Monday 20th of May 2024

Coalition of Missiles.

The world became much smaller on Friday. How quickly do you think a scramjet-fitted Aegis will arrive from Australia to anywhere when it comes screaming down at Mach 10?

The media is finally being trickled "news" that the AWD's might be fitted with Aegis SM-3's ( like the ones the Japs bought so we can have a "national" missile shield. The public are being smokescreened from the knowledge that they're participating in an international Bush/Cheney program, first mooted in a defence paper spearheaded by the head of Halliburton Australia.

SM-3s,unlike SM-2s, don't need atmosphere in which to steer. They could still get to 500km above the surface and from there hurtle down on scramjets.

They reckon that a plane would make is from Australia to London in 2 hours... I bet you that a missile would do it faster.

We're going to be part of a U.S. led Coalition Of Missiles. Mark these words.

Coalition of Missiles.

"We're going to be part of a U.S. led Coalition Of Missiles. Mark these words. "

Yes, Richard, we definately are. Our current Govt has already signed on with their bestest buddy in the nut house, I mean Whitehouse.

Not one of these missiles will go anywhere without the control of the base here in W.A.

In fact we have TWO of said bases here already, AND, get this, the Australian Govt are not allowed to set foot on said bases. They can provide security, but are not allowed to set foot on the bases proper or in the buildings. Pretty cool HUH ?

By the way, dunno if you're aware, if they're gonna stick these scram jets on a missile, well then there'll be no need for a war head, cause the speed of said missile coming from outer space will be so great, the pressure of impact will do similar job and leave no contaminants behind. Cool aye ?

The Downunder Spanish Armada

Navy unveils $11b warship contract

Five new Royal Australian Navy warships will be built by defence contractors in Adelaide and Melbourne in partnership with the Spanish company Navantia.

Cool, Aye!

Nope, Itchyvet, I'm ballistically illiterate, so I hadn't thought about that.  You're talking man-made meteors, aren't you?  Shh, don't give anybody more bright ideas.

Think about what you're talking about on a cluster bomb level... bloody hell, literally.  It would be the opposite effect of the neutron bomb idea.  Save developers lots of money in knocking old buildings down.  Wheeee go the Raythoens at Mach 10.  Drop of a pod of KBR nanotechs (they sponsor nanotechnology conference lunches, so I assume they have an interest)  and you could rebuild Tehran into a Houston look-alike in lickety-spit speed.

Ahh, the glorious WA bases... have they started building the Joint Training Facility (lilypad headquarters) in the Kimberleys yet.  And who's going to build the glorified mobile phone tower at Geraldton? I'm hearing that it's the Cheney Mob again.

Oh well.. when they finally give scramjets to civilians, you Sandgropers won't be so lonely any more.  A little time, and you'll have lots of new friends. 


Hit To Kill

Itchyvet, I think this is the sort of thing you're referring to?

[from Raytheon]

That secondary ABM role would eventually fall to the larger SM-3 ABM variant, aka. RIM-161A. It uses the RIM-156 (SM-2 Extended Range Block IV) test program's airframe and propulsion/booster, then adds a third-stage rocket motor (a.k.a. Advanced Solid Axial Stage, ASAS, made by ATK), a GPS/INS guidance section (a.k.a. GAINS, GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System), and a LEAP (Lightweight Exo-Atmospheric Projectile) kinetic warhead (i.e. a non-explosive hit-to-kill maneuvering warhead)