Sunday 24th of September 2023

the revolution is happening but we don't know about it yet.....

"My bad mood is vanishing thanks to hard work. I've embarked on a modern subject—a barricade. And if I haven't fought for my country at least I'll paint for her.


These words written by Delacroix to his brother, expressed a certain frustration. His painting La Liberté guidant le peuple — possibly one of the most well-known in the world after da Vinci’s Mona Lisa — exposes a limited time of hope, growing from turmoil.

"We, the people", are victims of the system we create. There is little we can do to prevent being deceived — by ourselves and by others.

Soon, order is restored and the ruthless people get to the top again and win.

Unlike the concept of fighting for freedom in the painting, we cannot be in a state of permanent revolt, though for ”we, the people” it might be the only way to destroy the system. But is the system this bad that it deserves to be vanquished?

There resides our dilemma — often expressed in these pages on this site, and possibly everywhere, in questioning literature: how much of our own hypocrisy can we cope with, in order to maintain our comfort?

How much are we prepared to indulge in the existentialism of truth to dilute our self-declared importance of beauty, via the relativity of the accident of life? 

Our media answer this daily: we’re the best, don’t ask questions, enjoy the ride, the empire is you. The empire works for you... Our media are the rulers of propagandist deception — or deceptive propaganda — as both entities have ruled the philosophical landscape for at least 2,500 years.

By this, I mean, should we accept that some people, not us hopefully, will have to suffer in order for the system to provide what we need and want?

We are not free to choose. The essential choices are made for us. Existentially, our personal choices are limited to what type of car and the colour of the interior we “wish” (under the thumb of advertising), we are going to buy with moneys we have stolen from the future (credit) or from other people (conquests).

So, who or what is driving our purpose to be so hypocritically accepting?

The second part of the answer is simple: money.

The first part is more complex: who controls the money?


Can we revolt against the system that provides to our own needs? Is there enough dissatisfied people to create a “revolution”?

How are people going to be judged if a revolution fails, because often such revolution would be based on the same delusions or similar (or more draconian) controls on which the system runs?

Could the system engender (or steer) a revolution towards failure as seen in January 6th 2021, in order to increase the demand for control over “some” people, while unleashing some weird concepts of “freedom”, via a woke philosophical distortion of reality?

Are we at a critical juncture of a major split, engendered by a little war in Ukraine, that is awakening our need for real change, while our western media are forcefully resisting any challenges to the comfortable lies? Can we bypass these lies?

Is the de-dollarisation by half the people of the world a new dynamic towards a better sense of freedom and cooperation rather than imperial imposts?

Are “we, the people”  ready to go on the powder keg of revolution and light the wick? How can we prevent the nefarious empire from wanting to own the world by stealing it from other people that the empire kills, while giving us the spoils, that we accept gracefully? 

The battle lines have been set. Ukraine is only the chess-board of poor sods who got conned by their own ugly fascist history being rehashed by the empire, in the name of a delusive freedom. 

Who will be selling the muskets to “the last Ukrainian”?

Unfortunately, despite our comfort relying on western values, we cannot wish for the victory of the American empire.

The only thing we can wish for is for an existential realisation that peace can only be achieved with an agreement between the fading — but still too lethal — American empire and the eastern nations rising to the challenge, eastern nations that are fighting our OWN revolution, because we are too meek, too brainwashed and too enslaved to do it ourselves… and are not prepared to suffer a little, while we make others suffer a lot.... 

The revolution is happening but we don't know about it yet.....



Gus Leonisky

Cartoonist since 1951

Rabid atheist and existentialist.




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