Friday 14th of June 2024

Keeping The Flame Burning

Webdiary's last vestige of heart and soul, Craig Rowley has resigned as director and editor. His departure is only mentioned as a sentence buried in the site. Of the names mentioned as the Webdiary Management Team there is only one who is currently active- General Manager David Roffey.

I was honoured and proud to be invited by Margo Kingston to write there, and to start this blog which she and her brother Hamish helped me find my feet on. I'm glad that John is keeping things alive here.

The idea, championed by Margo and Hamish (founders of Your Democracy) of creating a platform for people to write and exchange their ideas was and is a good one

The current political climate, I believe, has led to an incredibily tight drip-feed of information to the public, with a very careful screening of responses to many opionion pages. Without such forums as Webdiary and Your Democracy, the opportunities to be able to take different aspects of stories to the public are dwindling rapidly.

One example,as you will see in my next entry, is the number of years that are being taken to introduce the populace to the US Missile Shield and our participation in it.

I hope we can keep the flame burning.




With the level of what I consider extremely unfair treatment to Craig.  I've taken a leave of absence from Webdiary, at least until there's a Regime Change.

I checked my access to the moderator's room this morning.  As I'd expected, I've been locked out.

 It's all a bit sad..