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fried bushit .....

fried bushit .....

‘Nicolas Sarkozy was a divisive figure during his campaign for the French presidency. But he's governing as a uniter, not a divider.

George W. Bush ran for president in 2000 promising to ease partisan divisions. He has left our politics a wreck of recrimination, anger and polarization.

This weekend, the contrast between Sarkozy and Bush could not have been more conspicuous.

From France came word that the center-right president was urging the International Monetary Fund to name Dominique Strauss-Kahn as its managing director.

There is no exact American metaphor, but imagine if Bush had pushed for a prominent liberal Democrat - Al Gore or John Kerry, perhaps - to head the World Bank. Imagine further that the president had seriously consulted with his political adversaries.’


Gus: I suppose Bush's lawyers would defend him by saying that in 1999 he was talking only about his campaign, not how he'd govern. Still, Sarkozy, the most pro-American French president in a long time, seems to have taken Bush's earlier words to heart. The 2007 Bush might usefully sit down with Sarkozy over a nice plate of freedom fries to figure out how to do it himself.

French Lessons for Bush

One way traffic

In the early sixties, I visited a few countries, from England to Switzerland... In Paris, France, I came in contact with an "American club" by accident. My memories of this are quite vague in terms of time or what, but my brain-paste is more geared into remembering flavors and purposes rather than precise moments. Thus I could feel rather than see the youth being lured into a world of excitment with cars three times the size of the local stuff, with chrome galore and wings that could make a Constellation fly off the tarmac. And it was a place to meet flashy dolled-up American girls who, unlike the French neurotic women (so smartly dolled-up), had the good sense that if you looked like a towering footballer with hair-gel and had a bit of money to flash about and bought some bourbon, you'd be good in the sack... Sure, it was not like that, just the illusion of that.

But the American history of some Presidents from JFK to Bill C. let us know that a bit of you-know-what on the side does happen. Often with another purpose than a bit of randiness. The technique of compromising people, especially politicians, via sexual deviations outside their marriage or with under-aged participants is used in the US, and I would suggest has been used in Australia as well. It is mainly used by political parties to "blood" their own. So candidates or power brokers "bond' and tow the line of the party, at all times, otherwise they could be exposed for their "former" indiscretions. Guilt prevails. Of course, it's quite complex in the management and purpose but this is the general gist. People can get killed or ruined if the knowledge falls in the wrong hands...
US Senator sorry for prostitution links

A Republican US Senator whose telephone number was discovered in the phone records of a woman accused of running a Washington prostitution ring has apologised publicly for committing "serious sin" in his past.

Louisiana Senator David Vitter has acknowledged that his number appeared in the phone records of Pamela Martin and Associates, an escort service run by accused "DC Madam" Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

Palfrey faces criminal racketeering and conspiracy charges on allegations that she ran a prostitution ring servicing Washington's elite between 1993 and 2006.

She denies the charges and insists her firm was a legal sex fantasy business.

Senator Vitter, a church lector, has issued a statement after his phone number was discovered in Palfrey's records.

"This was a very serious sin in my past for which I am, of course, completely responsible," he said.

"Several years ago, I asked for and received forgiveness from God and my wife."

Palfrey has made her escort service's phone records available to the media and others in hopes of uncovering potential witnesses to help in her defence. The records contain numbers without names.

Senator Vitter has declined to say what "sin" he committed while an escort service client.

"Out of respect for my family, I will keep my discussion of the matter there, with God and them," he said.

"But I certainly offer my deep and sincere apologies to all I have disappointed and let down in any way."

In England, I had first hand observation with another form of bastardisation that made you belong to "the Club". But this is another story...

Anyway, after many years of observation to what happened to some of my French friends in this glittering American Club atmosphere that burned more candlelight than the Eiffel Tower fireworks on a fourteenth of July, I can only wonder about the purpose in evolution of this type of meeting place around the world.

My conclusions are only my own and could be far off the mark so take them with a grain of salt. See, I believe everything political and cultural, such as what happened in these clubs, is done with a grand plan in which details are micro-managed as things ebb and flow.

Only the late general De Gaulle had the vision to counteract the Yankees. Working for him, in his secret services, he had some smart men and women who had acted in the resistance during WWII, and they had the psychological know-how to use this American "conquering" desire to the French advantage... A long story here of gaining crucial nuclear knowledge without the yanks knowing they were robbed in broad daylight.

But back to the through-line here...

My first observation would be that the clubs had been "evolved" from different beginnings to promote 70 per cent US influence (via cultural and commercial means) and "patronise" 30 per cent of the cultural and commercial entities of the country in which the club is placed... Basically, the club is a vehicle to promote US interests rather that exchange ideas, under the umbrella of exchanging ideas.

Thus some "intelligent" young men and women in these countries would be lured to go and "work" in the US, as an opportunistic experience but in reality to learn the style of "American economics" —‚ American business. This would be mostly achieved by working in Banks or financial institutions...

See we all think that Capitalism is Capitalism... but this is far from reality. At the moment, the Europeans are fighting tooth and nail to preserve "their" style of Capitalism versus the onslaught of "US Capitalism". Unfortunately, the Europeans are losing this war — the spruiking (advertising, lying, promoting, illusioning) methods used by the US for many years, reinforced by the Hollywood myths and strong star culture drive have dented local cultures, bit by bit... Sure we can laugh at a few oddities from the old continent and accept the idea of French or Italian food but the reality is sick. American financial culture has invaded Europe. American Capitalism is winning as US Capitalism has been slowly but surely implanted in these young men and women of the sixties, seventies and eighties... They are now leaders in their fields, in Europe... Do you see where I'm going here?

Does this mean the US capitalism is better? No. It simply means it is more perverse and more pervasive.

The Clubs therefore have been one prong in the implementation of US know-how (even if they don't know how) in US Capitalism — a Capitalism that is more fascist in its ruthlessness to profit a few by making other people dream about richness unheard off and fight a struggle to climb over others, creating psychopaths rather than heartful romantic humans — while European Capitalism is more "socialist"... basically designed to help all or most...

Could Sarkozy be one of these young men? His mother denies that he ever had to financially struggle to go through university... Despite his father having abandoned his family when he was young he had plenty of rich relatives that helped him not having to work while studying.

But this is not about Sarkozy... This is about the present bunch of politicians ruling Australia. Yes, I can smell the Vermont apple sauce on John Howard's turkey... Has he ever been a member of an American Club in Australia? Has he ever been approached by a couple of Mormon looking men, who are actually recruiters to the American cause? The purpose of which is to make sure Australia is a full-on puppet of the US? Has he been a US plant for a long time? Thing like these are long term projects, long term developments...

I could be wrong.

soggy French fries inside a lukewarm "bain-marie"-ed hot dog

'Casual lunch' for Bush, Sarkozy

Sarkozy is the second world leader invited to Maine by President Bush
US President George W Bush welcomed his French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy, to his family home in Maine on Saturday for an informal lunch and boat ride.

Officials stressed the meeting was not a summit but instead a chance for the two men to get to know each other over hot dogs and hamburgers.

France's former President Jacques Chirac's opposition to the Iraq war saw Franco-US relations fall to a new low.

But Mr Sarkozy has made it clear that he will adopt a more pro-US stance.

Mr Bush praised Mr Sarkozy as he waited with his wife and parents on the lawn of the family home in Kennebunkport, on the Atlantic seaside.

"The good thing about President Sarkozy is you know where he stands," Mr Bush told reporters.
Before the lunch, Mr Sarkozy, who is on holiday in America, said he admired the US as "a great democracy, a country of freedom".

He called the US a "close friend", comparing France's relations with it to a family which sometimes had disagreements.

"Do we agree on everything? No...


Gus: where are the violins, the white organdi and the spew buckets? Informal hot dog and chips with katsup? Yuck... Yep... unfortunately it appears that Sarkozy was not raised on the delights of real French canapés and fist fights with the Yanks in the streets ...

waking up : the nightmare...

As the French President's love affair and failed marriage have managed to make front page in France every day since his election, thus side-issuing his ineptitude at getting anything major done, the French populace is slowly waking up to the right-wing (by French standards) disaster they've elected. A bit like "democratically" choosing one's own hangman... I would not be surprised if, like our own Johnnee, Sarkozy's blind love of America makes him do some doozy things... Thus his popularity has taken some potshot. But there could be some more sinister subplots: who knows, Sarkozy may be a CIA operative or a full-blown convert to the WTO, thus adopting the WTO's bulldozing fascist ideals to manage the French who, let's be fair, forgot who they were, for a while, as they snoozed in the comfort of their inflated social security system...

french lessons .....

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was released from house arrest on Friday as the sexual assault case against him moved one step closer to dismissal after prosecutors told a Manhattan judge that they had serious problems with the case.

Prosecutors acknowledged that there were significant credibility issues with the hotel housekeeper who accused Mr. Strauss-Kahn of trying to rape her in May. In a brief hearing at State Supreme Court in Manhattan, prosecutors did not oppose his release; the judge then freed Mr. Strauss-Kahn on his own recognizance.

The development represented a stunning reversal in a case that reshaped the French political landscape and sparked debate about morals, the treatment of women and the American justice system."

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Is Released as Case Teeters

c'est la merde, alors!...

But now seminal jihadi foe Jean-Louis Bruguière has come under suspicion for having left vital evidence out of a pair of politically sensitive inquiries that may have allowed the wrong suspects to be designated as the authors of extreme violence against French citizens. As a result, the 68 year-old ex-magistrate finds himself being scrutinized by French legal officials—and the target of civil suits for “false testimony” and “obstruction of justice”—for allegedly failing to disclose and file evidence in cases that Bruguière says were correctly resolved.

The suspicions center on two Bruguière-led investigations: one into the 1996 beheading of seven French Trappist monks in Algeria officially blamed on jihadists battling that nation's government (the back story of which inspired the award-winning film “Of Gods and Men”); the other into the 2002 bombing in Karachi, Pakistan that killed 11 French naval engineers, which Bruguière and Pakistani authorities concluded was the work of al-Qaeda operatives. Video testimony by repentant Algerian extremists discovered in a safe by Bruguière's successor, Marc Trévidic, purportedly contains sworn assurances that the monks were in fact accidentally killed by the Algerian military during a raid on a jihadist camp. Trévidic has also established that a 2002 French forensic report undermining both the culpability of the accused Karachi bomber—and, indeed, the central presumption the attack was a suicide car strike—was never taken into account or entered as evidence by the al Qaeda-obsessed Bruguière. Bruguière insists the cases were closed conclusively in both instances.

Read more:


Bruguière is not the first chief of the French spying agency (whatever its name is these days) to be "compromised" by his own mob... The concept here that at the time, the spying game is to apportion blame to the enemy. The CIA did it against Saddam. There was of course more information available in the CIA's case to debunk the game but in general the press was lazy and bigoted.

In 1969, Le Roy-Finville (one amongst his many aliases), the leader of a very clandestine operative section at the French Secret service was arrested for something he did not do, because of something he refused to do. This blew the whole shebang open and the very efficient French Secret Service had to "rebuild its morale" leading to a bad op — the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior... What is amazing is not that Bruguière had compromised evidence (secret services do this all the time) but that his successor let the cat out of the bag...

Will we see someone at the CIA spill the beans about how most if not all the evidence against Saddam WMDs were actually concocted by the said agency or its derivatives?

See chips at top...

freeze for freedom...

Despite initial calls to abandon Russian gas, oil and coal supplies as soon as possible, the members of the EU postponed the decision, aiming for 2027. The change of heart came due to Europe's high reliance on these supplies, with Russia contributing to nearly one-third of the bloc's gas imports.

The Agriculture Minister for Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Peter Hauk, has suggested lowering the optimal room temperature for central heating to 15 degrees instead of a comfortable 20 as a measure that would purportedly allow Germany to say "no" to Russian gas immediately.


"You can withstand 15 degrees in winter wearing a sweater. Nobody dies from it", Hauk said.


Apparently, Hauk sees no issue with the residents of Baden-Württemberg "freezing for freedom" a bit and believes that it's worth depriving Russia, and specifically President Vladimir Putin, of money from gas sales. The minister proposed this measure as a response to the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.


"We have to turn off the money tap for Putin […] so that freedom finally has a chance again. It's a no-go that some people here fight for freedom, let themselves be shot at, let themselves be bombed, while we stand by and say: "But It should be 20, 22 degrees in the apartment", Hauk said.


In Hauk's view, such a step from the German government, made at the expense of the comfort of its citizens, would "make [anti-Russia] sanctions work". What the Baden-Württemberg minister failed to mention in his estimates of the consequences of such step is the impact that abandoning Russian fossil fuels will have on the German economy in general.


Fuel and energy prices (and as a result, the price of nearly all products) are bound to rise after Germany does away with Russian supplies, which constitute 55% and 35% of the country's gas and oil imports respectively. German Minister of Economy, Robert Habeck, recently warned that stopping the import of Russian energy resources will have the most drastic consequences for the country's economy.


Russia, in turn, recently announced its response to the Western sanctions over the operation in Ukraine and said it will demand that payments for gas from "unfriendly nations" be made in rubles instead of dollars or euro. While the EU authorities rejected the idea, citing the existing contracts with Gazprom, it is unclear how they are going to enforce the payments in euro once Moscow implements the measure.