Wednesday 19th of June 2024

stop being a catholic prick, Joe.... free julian assange now....

The Justice Department on Monday released the report by Trump-era special counsel John Durham, the man tasked with reviewing the origins of the FBI's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. 

Four years after his probe began, Durham concluded the Justice Department and FBI "failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law" about the events during the 2016 election. He also found senior FBI personnel "displayed a serious lack of analytical rigor toward the information they received, especially information received from politically affiliated persons and entities." And he concluded the FBI had relied heavily on investigative leads provided by Trump opponents. 

But much of the information disclosed in Durham's report had already been revealed in a 2019 examination conducted by the Justice Department inspector general into the origins of the FBI's probe into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. That investigation identified several procedural errors, but overall concluded there was no "political bias" at the bureau. 

Though Durham had broader powers than the Justice Department's watchdog, he pursued prosecutions of just three people, two of whom were acquitted. The third, a former FBI lawyer, pleaded guilty.

The more than 300-page report, released four years after the probe began, can be read here








zionist troubles.....

You may remember that it was not too terribly long ago that China was considered something of an ally to the United States. We are now ostensibly planning some kind of massive war against them.

How did that change happen?

Well, in 2015, Xi Jinping engaged in a series of government reforms which effectively made him Supreme Leader for life and dashed any hope the US still had that China would magically transform into a liberal democracy (this was the initial plan, going back to the 1970s).

Under the Trump Administration, you had Mike Pompeo, an obese psychopath and alleged cannibal, stirring up trouble with China. You’ll remember that the State Department was organizing massive riots inside of Hong Kong. The leaders of the riots were photographed meeting with US officials at the US embassy.

These terrorist color revolution figures were at one point flown to Washington to meet with Nancy Pelosi.


However, it was not until Joe Biden took power that things started going really psycho.

Trump, for all his faults, was legitimately anti-war. Biden lined his State Department with unhinged Jewish lunatics who want war with the entire world. The man he chose as Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, was actually more known for his promotion of war with China than war with Russia.

But the Russia was was all ready to go, so Biden triggered that one first. And he did trigger it – don’t let this “Putin is the one who invaded” nonsense fool you for a second. This was the equivalent of a guy getting an inch from your face saying he’s going to kill you and then you being called the aggressor for pushing him back. Biden started talking about the Ukraine joining NATO, he shipped in all these new weapons, the Administration emboldened Zelensky to start talking about nukes on Russia’s border. Where Trump had been engaged with Russia’s concerns about the humanitarian situation in the East of the Ukraine, Biden consistently rejected Putin’s attempts to negotiate a peace in the Donbass, instead encouraging neo-Nazi attacks on civilians.

While they started the war with Russia first, they also planned some kind of war with China, and started talking about Taiwan as “the next Ukraine.” The Biden Administration started sending all kinds of warships and warplanes through Chinese territory and aggressively questioning and threatening Chinese territorial claims.


No Western leader had ever said that before, by the way. It’s something you would only say if you were trying to start a war with China. (For those who don’t understand: China liked the status quo with Taiwan as semi-autonomous. The situation was profitable for all parties, and they had no reason to question it. They certainly had no reason to invade Taiwan before these Biden neocons started saying Taiwan should start a war with China.)

They sent Rahm Emanuel to be the Ambassador to Japan, in order to plan a war footing there.

They then staged a totally bizarre hoax, accusing a weather balloon of being a “Chinese spy balloon,” and issued further threats.

Oh, and lest we forget – Biden with the media started ratcheting up brain-dead nonsense about “human rights abuses” of Islamic terrorists, while providing zero evidence. Mainstream sources started published weird CIA disinformation straight from the pages of the Falun Gong (CIA-run cult) publication Epoch Times. In multiple articles published since the Biden election, the Israeli English-language paper Haaretz published the cartoonish claim that China is murdering tens of thousands of people every year to harvest their organs.

Presumably, Haaretz wanted these stories picked up by Western media, but I think even WaPo type publications viewed the stories as too ridiculous for publication. However, if they say it enough times, it will eventually become mainstream. “Torture rape camps for innocent Islamic jihadists” was also at one point considered too goofy for publication, but under the Biden Administration, state-funded NPR publishessicko fetishist type material about rape dungeons (all based on eye-witness accounts of supposed random, almost entirely anonymous people).



chicken biden....

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has confirmed that next week’s Quad leaders meeting in Sydney will not go ahead after US President Joe Biden cancelled his visit to Australia.

Key points:
  • A major national security meeting to be held in Sydney has been cancelled
  • US President Joe Biden pulled out of the planned Quad meeting to deal with domestic issues
  • The Quad meeting will be held on the sidelines of a G7 meeting in Japan instead

All four leaders are likely to instead meet on the sidelines of the G7 meeting in Japan this weekend.

Mr Albanese says it's still possible that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Sydney next week.

Mr Biden has been forced to turn his attention to domestic politics, as he works to hash out a deal with Republicans to prevent the US from defaulting on its debts at the end of this month.

"Because that has to be solved prior to 1 June — otherwise there are quite drastic consequences for the US economy, which will flow on to the global economy — he understandably has had to make that decision," Mr Albanese said.






C-15 OR C-17? WHO CARE....



fact checks......


Adding more false narratives to the fire