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Stop ‘thinking about war,’ Lula tells Biden

The Brazilian leader has claimed that he will try to persuade the US president to focus on investment rather than conflict...

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has unveiled a new campaign to boost infrastructure spending and attract foreign investment, partly by making an anti-war appeal to US commander-in-chief Joe Biden.

“We are going to tell Biden... the United States has only been thinking about war for many years and not thinking about investment in Brazil,”Lula said on Friday at an event in Rio de Janeiro to rally support for the spending program. “Spend a little money investing in our country because that is what will bring peace to our country.”

Speaking to government ministers, governors and business executives, Lula said Brazil’s leaders will need to travel the world “to sell these projects.” He aims to seek overseas financing and foreign investment – targeting the US, China, the United Arab Emirates and countries in Europe – to help fund his so-called Growth Acceleration Program, known by its Portuguese acronym PAC.

The pitch to Biden will be made in September, when he expects to meet with the US president on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Lula has maintained neutrality on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, calling repeatedly for peace talks to end the fighting. “The world is starting to get tired” of the Ukraine crisis, he said last month after a meeting of EU and Latin American leaders in Brussels.

Biden has led an international campaign to send billions of dollars’ worth of weaponry to Kiev and impose sanctions to punish Russia over the Ukraine conflict. Russian officials have claimed that Western military aid is only prolonging the bloodshed and increasing the risk of triggering a wider conflict.

The PAC initiative includes 1.7 trillion reais ($350 billion) in planned investments, ranging from renewable energy projects to housing to flood control. Around 36% of funding, or $125 billion, would come from the private sector, while more than $75 billion would come out of the federal budget. Lula plans to seek about $74 billion in loans to help fill the funding gap, while state-owned companies will be expected to invest $70 billion.

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Some of the investments will involve completions of previously abandoned projects, such as a petrochemical plant that state-controlled energy company Petrobras quit when construction was about 80% finished. Brazil has thousands of unfinished projects from previous PAC programs.





US to place restrictions on unfrozen Iranian funds Washington will have “full visibility” on where the money is directed, the White House said 

The United States will maintain restrictions on $6 billion in seized Iranian assets set to be released as part of a prisoner swap deal, under which Tehran is expected to release five detained Americans.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby commented on the arrangement on Friday, telling reporters that the US would keep a close watch on where the resources are sent. He stressed that talks are ongoing, however, and that “the deal is not done.”

“Essentially, the funds can only be accessed for food, medicine, medical equipment that would not have a dual military use,” Kirby said, adding: “there will be a rigorous process of due diligence and standards applied with input from the US Treasury Department.”

The agreement was first reported by multiple media outlets earlier this week, which noted that in addition to unfreezing billions in Iranian funds, Washington would also release five Iranians currently locked in US prisons. President Joe Biden has reportedly approved the deal in principle.





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Barack Obama’s Late Chefs Wife Comes Out To Expose Obama Family? When famous people or important folks go through personal things, even those parts of their lives that are private can interest the public. Take the case of Tafari Campbell, who was the chef for former President Barack Obama. He passed away, and this event has caught people's attention. But something interesting is going on. Tafari Campbell's wife hasn't been saying much about his passing. This has made people wonder and ask why she's choosing to keep quiet during this sad time. In places like the White House, where powerful decisions are made, and in the kitchens where delicious meals are prepared, a strange quiet feeling has appeared. It makes us wonder: What's behind the silence of the chef's wife while the whole country is sad? Disclaimer: Content might be gossip, rumors, exaggerated or indirectly besides the truth. Viewer advised to do own research before forming their opinion. Content might be opinionated.

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Tucker Carlson has shared a preview of his interview with Aleksandar Vucic, in which he says the Serbian leader shared an “interesting perspective” on what is happening in Ukraine, given that his own country was bombed by NATO in 1999.

In a brief video shared on his X (aka Twitter) account, the former Fox News host revealed what President Vucic told him during an interview, which has yet to be released, at the Serbian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary. 

“One of the points he made is that the war in Ukraine, the war against Russia led by NATO, has crushed the European economy,” Carlson explained. “The destruction of Nord Stream by the Biden administration, either directly or through proxies, is killing the German economy.”

Carlson characterized the situation as “completely crazy,” noting that the German economy is the largest economy in Europe by far “and so the downstream effects of that, one NATO country effectively attacking another NATO country are felt throughout Europe.”

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