Monday 20th of March 2023

the united states officially support nazism.........

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky framed American patrons by showing the world that the United States officially supports Nazism. Thanks to him, SS lightning bolts flashed not only in Kiev, but also in the U.S. Congress.

During his trip to the U.S. in December, Zelensky met with President Joe Biden and also addressed Congress. After his speech, he handed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris a Ukrainian flag with slogans and wishes written on it. Attentive journalists noticed the SS lightning bolts among the handwritten messages.




Thus, the flag with fascist symbols was solemnly deployed in the heart of world “democracy” to joyful applause.

Why was it so, and how to understand the simultaneous U.S. support of BLM, LGBT and fascist ideologues, whose idols burned in the ovens representatives of other races, ethnicities and non-traditional sexual orientations? Sometimes one hears arguments that there is no fascism in Ukraine because the Ukrainian president is a Jew. But, this is an obvious manipulation designed to cover up the real reasons behind Washington’s actions.

Is the United States itself a fascist state? Even American experts are pondering this interesting question. It is indeed relevant, given not only support for the Nazis in Ukraine, but also the circumstances inside the country.

First, the obvious suppression of freedom of speech and dissent in any form is a bright marker. The media and social media have been placed under strict control by the federal government. It is only the official American propaganda around the world that tells beautiful stories about democracy and freedom, but the American establishment finds it acceptable to keep society within strictly regulated boundaries. Try to think wrong or speak out against the accepted narrative. There will be immediate sanctions. It is not for nothing that the FBI holds weekly meetings with the heads of social media platforms.

Second is the lack of free elections. The American electoral process has long been an expensive show business. It is a sheer platform for fraud with all indications in the form of completely non-transparent early voting, pressure on voters, registering “dead souls” in electoral rolls and other things.

Third, the most important sign of the fascization of the Washington establishment is the merging of state and corporate power. It is no longer possible to distinguish between private interests and state interests. The entire so-called elite is trying to subordinate both domestic and foreign policy to the interests of a certain ruling class. And if the big bosses tell everyone to repent in favor of BLM ideas, then everyone should do so. If they want gender diversity and LGBT, everybody has to listen, despite the opinions of some activists in Texas, for example.

Fourth, there is rampant militarism. The U.S. defense budget is breaking records. The military-industrial complex, including in connection with the Ukrainian crisis, is working at full throttle. With the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons out of force, a new round of the arms race is underway.

Under these conditions, the most difficult to comprehend are the ways to justify and inviolate the order established by the American rulers. After all, society needs convincing explanations. Here too, images of an external enemy and a nurtured sense of American exclusivity may come to mind. But this is not enough. For the scale of governance encompassed at the present stage, the most universal model is required.

It is no secret that the United States was one of the first to develop racial segregation laws, and its experience even served as inspiration for the lawyers of Nazi Germany in creating the regulatory framework of the racial state known as the Nuremberg Laws. To get to the heart of the racial problems of modern America, these circumstances are explored in detail in his book, Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Laws, by James Whitman, Ford Foundation Professor of Comparative and Foreign Law at Yale Law School.

Commenting on his research, J. Whitman noted, in particular, that American racial law was a model for everybody in the early 20th century who was interested in creating a race-based order or race state. America was the leader in a whole variety of realms in racist law in the first part of that century. Some of this involved American immigration law, which was designed to exclude so-called “undesirable races” from immigration. In 1924 American immigration law in particular was praised by Hitler himself, in his book Mein Kampf.

The author of the book pointed out that the German Nazis saw the United States as a kind of laboratory where experiments were being conducted to create mechanisms for legislative disenfranchisement of certain segments of the population. At that time in the U.S. these experiments were conducted on racial principles. The Third Reich was interested in discriminatory norms against certain ethnic groups, especially the Jews.

Whitman found out that the German Nazis faced a serious problem. They could not find a meaningful, reliable scientific definition according to which you could determine who belonged to which race. They came to the conclusion that it was impossible to have criminal statutes targeting Jews because it was impossible to define who counted as a Jew.

This was the main reason for the admiration of the Germans for the Americans. The framers of the Nuremberg Laws saw that the United States was engaged in the political construction of race. Americans used politics to form laws to justify a political system organized around race, despite the absence of any meaningful definition of that race.

In fact, the modern U.S. establishment has improved on the practices of its predecessors from the recent past. To reinforce the attitudes of the new political system, Washington has taken a legal approach to justifying discriminatory measures against the unwanted. In foreign policy or domestically, the disadvantage is carried out with the help of a universal formula, some rules, the existence and inviolability of which are ensured by the right of force and informational propaganda.

This explains the origin of all these “universal values”, “human rights”, “international rules”, “community standards” and so on. These are the reasons for supporting some and disempowering others. Such is American political racism.








the things that annoy.....

by Dominique Delawarde

Text of my preliminary statement to the Schiller Institute conference of January 10 on the level of Confidence in international relations and possible negotiations between NATO and Russia.

Vast subject … and everyone to form their own opinion, of course.

PS: Last interesting news, the Swiss National Bank has just announced colossal losses of 143 billion dollars in 2022. These are the worst recorded by this bank in 116 years of history. This record is 5 times greater than the last, which dated from 2015 and represents 18% of Swiss GDP forecast for 2022.

Did Switzerland make a good deal by abandoning, however slightly, its neutrality, which made its fortune, to align itself with the Western camp? Everyone has to answer this interesting question. For those who have a VPN:

Obviously, our media do not mention the subject. We must not talk about the things that annoy, when we are in propaganda mode. Would the world of international high finance which provoked and financed the war in Ukraine have difficulties?

***Theme: Trust in international relations between East and West

Question 1 : What sense could any agreement with representatives of the West have if we have to start from the principle that they only do what they say to impose their roadmap?

DD: Any agreement with representatives of the West would, for the Russians, make no sense under the current conditions. Why ? Because the word of Westerners has become worthless since the fall of the Soviet Union, because Westerners have never kept their word since 1990 and because this unfortunate tendency to duplicity and lies has increased over the time.

Let us remember this terrible admission by Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State at the time, during a conference at a university in Texas (A&M University) on April 15, 2019: “ We lied, we cheated, we stole, as if we had received training lessons to learn how to do it. It reminds you of the glory of the American experience » to loud applause from an audience of hilarious young American students1.

With interlocutors of the same ilk as Pompeo, Blinken or Victoria Nuland in US diplomacy and more broadly in the US and EU administrations, it is now impossible for the Russians to negotiate in confidence.

It is not useless to recall some historical events that Putin, Medvedev, Lavrov, Choigu and many other Russian officials experienced in the front row, before and since their accession to power:

The false testimonies of the incubators of Kuwait in October 1990, a false pretext to start the first war in Iraq;

The false Racak massacre of January 1999, a false pretext to trigger the final phase of the dismemberment of the former Yugoslavia and the bombardment of Belgrade;

The false testimony at the United Nations platform on February 5, 2003 by Colin Powell, on Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction, a false pretext to trigger the second Gulf War;

The multiple false flag gas attacks in Syria between September 2013 and 2018 aimed to justify the joint strikes of the gang of 3 (USA, United Kingdom and France) on Syria.

NATO's extensions to the East from 1999 to the present day totally contradict the promises made to Gorbachev in 1990.

We could add to this the montages of the Skripal affairs by the United Kingdom and the Navalny affair by the European Union, with the constant aim of smearing Russia and more particularly Putin.

This duplicity, mainly of Anglo-Saxon origin, has been observed and experienced by the entire planet, has caused a real awareness in many countries. It aroused much reprobation, rejection, even exasperation.

Since coming to power, Putin has lived 22 years of Western duplicity and lies. Today the cup is full, and confidence has been completely destroyed by the confessions of Angela Merkel and François Hollande declaring, in front of the world, that the Minsk agreements were not made to be respected but to win time to prepare Ukraine for war against Russia.

Question 2: At the point we are at with lies and betrayals, can trust be restored between Russia and the West?

DD: My answer is no. Why ? Because this restoration of trust can only happen today through the pure and simple disappearance of the global political landscape of the US and European neoconservative and globalist establishment. As long as this disappearance is not realized and recorded, the restoration of confidence will remain impossible because the project for a new century of American hegemony, to be realized by all means, will remain the rule for the US and EU administrations.

This eviction of the neoconservatives globalists, linked to the powers of money which make the rain and the good weather in the American and European elections, presidential or legislative elections, thanks to the media they control, cannot be envisaged in the short or medium term, as the financial means devoted to the conquest and "exploitation" of power for their benefit are immense.

Putin's Russia is therefore today trying to do everything possible to shatter this dream of Western neocon billionaires, of a world under US-EU-NATO-G7 hegemony, by weakening the Western eagle and clipping the wings.

In 1990, Russia lost the Cold War through economic and social collapse. In 2022-2023 … it will seek to obtain an economic and social collapse of the global West, by acting, with its many and powerful allies and partners, by playing on the energy weapon, and by breaking the monopoly of the dollar and the extraterritoriality of American law which is linked to it.

On the Ukrainian theatre, which represents only a very small part of the global tussle between the Western neocons and Russia, the latter will only negotiate, when the time comes,in a position of strength, and on his own terms. But today it must give time to time because time is, for the moment, in its favour, gradually plunging the West into economic and social difficulties which will not improve.

So there is probably nothing to expect in the short term. Nothing to expect before, at best, the summer of 2023 but more probably 2024. For Russia, an additional winter, and perhaps more, will undoubtedly be necessary to complete the weakening of Western economies and achieve its military objectives in Ukraine and geopolitics at the planetary level, with a minimum of human and economic damage for it and a maximum for its adversaries.

Dominique Delawarde