...

bye .....

Recalling Cromwell’s statement to the Rump Parliament in 1653 – repeated, with such wisdom, by Leo Amery to Chamberlain in 1940, we all say to “aussie tony”: “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, & let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.”

barking mad .....

‘After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, assumed a high moral position in the Arab-Muslim world with eloquent speeches in support of Afghanis, the cause of the Palestinians and stability and democracy in the Middle East, bringing him much kudos.

However, it all evaporated with his unwavering support of the US-led invasion of Iraq, backing Israel and the US over Lebanon and the failure to make any difference to the plight of Palestinians. He may now be remembered as one who made mistakes similar to those of one of his conservative predecessors, Sir Anthony Eden, who tried to reshape the Middle East with the Suez War of 1956, but who ended up in disrepute.

Blair's partnership with the Bush Administration and his strong backing of Israel have supported a very narrow, radical neo-conservative agenda in the Middle East, exacerbating conditions for wider instability in the region.

Despite his repeated assertion that he has acted in the interest of those values that could make the world a better and safer place, he is widely perceived in the Muslim Middle East as more combative than nuanced in his approach.’

Blair's Legacy On Middle East A Dark Stain - Just Like Eden's Debacle

"gun-boot" damages

A drive for global domination has put us in greater danger

Moral authority, which is our greatest source of strength, has been recklessly put at risk by this wilful president

Al Gore
Thursday May 24, 2007
The Guardian

The pursuit of "dominance" in foreign policy led the Bush administration to ignore the UN, to do serious damage to our most important alliances, to violate international law, and to cultivate the hatred and contempt of many in the rest of the world. The seductive appeal of exercising unconstrained unilateral power led this president to interpret his powers under the constitution in a way that brought to life the worst nightmare of the founders. Any policy based on domination of the rest of the world not only creates enemies for the US and recruits for al-Qaida, but also undermines the international cooperation that is essential to defeating terrorists who wish to harm and intimidate America. Instead of "dominance", we should be seeking pre-eminence in a world where nations respect us and seek to follow our leadership and adopt our values.