Monday 20th of May 2024

the present hypocrisy of the president helping ukrainian nazis is part of the old american 1917 destroy-russia plan....

Joe Biden has accused his opponent Donald Trump of trucking with 'domestic extremists'. Ryan Cristian, founder and editor of podcast The Last American Vagabond, pointed out the hypocrisy of the president who arms Ukrainian Nazis.

The CIA is using fascist groups as tools of state policy at home and abroad, says an independent media commentator.

Several dozen members of the Blood Tribe and Goyim Defense League neo-Nazi groups marched to Disney World in Florida on Saturday.

Blood Tribe leader Christopher 'The Hammer' Pohlhaus, a former US Marine, praise Ukraine's Nazi Azov Battalion*. Pohlhaus added that he was backing Democrat President Joe Biden over Republican Donald Trump in the 2024 because Biden "sends rockets to Ukraine" to arm fellow fascists.

Right beside Pohlhaus at the rally was US neo-Nazi Kent 'Boneface' McLellan, easily identified by his tattoo-covered face.

Conservative investigative journalist Laura Loomer has helped expose how the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) sent McLellan to Ukraine in 2014 to volunteer with the fascist Right Sector** and Misanthropic Division militias, allies of Azov.


In another Twitter thread she stated that Boneface was likely engaged in war crimes, providing a photo of the radical "wearing an Azov Battalion uniform, next to the dead body of a civilian". According to her, it was authenticated by a forensic analyst.

Later, the journalist noted that she received a phone call from none other than Boneface himself, who confessed to more crimes before threatening her.


"I received a phone call from Kent BoneFace McLellan at 1am last night after someone leaked my personal cell phone number to him, and after he was seen saying 'we have a visual on Loomer' on a HAM radio he is not licensed to operate. He published that video to his Twitter account and tagged me. During the phone call I had with McLellan last night, he gave me confessions of various crimes. Here is the evidence of what our US government is doing in #Ukraine. These are WAR CRIMES," she said.


Podcaster Ryan Cristian told Sputnik that it was a "larger story than just a couple of neo-Nazi groups and whether they have ties to Ukraine."

He stressed that while there were genuine racists and fascists in the US and and other countries, some appeared to be fronts for the US federal government.


"The bigger picture for me is that these groups, and you can point to the groups like the Patriot Front or a lot of different overlapping points, you can make direct ties back to a larger CIA agenda," Cristian said.


"It's really important because in Ukraine, we've heard a lot about this kind of 'Russian lie' about de-Nazification," he noted, when "the corporate media was talking about the Nazi problem in Ukraine, screaming about it right up until February 2022, and then suddenly it all vanished."

Since then the Western mainstream press has worked hard to whitewash Azov, even after thousands of its militants — many bedecked with tattoos of swastikas and other Nazi symbols — surrendered in the city of Mariupol early in Russia's military de-Nazification operation.


"The Azov movement was the continuation of what the Azov Battalion was originally, and it did not go away. It became wildly politicized. They have the national corps, they run police forces," Cristian said.

The podcaster recalled the CIA's Project Aerodynamic, the US spy operation to support the remnants of the Banderov nationalist movement in Ukraine that collaborated with the Nazi invaders in the massacres of Jews, ethnic Poles and others of their compatriots.


"It's a CIA agenda that began in 1948, as far as I can tell, before it was even called the CIA, where they were cultivating fascism, using the the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and a guy named Mykola Lebed who was a Nazi war criminal" Cristian said. "Not a neo-Nazi, but an actual Nazi war criminal, that the CIA set up in New York and in Ukraine, running a company called Prolog Inc, a media company that was sending out media to American citizens."

"If we can prove, which we can, that the CIA has been growing and funding, as even the FBI and different groups have acknowledged over the years, this exact entity, then we can also draw lines to all of these different factors we're talking about," he underlined. "That doesn't mean that these extremists are not in and of themselves extremist or that every part of them know that they're being used."

The commentator pointed out that one of those marching in Florida at the weekend was Christopher Poulos, who is closely linked to Robert Bruno, a founding member of the Rise Above movement that took part in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017. The Biden election campaign in 2020 tried to tar then-president Donald Trump with the same brush as those at the event that began as a protest by citizens against removing a statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee from a local park.


"So now if we can prove that the Azov movement is CIA, at least influenced by them, and now they have made international arms of extremists all over the world, and then one of those groups marches through Charlottesville and becomes the basis for the 'white supremacy' problem in MAGA," Christian said. "That's not to say that there's not some element there, but this is an obvious operation."


Biden's claims to be taking a stand against domestic far-right extremism stinks of hypocrisy while he funnels tens of billions of dollars worth of arms to the ne-Nazi regime in Kiev to murder Russian civilians.


"Think about how silly it is that we're going to pretend like Biden's waging a war against white supremacy while funding the most obvious neo-Nazi element in the world right now," Cristian pointed out ."We know that on January six, for example, that there was a Ukrainian asset that was there, a part of the Azov movement. It's all documented. He was literally have pictures of them next to Jake ['QAnon Shaman' Jacob Chansley] with the horns, the guy that everybody knows."


* The Azov Battalion is a terrorist organization banned in Russia.

** Right Sector is an extremist organization banned in Russia.

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A Dire Warning: The US Plan To Make Ukraine Into Europe's 'Big Israel'


In his famous anti-Vietnam War speech, the late senator from South Dakota George McGovern told fellow Congressional leaders, "This chamber reeks of blood." On Saturday, journalist Max Blumenthal opened a hard-hitting talk at the Ron Paul Institute's "Which Way America...?" conference in D.C. by quoting those words, but applied them to the US proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Blumenthal said that in Ukraine, Washington continues "wasting the lives and bodies of over 150,000 men, and that's according to the Pentagon." Citing recent studies on the immense numbers of Ukrainians who have lost limbs after a year-and-a-half of fighting (which could be surpassing WWI rates), he said the true Ukraine casualty count could be closer to 500,000 - which marks a monumental tragedy and disaster.

The GrayZone journalist then said of today's Congress that "this chamber" not only "reeks of blood" but.. "they have wasted Ukrainian society on the mantle of anti-Russia hysteria" - as lawmakers in lockstep with the Biden administration continue to sink billions into Kiev.

Beltway liberal elites, Blumenthal asserted, still think Russia must be punished given they see Moscow as having brought the "bad orange man" to power in 2016. This is a big ideological aspect to what motivates the hawks, he said.

Further, Blumenthal explained that what's happening here is that the US ruling class has "militarized the culture wars while depicting Ukraine as the 'woke side' vs. Russia as backwards and oppressive."

But more importantly, the real "victors" are the major US defense contractors and their appendages like the K street neocon lobbying firms. Blumenthal highlighted that these, and the Biden administration, are operating with the bigger vision in mind of turning Ukraine into Europe's "big Israel"

By this is meant a permanently militarized 'Spartan' wartime state, which is funded and weaponized by Washington in perpetuity, and possesses all the latest cutting edge Western defense tech. But like with the state of things long evident inside Israel (in particular oppression of both Palestinians and Israeli political dissenters), democracy must be eroded at home for this to happen. Still, the defense tech peddlers in the military-industrial complex will 'win' no matter how much Ukrainian society and its people are sacrificed. 

"In order to defend democracy in Ukraine, democracy must be curtailed at home,"Blumenthal emphasized, drawing lessons from current examples of oppression of free speech in the West, particularly related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

He noted here that his own investigative media outlet, The GrayZone, has had the bulk of its funding frozen by the popular platform GoFundMe. The outlet explained days ago [emphasis ZH]:

By this point, we had raised over $90,000 from over 1100 contributors. The generous contributions from our audience were accompanied by hundreds of messages of effusive support for our factual journalism holding imperial power to account.

And now, Gofundme is holding the donations hostage, refusing to transfer them to us, while failing to inform donors that it has effectively seized their money. The for-profit site has similarly refused to explain its freezing of their donations, issuing nothing more than a vague allusion – “some external concerns” – to pressure from powerful outside forces.

Gofundme’s financial sabotage follows the de facto sanctions imposed by Venmo and Paypal on our managing editor, Wyatt Reed, after he reported on the Ukrainian military’s targeting of civilians from the separatist side of the Donbas region.

Again, this is why Blumenthal could draw on recent personal experience in telling the Ron Paul conference audience that "democracy must be curtailed" in America in order to keep unlimited taxpayer dollars flowing into the Zelensky government's coffers.

Blumenthal continued... but "now Russia has no incentive to negotiate" given they have the clear military momentum amid a failing Ukraine counteroffensive. The US and UK likely had a window of opportunity in the initial months of the war to more easily open up serious diplomatic peace negotiations, but this was actively thwarted

"We cannot have peace negotiations while war is being incentivized [by Washington interests] to this point," he continued while also referencing neocons like Bill Kristol, who has been leading a charge to silence any dissenting views from among Republican nominees and politicians on Ukraine.

"These operatives need constant opportunities" which a permanent proxy war in Europe enables, Blumenthal continued - just like with the constant and historic billions in aid flowing to Israel, which serves to cyclically fuel the accompanying global reach and outsized influence of the Israel lobby.

On this question of whether negotiations are possible even from Kiev's perspective, Zero Hedge asked Blumenthal what he thinks would happen in the unlikely scenario that Zelensky himself suddenly pursued peace talks with the Russians. Blumenthal responded as follows:

"If Zelensky were to pursue peace talks now before he's re-elected... due to the kind of social forces that have been unleashed by Maidan, he will face a far-right Nazi insurgency in his own country, and he will become public enemy number oneamong some of the most violent and militarized forces.

...Which is why he went and met with Andriy Biletsky, the founder of Azov. Zelensky was elected on a platform of peace by 73% of the population because you still had the ethnic Russian population participating in Ukrainian society. They have been completely driven out and the constituency he's working with is completely different now."

Below: Last month, Ukrainian President Zelensky held court with one of the most notorious neo-Nazis in modern Ukrainian history, Azov Battalion founder Andriy Biletsky.

Turning Ukraine into "a big Israel" will involve long-term funding to shape and place "America's unsinkable aircraft carrier not in the Middle East but in Europe," Blumenthal said.

But as Ukrainians continue to be slaughtered, it won't be a happy situation for a country to become a "big Israel", Blumenthal concluded.

* * *

Former US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro (from 2011 to 2017) is helping to push this Ukraine as "big Israel" concept forward, Blumenthal pointed out.


A partial list of key elements of Shapiro's road map for Ukraine was previously published by The Atlantic Council as follows:

  • Security first: Every Israeli government promises, first and foremost, that it will deliver security—and knows it will be judged on this pledge. Ordinary citizens, not just politicians, pay close attention to security threats—both from across borders and from internal sources— and much of the public chooses who to elect by that metric alone.
  • The whole population plays a role: The Israeli model goes further than Zelenskyy’s vision of security services deployed to civilian spaces: Most young Israeli adults serve in the military, and many are employed in security-related professions following their service. A common purpose unites the citizenry, making them ready to endure shared sacrifice. Civilians recognize their responsibility to follow security protocols and contribute to the cause. Some even arm themselves (though under strict supervision) to do so. The widespread mobilization of Ukrainian society in collective defense suggests that the country has this potential. In his comments, Zelenskyy reflected this reality when he said security would “come from the strength of every house, every building, every person.”
  • Self-defense is the only way: If there’s any single principle that animates Israel’s security doctrine, it’s that Israel will defend itself, by itself—and rely on no other country to fight its battles. The tragedies of Jewish history have embedded that lesson deep in the nation’s soul. Ukraine’s own trauma, forced to fight alone against a larger aggressor, reinforces a similar conclusion: Don’t depend on the guarantees of others.
  • But maintain active defense partnerships: Self-defense doesn’t mean total isolation. Israel maintains active defense partnerships, chiefly with the United States, which provides generous military assistance, but also with other nations with whom it shares intelligence, technology, and training. While Ukraine will probably not join NATO any time soon, it can deepen security partnerships with Alliance members and receive aid, weaponry, intelligence, and training to bolster its self-defense.
  • Intelligence dominance: From its earliest days, Israel has invested deeply in its intelligence capabilities to ensure that it has the means to detect and deter its enemies—and, when needed, act proactively to strike them. Ukraine will need to upgrade its intelligence services to compete against Russian capabilities and ensure that it’s prepared to prevent and repulse Russian attacks.
  • Technology is key: Although it relies on US assistance, Israel also chooses homegrown technology solutions for many of its greatest challenges. Multi-layer rocket and missile defenses, counter-drone systems, and tunnel detection technology are just recent examples. Ukraine—already home to bright technological minds—will know what threats it faces more than any partner; investing in its own solutions will allow it to be most responsive and adapt to new threats.




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