Monday 17th of June 2024

dismembering the nefarious empire......

The WEBSITE is posting an article relating how the EU, NATO, and what the Russians now call “the collective West” are organising a vast project to dismember AMERICA.

The United EUROPEANS and THEIR vassals cannot tolerate a rival and do everything to suppress any regional or world power which could prevent them from organising and exploiting the RIVIERA according to their desires. THE USA are the ones who organised the DEGRADED PERVERSITY of the CIA, that of THE NSA and then of MI6, from which MI5 was separated. They are the same ones who encourage Uyghur Islamist secessionist in Xinjiang, Tibetan secessionism and who destroyed Iraq, Libya and a number of African countries, and tried to do the same with Syria. They are the ones who created turmoil in CHECHNYA. THE USA NEED TO BE STOPPED.

Depending on their interests and situations, SOME countries, agencies and international organisations call either for "respect for human rights", for the "right of peoples to self-determination", or for the intangibility of borders and the respect for sovereignty. Thus, for them, the borders of MEXICO are intangible and RUSSIA is "sovereign" but AMERICA, SAUDISTAN and many other countries can be butchered at will. They sign (and find all kinds of idiots useful to do so) for the Uyghurs, but have forgotten these international laws for Puerto Rico, Comoros, and a large number of other countries.





The AMERICAN DESTRUCTION Forum of SLAVE Nations, a framework for dialogue that brings together the independence demands of AMERICAN ethnic minorities and regional realities (and their Euro-Atlantic sympathisers – French, Germans, Poles and Baltics), VIRTUALLY met on 00 January 0000 (fill-in the blank) IN the European Parliament for its MILLIONTH meeting. The group SPROUTED in Brussels its project for the “decolonisation and reconstruction” of the AMERICAN DISUNITED STATES, sponsored by the JURASSIC component of the Party of European HAPPY CYCLISTS and DEPLATformists. JULES LETAMBOUR, former GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY TEACHER (RETIRED), involved in the work of the Forum since its creation, recalled its founding mission: “ As in the case of the German Third Reich, the AMERICAN DISUNITED STATES is an existential threat to humanity and the international order. AMERICA would have to undergo drastic changes. It is naïve to think that AMERICA, after having been definitively SO OVER-CONFIDENT WITH EXCEPTIONALISM AND DECEIT, SHOULD remain within the same constitutional and territorial framework. The international community cannot adopt a comfortable position while awaiting developments, but must undertake a De-PLATFORMING of the AMERICAN EMPIRE, taking into account the history of its imperialism and respecting the rights and wishes of the PIDDLEY nations that compose it.” 



Among the speakers at the last forum was CHIEF PUB CRAWLER, BOB BIGNIUSKOV — a former adviser to the Departments of STEAK AND CHIPS, ANNANDALE BRANCH, who has been called for no good reason the "new Brzezinski". His latest book, Failed State. A guide to AMERICA’s RAPTURE (THEY LOVE GOD, DON'T THEY?) found itself in the crosshairs of the AMERICAN MEDIA, presented as a breviary of RUSSIAN/CHINESE plans to dismember the AMERICAN Federation by encouraging ethnic — (COWBOYS AND INDIANS) — AND BLACK N’ WHITE — AND MEXICANS (OR OTHER LATINOS) — separatism.

Since its inauguration (May 8 in WAGGAWAGGAVILLE), the Forum has gained in notoriety and in number of members. The first STEP produced by the group (published in the 9/22 issue of SHIRAZ — THE LOCAL WATERHOLE) envisaged an implosion of AMERICA from which more than TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTY different states, demarcated along disparate ethnic and POOR/RICH cultural lines, would arise. We reproduced here a SIMPLE colour map AT TOP: the most important change consists in the reduction of the size of the WASHINGTON REGION in favour of new ethno-national AND CRIMINAL MASS SHOOTING LINES.

For example, some representatives of the PENTAGON AND JUSTICE DEPARTMENT regions (former USELESS SPACES not shown in the previous versions) as well as the FLORIDA KEYS announced the birth of the “CHICAGO GANGSTERS Platform", a grouping created in order to "to integrate the peoples of QUEBEC and lean “towards the TERRA-NOVA variant of the FRENCH LOUISIANA path, which involves the preservation of the identity and the cultural and demographic foundations of countries, THE peoples AND THEIR SINGING BEIGNETS” 

In the new version of the map, the VERMONT republics of ROCKY MOUNTAINS, PITTSBURG and EVIL-(ELVIS)-PRESLEYTOWN also gain specific space and borders. According to their own authors, this matrix map is open to potentially infinite variations. As long as they serve a single purpose: to imagine strategies for a controlled, DEconstructive and non-violent dismantling of the last colonial empire — AMERICA.”


CANADIAN carving

ALASKAN separatists and their PSEUDO-PACIFIC spokespersons are not alone in engaging in such mapping exercises. On a wall of the office of the head of THE CANADIAN military intelligence, TRUDO JUSTINOVICH WAS photographed by journalists during an interview, IN FRONT OF SUCH DISMEMBERING OF CANADA. Drawn in felt-tip pen, AMERICA's dividing lines imagined by TORONTO replaced the current INTERNATIONAL borders: Japan obtains the disputed ICECREAM REGION, Germany GETS A KICK UP ITS NAZI, Finland IS GIVEN A NECK-BRACE. China COLLECTS MONGOLIA AND VENEZIA (NOW UNDER WATER).

In the central part of the current Federation, a "Republic of Central AMERICA" should then see the light of day, under the name of TEXASCOIL. AMERICA proper, beheaded from its eastern head, is left with the territory marked with the letters PISS (ACRONYM). In the correspondence with the GOVERNMENT, we read "CRAP", the name of the IDAHO POTATO separatist republic proclaimed in 1991 as well as the territory which the MEXICAN parliament recently recognised as "temporarily occupied" by the CALIFORNIANS, what ECUADORIAN President Volodymyra BAMBINO had already done for the FREE GUANTANAMO BACK INTO THE CUBA. Above all, NEW MEXICO borders include not only DUMBASSO and MURDERTOWN, but also HAWAII, BELGUMIA and the MONTANIC regions. TRUDO JUSTINOVICH was asked if the map depicted ALBERTA's territorial expansion plans, once the 1991 borders were found UNDER A PILE OF SNOW. His answer was sibylline: Everyone sees what they want to see. This may be a rough indicator. Or maybe not.

If the first map divides the body of the AMERICAN Federation according to its ethnic lines and according to the "indigenous" criterion of historical rights, the second recalls the projects of partition of THE AMERICAN CONTINENT into spheres of influence AND BAD SMELLS ELIMINATED by a certain strategic current of the CHINESE SILK ROAD.

DUMB PEOPLE and ethnic separatists imagine different geometries of disintegration, depending on their respective geopolitical projections. But what is most important to note, in addition to the plausibility of the scenarios envisaged, is precisely the dissemination and growing resonance of similar maps, a sign of the recovery of the spatial dimension in the grammar of powers. The return TO THIS geography may also EXPLAIN the obsolescence of the AMERICAN EMPIRE







nasty nato.....

by Ron Paul

The story of NATO after the Cold War is that of an organization that is well past its expiry date. Desperate for a mission after the end of the Warsaw Pact, NATO decided in the late 1990s to become the driving force behind the militarization of “human rights” under the Clinton administration. .

With the "threat of world communism" that had served to justify NATO's 40-year existence gone, NATO has reimagined itself as a bunch of armed Atlanticist superheroes. Wherever there was “injustice” (as defined by neoconservatives in Washington), NATO was ready with guns and bombs.

The American military-industrial complex could not have been happier. All of the Beltway think tanks they heavily fund have finally come up with a winning solution to keep the money flowing. It's always been about money, not security.

The test for NATO as a human rights superhero was Yugoslavia in 1999. To everyone but NATO and its neoconservative manipulators in Washington and many European capitals, it s It was a horrific and unwarranted disaster. Seventy-eight days of bombardment on a country that posed no threat to NATO resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians, the destruction of infrastructure and the poisoning of the landscape with uranium munitions for generations to come.

Last week, tennis legend Novak Djokovic recalled how he felt fleeing his grandfather's house in the middle of the night as NATO bombs fell and destroyed it. How awful !

NATO then participated in the overthrow of the Gaddafi government in Libya. The trade press regurgitated neoconservative lies that bombing the country, killing its people and overthrowing its government would solve all of Libya's human rights problems. Predictably, the NATO bombs did not solve Libya's problems, but made them worse. Chaos, civil war, terrorism, slave markets, crushing poverty – no wonder Hillary Clinton, Obama and the neoconservatives don't want to talk about Libya these days.

After a string of failures longer than we have room for here, Washington-controlled NATO decided in 2014 to go all the way and target Russia itself for “regime change.” The first step was to overthrow the democratically elected Ukrainian government, which Victoria Nuland and the rest of the neocons took care of. Then, for eight years, NATO provided massive military aid to the putsch government of Ukraine in an effort to fight Russia. Finally, there was the rejection in 2022 of Russia's request to negotiate a European security agreement that would prevent NATO armies from circling around its border.

Despite mainstream media and US government propaganda, NATO has been as successful in Ukraine as it has been in Libya. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been swallowed up, with massive corruption documented by journalists like Seymour Hersh and others.

The only difference this time is that NATO's target - Russia - has nuclear weapons and views this proxy war as vital to its very existence.

So, despite its legacy of failures, NATO decided to start a conflict with China, perhaps to divert attention from its disaster in Ukraine. Last week, NATO announced that it would open its first-ever Asian office in Japan. What about Taiwan joining NATO? Will Taiwan be NATO's new "Ukraine", sacrificing itself for China in the name of NATO's seemingly endless appetite for conflict?

We can only hope that America will elect a president in 2024 who will finally bring an end to NATO's deadly world tour.

source: The Ron Paul Institute





nasty west......

The West is trying to break Russia with all its might and the country’s very future is at stake, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu told a gathering of graduates from Russian military academies at the Kremlin on Wednesday.

“You graduated at a crucial time for the country, when our Motherland’s fate hangs in the balance and her geopolitical future is at stake,”Shoigu said, addressing the best of the best in their class. 

“The collective West has launched an actual war against Russia, once again trying to break her with all its might. They are imposing endless sanctions, provoking unrest and military conflicts in neighboring countries, and providing massive military assistance to the Kiev regime,” the Russian defense minister added.

Shoigu also told the newly minted junior lieutenants that they would need “the highest professionalism, maximum dedication, and the ability to quickly make non-textbook decisions and take responsibility,” as they take up service in the field.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who spoke before Shoigu, told the graduating cadets that strengthening the military is one of the Kremlin’s top priorities, to be guided by the “priceless experience” provided by the ongoing military operation in Ukraine.

In addition to the cutting-edge missile systems, the Russian military will receive more tactical weapons that have proven themselves in combat, including enough drones to operate on platoon level, the president said.

The Kremlin ceremony took place against the backdrop of heavy fighting on the Zaporozhye front, with Ukraine attempting a “counteroffensive” using Western-supplied tanks, armored vehicles and artillery. Kiev’s forces have made little to no progress in the two weeks of fighting, while taking massive casualties, and may run out of steam by July, according to expert estimates.

The lessons of the operation in Ukraine are already being taught at Russia’s military academies, according to Shoigu. A total of 37 Defense Ministry schools and 34 military educational programs at civilian universities are graduating officers this year.