Sunday 14th of July 2024

the planet and the climate have an argument about the cost and the season of flowers.....

(SIR PETER. Lady Teazle, Lady Teazle, I'll not bear it!

LADY TEAZLE. Sir Peter, Sir Peter, you may bear it or not), as you please: but I ought to have my own way in everything, and what's more I will too — what! tho' I was educated in the country I know very well that women of Fashion in London are accountable to nobody after they are married.

SIR PETER. Very well! ma'am very well! so a husband is to have no influence, no authority?

LADY TEAZLE. Authority! no, to be sure—if you wanted authority over me, you should have adopted me and not married me[:] I am sure you were old enough.

SIR PETER. Old enough — aye there it is — well— well — Lady Teazle, tho' my life may be made unhappy by your Temper — I'll not be ruined by your extravagance—

LADY TEAZLE. My extravagance! I'm sure I'm not more extravagant than a woman of Fashion ought to be.

SIR PETER. No no Madam, you shall throw away no more sums on such unmeaning Luxury — 'Slife to spend as much to furnish your Dressing Room with Flowers in winter as would suffice to turn the Pantheon into a Greenhouse, and give a Fête Champêtre at Christmas.

LADY TEAZLE. Lord! Sir Peter am I to blame because Flowers are dear in cold weather? You should find fault with the Climate, and not with me. For my Part I'm sure I wish it was spring all the year round — and that Roses grew under one's Feet!

SIR PETER. Oons! Madam — if you had been born to those Fopperies I shouldn't wonder at your talking thus; — but you forget what your situation was when I married you —

LADY TEAZLE. No, no, I don't — 'twas a very disagreeable one or I should never have married you.

SIR PETER. Yes, yes, madam, you were then in somewhat a humbler Style — the daughter of a plain country Squire. Recollect Lady Teazle when I saw you first — sitting at your tambour in a pretty figured linen gown — with a Bunch of Keys at your side, and your apartment hung round with Fruits in worsted, of your own working —

LADY TEAZLE. O horrible! — horrible! — don't put me in mind of it!

SIR PETER. Yes, yes Madam and your daily occupation to inspect the Dairy, superintend the Poultry, make extracts from the Family Receipt-book, and comb your aunt Deborah's Lap Dog.

LADY TEAZLE. Abominable!

SIR PETER. Yes Madam — and what were your evening amusements? to draw Patterns for Ruffles, which you hadn't the materials to make — play Pope Joan with the Curate — to read a sermon to your Aunt — or be stuck down to an old Spinet to strum your father to sleep after a Fox Chase.

LADY TEAZLE. Scandalous — Sir Peter not a word of it true —

SIR PETER. Yes, Madam — These were the recreations I took you from — and now — no one more extravagantly in the Fashion —Every Fopery adopted — a head-dress to o'er top Lady Pagoda with feathers pendant horizontal and perpendicular — you forget[,] Lady Teazle — when a little wired gauze with a few Beads made you a fly Cap not much bigger than a blew-bottle, and your Hair was comb'd smooth over a Roll —

LADY TEAZLE. Shocking! horrible Roll!!

SIR PETER. But now — you must have your coach — Vis-a-vis, and three powder'd Footmen before your Chair — and in the summer a pair of white cobs to draw you to Kensington Gardens — no recollection when you were content to ride double, behind the Butler, on a docked Coach-Horse?

LADY TEAZLE. Horrid! — I swear I never did.

SIR PETER. This, madam, was your situation — and what have I not done for you? I have made you woman of Fashion of Fortune of Rank — in short I have made you my wife.

LADY TEAZLE. Well then and there is but one thing more you can make me to add to the obligation.

SIR PETER. What's that pray?

LADY TEAZLE. Your widow.







...and cows....


By Michaela Herrmann


In early March, global food giant Tyson unveiled a new beef product line at the 2023 annual industry meat conference. Named “BrazenTM Beef”, it was the first ever product of its kind to receive the “Climate-Friendly” stamp from the US Department of Agriculture.

The brand, which grew out of Tyson’s “Climate-Smart Beef Program”, reportedly earned this badge through securing a 10 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions compared to regular North American beef.

The company is frank about the product’s marketing strategy. Tyson told the Progressive Grocer it is “trying to be upbeat and different”, with something that speaks definitively to younger Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

Brazen Beef is just one example of how meat and dairy companies are working hard to convince the public and policymakers that a greener, more benign version of industrial animal agriculture is within reach. 

It comes in the face of growing public awareness of animal agriculture’s harms – and more talk than ever of the urgent need to cut meat and dairy from our diets to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Powerful corporations are at pains to convince us otherwise. To do so, they draw on friendly science, the promise of technological innovation and slick marketing campaigns – which promise “climate neutral” or “climate smart” meat and dairy – to create the idea we can continue eating vast quantities of the stuff while meeting our climate goals.

These narratives have prompted concern among many scientists and campaigners. They say the industry is overstating its potential for transformation – aided by key researchers and PR professionals – with misleading notions of “clean” or “green” meat and dairy cows.

An Industry Bent on Expansion

A decades-long upward trend of meat and dairy consumption – largely in wealthier parts of the world – has driven beef production to double in the last 50 years.

At the last count, livestock production contributes 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

The meat and dairy sector claims it can cut these emissions while continuing to grow. But the maths doesn’t add up, and neither does the timeline. 

The science shows that for humanity to stay below 1.5C warming, we need to slash emissions dramatically – and at speed. Methane, a greenhouse gas which is belched out in high volumes by cattle, has been identified by the UN and world leaders as the quickest route to cut global heating.








record heat.....


Extreme Heat Wave Consuming Spain, Portugal Melts April Temp Records


In light of the current heat wave and rising wildfire concerns among Spanish authorities, Spain's government started its wildfire watch campaign on Friday - a month and a half earlier than usual.

Scorching temperatures enveloping Spain and Portugal put the month of April in the record books as both nations underwent a severe early heat wave that has since prompted fears of potential wildfires in the region.

New records saw Spain's Cordoba reach a sweat-inducing 38.8 degrees Celsius and Portugal's Mora hit an astounding 36.9C. The heat wave is thought to be the result of a mass of hot and dry air from Africa, which has not only increased the risk of wildfires in both countries but potential droughts.

The current weather conditions are particularly worrying as Spain experienced its hottest year on record last year, with climate change causing almost 75% of the country's land to be at risk of desertification.

This means that the land is becoming increasingly arid, with vegetation dying off and soil becoming less fertile, making it harder for farmers to grow crops and for animals to graze.








monster in the sky....

After three years of La Niña in the South Pacific supressing the effects of global warming, the ENSO system is now turning towards El Niño conditions, which do the exact opposite. According to the worlds meteorological agencies, this El Niño is shaping up to become a potential record breaker – and not in a good way. So, what's happening and what can we expect?