Sunday 10th of December 2023

republican tommy sticks to his democratic guns.....

The Alabama Republican senator Tommy Tuberville is jeopardising US national security by blocking military leadership confirmations in protest of Pentagon policy on abortion, Joe Biden and the US defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, said on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters in Finland, where he attended meetings after the Nato summit in Lithuania, Biden said he would talk to Tuberville if he thought there was any prospect he would change his “ridiculous” position.

“He’s jeopardising US security by what he’s doing,” the president said. “I expect the Republican party to stand up – stand up – and do something about it. It’s in their power to do that … they’ve got to stand up and be counted. That’s how it ends.”

The conservative-dominated US supreme court removed the federal right to abortion last year. Tuberville, a former football coach now a supporter of Donald Trump on the far right of the Republican party, mounted his obstruction effort earlier this year.



Ingraham: This GOP lawmaker has made all the right enemies



A US Senator has revealed why he has not “voted for a dime to send Ukraine,” expressing his strong doubt about the Kiev regime’s chances in its counteroffensive against Russia's military.

Ukraine “can’t win” against Russia, despite the vast military aid being pumped to fight the West’s proxy war against Moscow there, an American Senator has told US media.

Yes, we’re not getting the point in Washington, D.C. …At the end of the day, it’s a junior high team playing a college team. They can’t win.” said Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), speaking on “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday.


According to the Republican senator, what Washington is doing is “trying to get everybody’s eye off the real problem,” which is “the Biden administration and the Democrats. They’re a total disaster.”

Earlier in the program, the host made mention of a poll conducted by SSRS news agency from July 1-31 among 1,279 adults. It revealed that over half of Americans (55 percent) are against US Congress authorizing more funds for Ukraine. Fifty-one percent say that Washington has done enough to help Kiev, while 48 percent disagree. The latter number is 14 percentage points down from the 62% of those who felt the US should have been doing more, according to a poll conducted in the early days of Russia's special military operation. When asked in the recent survey specifically about types of assistance the US could offer Kiev, only 17 percent say they would support sending American troops to the battlefield, and 43 percent prefer providing weapons. Furthermore, the poll found that 71 percent of Republicans would want Congress to stop sending more assistance for the authorities in Kiev.


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scrapping the barrel.....,.,

German defense giant Rheinmetall has purchased 49 mothballed Leopard 1 battle tanks from a Belgian arms dealer for use in Ukraine, a spokesperson for the company told The Guardian on Wednesday. The vehicles are reportedly in such poor condition that many will be suitable only for spare parts.

The spokesperson said that 30 of the tanks would be recommissioned and given to Kiev, with the rest presumably cannibalized for parts. A German government spokesperson said that they would form part of a military aid package announced by Defense Minister Oscar Pistorius during a NATO summit in Lithuania last month.

Belgian arms dealer Freddy Versluys announced the sale of the tanks on Tuesday, telling multiple media outlets that an unnamed European state had purchased them for an undisclosed price.

The Belgian government discussed buying the Leopards with Versluys earlier this year, but ultimately refused to pay the €500,000 ($549,000) per tank that he was asking. Belgian Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder described the asking price as “unreasonable,” considering Versluys had bought the tanks as “scrap metal.”

Versluys bought the tanks for €37,000 each when they were being decommissioned by the Belgian government in 2014. Speaking to The Guardian earlier this year, he said that the aging vehicles were in poor shape, and needed “new engines, shock absorbers, fire control system, radar stations… the list can be continued."

While neither Rheinmetall nor Versluys have revealed the final price, Versluys wrote on LinkedIn that “we asked for a fair market price and someone was more than happy to take them.”

Manufactured by Krauss-Maffei in West Germany, the Leopard 1 entered service in 1965, and was gradually retired from the 1990s onwards. Berlin has approved the delivery of more than 200 of these obsolete vehicles to Ukraine, around 80 of which it aims to supply by the end of the year.

Neither the Leopard 1 nor its successor, the Leopard 2, have made a significant impact on Kiev’s battlefield fortunes. Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive against Russian forces has cost Kiev 43,000 troops and 4,900 pieces of heavy weaponry in just two months, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Dozens of Leopard tanks are included in the tally of losses, the ministry has said.





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