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Switzerland: A proxy state, predatory, bank of the Anglo-Saxon comprador oligarchy

"There are people with whom we must never be reconciled, traitors and deceivers". (Anne-Thérèse de Marguenat de Courcelles; 1750)


by Amar Djerrad


During our youth, the pronunciation of the word "Switzerland" brings us back to small fresh cheese, but also to the word "bank" from hearing stories of stolen money hidden in "Switzerland"!

Over time, our subconscious has only retained the word "bank" which maintains and fuels an immutable Swiss reality in its relations with the world of money. At one point, this Switzerland appeared to us as a State whose particularism is its neutrality and its land a haven of peace. As time can reveal many things, this Switzerland revealed itself with another dimension, with other customs!

 part 1Swiss justice returns to the case after having closed it in 2017

Our subject concerns this Confederation because it stands out in this XNUMXst century (in fact always) – especially since this conflict in Ukraine, which exposed all the States which pride themselves on being the unequaled defenders of human values ​​of which they would have the prerogative – of other countries by its “neutrality” declared cardinal and infallible, its propensity to serve as “mediator” in conflicts and its revulsion of interference in the affairs of sovereign States! Which is, in fact, far from being the case as we will show following his serious blunder towards Algeria which never provoked him by considering it with respect.

Our Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, Ahmed Attaf, was forced to give a clear response, however "diplomatic", following the telephone call, relating to a criminal case, from his Swiss counterpart, Ignazio Cassis.

Swiss justice returned to the case of the former Algerian Minister of Defense (aged 86), closed in 2017, after an appeal from INTERNATIONAL TRIAL1) at the initiative of ex-Islamists of the FIS, on the run, who accuse him of having been “accomplice» of abuses qualified as war crimes and crimes against humanity (no longer “d'auteur» as previously), during the war led by the Algerian army against the terrorism of “armed Islamic groups” (GIA), the armed wing of the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS). A war of more than 10 years which ended with the annihilation of these groups!

This affair comes back, through opportunism, like a hair in the soup after 12 years, akin to a Damocles sword; like blackmail! We therefore persist in undermining, via this Swiss NGO TRIAL, by insisting on pursuing the killer of the GIA/FIS terrorists and their bloodthirsty theocratic regime!

Is the Swiss justice system short of cases to be obsessively interested in our former Minister of Defense for facts relating to the defense of his country against the terrorist horde? Algeria sees this as a blatant interference in its affairs aimed, in fact, at discrediting the National People's Army (ANP), undoubtedly led by occult circles enemies of Algeria! Swiss decision-makers had to interpret his circumspection and wisdom, in the face of this affair, as a politically exploitable weakness.

 Switzerland a State/NGO, financial haven for crooks and terrorists

Our reaction, through this article, will be more precise, more direct, less diplomatic, to the attention of the Swiss, their leaders and other decision-makers!

The Switzerland’s “neutrality” has frayed, SEE  HERE2,3 to become as active and harmful as hostile countries, but sneakily. His engagement with the “Atlanticists” by sanctioning Russia4 is one of the proofs. In fact, she has always been like this. It is in adversity that principles are attested; that we recognize true friends.

Switzerland is none other than a factitious state created and/or administered by powerful oligarchs, essentially Anglo-Saxons owning fortunes and banks, to grow their money and capture that of others, resulting from plunder, without seeing themselves. demand accountability in their countries. They are the ones who dictate the policy of this state as well as its laws. Switzerland is their paradise which they have endowed with institutions and laws, in their interests, by establishing the “banking secrecy” flanked by “exceptions”5 (pages 93 to 98 and 111 to 113) “criminal” (restricted) and “fiscal”, in their own interests. For other victim countries, this “exception” is inaccessible.

A State, a diversifying instrument of Big Capital. A sort of State/NGO – under the guise of “neutrality” to better deceive – whose mission is to captivate all the illegitimacy of the world to make them lawful within the framework of its laws: stolen or embezzled money, money from corruption, drug money, shelter and protection of criminals (HERE et  HERE)6,7wanted in their country, authorization of criminal associations under the guise of human rights etc... a financial haven for crooks, a collection of all the filth that morality condemns. Of course it sometimes shows acts of “rule of law” by bringing justice for certain facts without much impact on the essence of their imposed predatory policy. However, it is quick to take charge of “affairs” when they harm countries that are not in the Western imperial-colonialist fold; even if these “affairs” are initiated by terrorists, crooks wanted for advocating terrorism, for corruption or fraud. It can pretend or simulate what it wants, it remains dependent on the Anglo-Saxons and the Zionist lobbies. Switzerland is their property because of the money they transfer, resulting from banditry and pillage. It is a “financial and peaceful haven” for them as it is safe haven for terrorists8 of the world !

Switzerland is nothing but an imposture, draped in neutrality and honesty, spread across all countries under the cover of embassies to better gain trust and be able to better deceive! It is a spy state serving Anglo-Saxon hegemony. A sort of imperceptible Trojan horse. It is no coincidence that almost all so-called “international” organizations have their headquarters in Switzerland. This country lives on the financial products of banks resulting from financial speculation on largely illicit capital; it does not have significant soil and subsoil resources. Its wealth comes in particular from a banking law, notably its article 47 which establishes the "banking secret"[5] as an inviolable provision. A collaborative investigation titled “Suisse Secrets”9 based on a leak of information from thousands of “Credit Suisse” accounts, transmitted to newspapers, shows the deception practiced due to this “banking secrecy”. It is reported that the “anonymous” person behind this leak explained his motivation thus: “the pretext of protecting financial confidentiality is just a fig leaf covering the shameful role of Swiss banks as collaborators of tax evaders". In this way, to become a rich country without having natural resources, you have to be and do like Switzerland. Any idiot can understand that if there is “secret”, there is a desire to hide a deception!

The goal here is not to reveal all the falsifications, manipulations, schemes of the Swiss authorities with their banks – the press, books, declarations abound on the Internet – but to show, on these bases, that this Switzerland is not at all what we make the world believe it to be. His story is not free from immorality to claim to give lessons in probity. It seems useful, however, to cite a few significant facts.

• According to an article in Diplomatic World10, Switzerland was complicit in an active and silent partnership with Nazism according to sociologist Jean Ziegler who specifies that without the financial assistance of Swiss bankers, the Nazis would have abandoned the war in 1942. "No other neutral country – neither Portugal nor Sweden – accepted the Germans' stolen gold. Sensing “golden deals”, Swiss bankers played intermediaries, launderers of this gold coming from the banks of invaded countries or murdered Jews.» (according to this monthly). The closure of the Swiss borders in 1942 delivered thousands of Jews to certain death more through venality than through racism. For Ziegler, Switzerland is not a neutral and welcoming country. Some press reported that the federal parliamentarians11 the Federal Council, the media and most political parties are Americanophiles and/or subservient to the EU and that it is the caste of multi-billionaires who decide everything in the whole of the West. Its neutrality is described as an “empty shell”.

• The revealed archives (Austrian, German, British and American) revealed that the federal government as well as Swiss arms manufacturers helped the Reich buy weapons in exchange for stolen gold bars, until in 1945. The consensus between rich Western oligarchs – from the same doxa, even the same families – on the domination of their class took precedence (and still takes precedence) over morality. This is still the case today given their connections with what we call “theukro-nazis” and integral nationalists12. The USA even tolerates their events !13

• According to an article on the site Swissinfo14 dating from 2021, Swiss banks continue to allow illegal money from poor countries, reporting nine billion francs spread across hundreds of accounts in Switzerland, even citing a case of embezzlement of Venezuelan public funds involving a Swiss bank out of eight. This scandal, according to specialists, demonstrates the failure of the anti-money laundering system put in place by Switzerland.

• Romano Marco of the Swiss Christian Democratic Party, in the questions in Parliament15 raised the problem of “money transfer businesses and organized crime” in 2013. He noted “the existence of these channels allowing dirty money to be transferred outside our borders (income from illegal activities, money laundering or financing of international terrorism) has long been known through various criminal trials and numerous federal and cantonal investigations (especially related to drug trafficking, human trafficking and money laundering)".


• Algeria54 a reported that according to The Financial Times16 the Swiss banking giant UBS which got its hands on Credit Suisse, by buying it, would have achieved a record quarterly profit that no other large bank in the world, such as JP Morgan, has equaled. UBS's enormous profit would come from what is called "badwill", a trick by which a company buys an asset under the real price according to the expert Nourredine Legheliel cited, and continues:It is largely undervalued, which suggests that this Credit Suisse takeover affair remains a mystery and a “scam” cleverly elaborated between Swiss, knowing that only foreigners, who were the main shareholders of the bankrupt bank, are losers (the Saudis, the Qataris, the Russian oligarchs and to a lesser degree the Americans". Thus Switzerland, which many present as a model state, can only be described as a receiver».

• It is interesting to see, for more information on this Swiss case, the video produced (in French) by Mr. Rafaa17, entitled "Hitler's Swiss fences accuse Algeria of crimes against humanity. We will have seen it all !», a well-known blogger whose contributions are seen by tens of thousands of Internet users (between 10 thousand and more than 50 thousand views)

Who is TRIAL who wants to judge a terrorist killer and not the terrorists?

This association TRIAL swells by announcing that the former Algerian Minister of Defense[1] "will be the world's highest-ranking military official ever tried for such crimes under universal jurisdiction". Yes “in the world”! A complaint not against the terrorists who caused carnage in Algeria, but against a Minister of Defense whose Army eliminated these terrorists who killed civilians without distinction, some of whose leaders and supporters found refuge in Switzerland; headquarters of Trial and place of his complaint with the consent of the Swiss authorities! This is how this country defends “human rights”! What did the USA do in its fight against terrorism? yet, themselves, created and financed18(according to Hillary Clinton before Congress in January 2013), with the help of certain kinglets from the Middle East? What was Trial's reaction in this case? What has Trial done in the case of France in its war crimes and against Humanity in Algeria? And the war criminals and destroyers of nations like Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia, Palestine, Yemen, Western Sahara, Serbia, Lebanon... who are American, British, Israeli and French. TRIAL does not favor lessors of course19 ! It is financed by the Swiss, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Luxembourg, German governments, the European Commission, the United Kingdom, the NED, Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Open Society Foundations of George Soros, Amnesty International… To target these countries and associations who is engaged to her? Rubbish! It’s like the TPI and ICC and all these “NGOs” for “human” rights and “freedoms”! They have the same hegemonic objective with different missions!

So, for the authorities and Swiss justice, by supporting the representatives of the FIS and its armed wing the GIA in their actions – without the slightest reference to their past and role in the torments of the Algerian people during these years of massacre – they do not have done nothing reprehensible. The massacres of the population in the cities and especially the villages, the slitting of throats, the bombs exploded in buses, the rapes etc. are not repressed by Swiss laws? Perhaps these are acts of the Algerian Army or a collective suicide?

 Part 2On Major General Khaled Nezzar, former Minister of Defense

Here is an overview of his actions and actions intended for deceived readers and not for the leaders or “advised” of Switzerland who cannot understand what a patriot is. Many gossip without knowing anything about this so-called “black” decade! They stupidly vomit out what they were fed in the form of lies!

General Nezzar and the high command of the time saved Algeria from these barbaric hordes of GIA/FIS assassins by taking their responsibilities to prevent these monsters from gaining power, who would precipitate the national state in the collapse. These devils killed, slaughtered, set fires, planted bombs in buses to kill Algerians of all categories: more than 100 journalists, tens of thousands of women, children of old people, teachers, imams, police officers. , firefighters; a total of more than 150 deaths! Mr. Khaled Nezzar, through the Constitution, opposed them with the National People's Army - for which all civil society continued to demand intervention - aided by thousands of legitimate civil defense groups (GLD) which annihilated them! At that time, Switzerland did nothing to help the Algerian people!

Mr. Nezzar joined the ALN in the first months of the Algerian Revolution, on orders from the FLN/ALN. The imbecile species do not know that in the 1s, the majority of officers and non-commissioned officers joined the revolutionary struggle. Among them Mr. Nezzar! Unlike this species who took up arms against their own country; the harkis of yesterday and today.

Of course, they do not also know about his feats of arms against Israel, recognized by the allies, including Egyptian officers, but also by Ariel Sharon himself on the bravery of the Algerian soldiers!

The height of the GIA massacres and the real response of the Army, already organized by Mr. Nezzar, began in 1995. Khaled Nezzar retired in 1993.

He contributed to stopping the electoral process at the request of civil society! So what are we accusing him of? To have organized the army in order to defend his country from terrorist annihilation; to have contributed to putting in place response strategies and tactics; to have prevented, with the Army and the GLD, that this Banu Hillal horde and their descendants the “daechiens” did not establish a medieval regime of caliphate which will force them to no longer think, to wear beards and “qamis”, to putting “khol” on the eyes, authorizing multiple marriages etc… reclassifying Algerians in the category of sub-humans under sub-caliphs, led by Middle Eastern princes, themselves vassals of the Anglo-Saxons! Khaled Nezzar is a patriot of another caliber that they will never be able to match no matter what they do!

Nezzar's defense denounces violations committed by Swiss prosecutor

The lawyers (Caroline Schumacher and Magali Buser) of the retired general denounced, in a press release20, the flaws and abuses noted during the conduct of the investigation by the Swiss prosecutor.

Here is the summary :

General Khaled Nezzar, faced with the indictment against him issued by the Swiss Confederation, has always opposed torture, which he did not hesitate to publicly condemn in the 1990s. The investigation of the The procedure aimed at it took place from the outset in an eminently political context. The plaintiffs all claim their Islamist commitment then as today. The general embodies the refusal of the extremist Islamist political project. The investigation carried out in Switzerland has experienced, at the discretion of the prosecutors in charge, phases of enthusiasm and acceleration, long periods of inaction, a halt in the form of classification in January 2017, then a resumption following to a judgment of the Court of Bellinzona in 2018 upon reading which his judicial fate could appear decided in advance. The charges for which the general is sent for trial are largely based on reports from the Federal Judicial Police, drawn up on the basis of biased sources and publications from authors subject to caution. The requested expert opinions, the requested hearing of sometimes eyewitnesses, were refused. He was even refused to question complainants who had only been heard once in 2011 and 2014, even though the defense had, at the time, no access to the file. In any case, the file does not establish that General Khaled Nezzar ordered or provided assistance to the abuses committed against him, nor even that he was informed of them and refrained from acting to prevent them.

 Official reaction: Algeria deplores the revisionist reading of Swiss justice

The Algerians have well understood the scope of this Swiss “exit” and its seriousness. It is quickly interpreted as nonsense, inopportune drivel from capricious decision-makers, which deserves a shocking response.

In reaction to the comments of his Swiss counterpart21 expressing the position of the Swiss government with regard to the latest developments recorded in this case against the retired Major General, Minister Ahmed Attaf wanted to clearly underline three main facts, namely: "that the independence of the justice does not justify irresponsibility and that any judicial system arrogates to itself the absolute right to judge the policies of a sovereign and independent State.” The second "that since the beginning of this affair, Algeria has been convinced that Swiss justice has very lightly offered a platform to terrorists, their allies and their supporters to try to discredit the honorable fight of our country against terrorism , to cast shame on those who faced him and to stain the memory of those who fell while resisting him". The last "that with the same levity, Swiss justice proceeds to a revisionist reading of the history of our country during the 90s. It proceeds by outrageous and unfounded accusations, by risky and inappropriate comparisons and by falsifications so flagrant that they discredit themselves». 

On the merits, Mr. Attaf stressed that the international community recognizes Algeria's heroic and solitary fight against terrorism during the 90s, that the role of our country and its experience in this area were widely supported and requested at the level international. He recalled that Algeria is the champion country at the level of the African Union for the prevention and fight against terrorism.

In conclusion, Mr. Attaf, while emphasizing Algeria's gratitude to Switzerland for its role in the independence of our country, indicated that "this affair has reached the limits of the unacceptable and intolerable and that the Algerian government is determined to draw all the consequences from it, including those which are far from desirable for the future of Algerian-Swiss relations».


Swiss laws applied to sovereign Algeria? Let's see the possible consequences!

If Switzerland dares, brazenly and abusively, like the USA mainly, to allow this type of extraterritorial laws, it is because it also considers itself powerful through the financial power of its masters. Legal extraterritoriality is a practice that violates the principle of exclusive territorial authority of States and their sovereignty. Thus, Switzerland is none other than a vassal in the service of this Anglo-Saxon globalist strategy.

If, as they say, to be respected, one must be respectable, then Algeria can decide, by reciprocity, as a result of this affair – which has reached the limits of indecency and insolence – to take measures radical actions towards Switzerland and some of its leaders at the highest level. She can :

1- Establish extraterritorial laws for “specific” facts or crimes that international law or morality condemns, which it will apply to Swiss personalities perpetrators of these crimes or offenses, through the Algerian justice system from which it will request extradition to face trial! The official comment from Algerian Minister Attaf must be understood by the Swiss authorities resolutely in this sense. There is no shortage of grievances: financial crimes, embezzlement of state funds, funds from corruption, drugs, prostitution, money laundering, protection of terrorists condemned by their countries, financing of terrorism, etc. These are indeed crimes in the sense of law and morality; No ? Knowing perfectly well that their “pseudo-investigations”, repeated to anyone who wants to listen by their press under orders, are false pretenses since they do not succeed when it concerns them.

2- As this Switzerland, exempt from probity, also interferes in matters which do not concern it, Algeria can also take measures “which are far from being desirable for the future of Algerian-Swiss relations". In plain language, this means breaking relations with Switzerland! Algeria has this right and legitimacy to put an end by this means to provocations, slander and nonsense unworthy of those who claim to lead a “healthy state”. This is indeed a blatant and insolent interference in its governance policy, its justice, its army, in its principles and its culture which deserves an appropriate and firm response!


Since when did any country, in this case Switzerland, corrupt, sanctuary for crooks here et here22,23, must dictate our interests; show us what suits us and what does not suit us under penalty of sanctions?

It will really be necessary to be a country, bankrupt, without culture, without newspapers, without History, without principles with an ignorant people, to hope to lead and dominate it. Algeria is far from that and the world knows its heroic historical references and its exploits in the fight against the most barbaric terrorism (insidiously exploited by Western and Middle Eastern States)!

Algeria is proud of its revolutionary past, its resistance capacities and its principles in the defense of the oppressed and of peoples aspiring to their independence and sovereignty. It's not a dwarf like Switzerland who can teach her these values ​​that she doesn't possess! Algeria can resist and endure any adversity, sanctions, constraints and other bravado beyond and much better than some scoundrel Swiss officials imagine. The resilience of Algeria – which the latter certainly seem to ignore through incompetence and/or disdain – in the face of the most barbaric terrorism, lasting more than 10 years and its annihilation by our army of patriots, that this Swiss ruling scum, this pack of “shit eaters” of bankers, struggling to condemn? Because among the Swiss, traitors and crooks have dignity and honor? 

Switzerland must carry around in matters of terrorism and fraud to use, as a diversion, manipulation and provocation of this kind on Algeria which, paradoxically, is one of the rare countries to have fought alone and stubbornly against terrorism and wiped it out!

Algeria has no interest in “friends” of this type who are cold and impassive in the face of fraud, predation and who welcome scoundrels. If this Switzerland persists or procrastinates with this vexing subject, the Algerian authorities have the obligation to take extreme and legitimate measures to put an end to it! So everyone will take care of their “livestock”: they of their pigs and we of our goats!

Switzerland can continue in its daydreams or fight against the windmills with its friends, its rascals and its idle, dubious and permissive laws.












Switzerland’s place in a world of change by Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich


The world is in upheaval. It is impressive how people outside the Western bloc are standing up and calling out to their (in fact still) colonial powers: Now it’s time to stop interventions that violate international law and exploitation that violates human rights! From now on, we ourselves will determine our country, our politics and our natural resources.
  As reported by Current Concerns, the Latin American and Caribbean states did not allow themselves to be forced into a final declaration pre-formulated in Brussels at their summit with the EU, not even with the usual attempts at financial blackmail. On the other hand, the Russia-Africa summit was a complete success because President Putin met his guests on an equal footing, as should be the case in all relations between countries and cultures. In the meantime, hopeful signs of a new world order can be seen elsewhere.
  From equal to equal with all peoples, that is also the tradition of Switzerland. In recent decades, many of our politicians and diplomats have unfortunately deviated from this path, which is in keeping with human nature and therefore successful. They have allowed themselves to be harnessed to the interests of major powers. It is time for us to return to the Swiss way and to support the current efforts for a fairer world based on the equality of all peoples as envisaged in the UN Charter.

New developments in world affairs

Niger has become another African state (after Mali and Burkina Faso) to strike a liberation blow. It no longer wants to be “one of the poorest countries in the world”, but wants to sell its great wealth (uranium) at world market prices instead of to French nuclear power plants at knock-down prices as before. Fortunately, none of the 14 other member states of the “Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)” seems to be willing to wage war for France’s interests against the new government, instead choosing the path of dialogue and diplomacy. In doing so, they are pointing the finger of blame at the Western powers: The conflict in Niger is internal, which means that, according to the UN Charter, no other state has the right to intervene militarily without a decision by the UN Security Council. Have we already become so accustomed to NATO’s medieval law of the jungle that other nations have to remind us what the law is?
  The BRICS summit will take place from 22–24 August. [The article was written and published in Zeit-Fragen before the BRICS meeting; editor’s note.] The alliance of the five giant states Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa invites to Johannesburg, 34 countries have accepted so far. The hegemon’s attempts to divide the alliance have not only failed thoroughly, but an actual countermovement is taking place. An impressive number of countries want to join the BRICS in order to intensify economic cooperation and reduce their dependence on the US dollar. Eleven countries have already made a formal application for membership, another 24 countries an informal one. The Swiss Peter Hänseler, who lives in Moscow, and his colleague Denis Dobrin have compiled facts and figures. Here is just a small excerpt: The inhabitants of the five BRICS countries make up 41% of the world population, with the eleven formal candidates for membership together 52 %, and if you include the informal applicants: 67 %. The remaining countries of the world are referred to in the diagrams as the “rest”.1


What we Swiss can learn from this

For us Swiss, it is a pleasure to witness how more and more states are joining forces to free themselves from their long-standing dependencies on the USA and various Western European states. Switzerland, its current politicians and diplomats would do well to become more self-confident as well and to take back its place as a neutral country linked to all peoples.
  It is time for our politicians and mainstream media to stop staring at Washington and Brussels like hypnotised rabbits. Anyone who believed that by automatically adopting the US-EU sanctions against Russia – in violation of our neutrality and our rule of law – the Federal Council could reduce the pressure on our country was thoroughly mistaken. Authoritarian great powers are not made more lenient by being subjected to them, but they mercilessly exploit the weakness shown and demand more and more. If the hegemon on the other side of the Atlantic had its way, Switzerland would have to confiscate all Russian assets in the country, based solely on the nationality of the owners – that is pure racism! Switzerland would then have to unlawfully expropriate the blocked funds and sink them into the corruption- and crime-ridden bottomless pit in Kiev.
  So far, the Federal Council has proven resistant to such unconstitutional proposals. It is to be hoped that it will remain so. Because with its caving in to the adoption of unilateral sanctions, it has done serious damage to Swiss neutrality, which our forefathers had carefully built up over centuries. The same applies to Parliament’s undignified dithering over the legal ban on the re-export of Swiss weapons by third countries to a warring party.


Latest absurd attack from the USA against the Swiss rule of law

A Congressional committee in Washington recently asked the US State and Treasury Departments to “place three representatives of the allegedly corrupt Swiss judicial system on the US sanctions list, including former Attorney General Michael Lauber”. The trigger is the US-American Bill Browder, who extracted billions from Russia in the Yeltsin era. He invested 25 million dollars in 1996, a few years later his investment company “Hermitage Capital” was worth 4.5 billion dollars! In 2007 it was liquidated by the Russian state. It is clear that such an “investor” is not well disposed towards Vladimir Putin, who stopped the outflow of Russian state assets to Western profiteers at the time. Since 2011, Browder has been trying to gain access to allegedly laundered funds in Swiss bank accounts. In 2021, however, the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland closed the case and announced that it would return the disputed CHF 18 million to the account holders. Now the case is before the Swiss Federal Supreme Court in Lausanne for final assessment. And what does Browder do? Because the Swiss judiciary will not allow itself to be corrupted by him, he is actually slandering the Swiss rule of law before the “Helsinki Commission”, a committee in Washington: “Switzerland is a country ‘where the legal system does not work, where the criminal justice system does not work’. And when a justice system doesn’t work, he continued, ‘we have to fix it’. By ‘we’ he meant the USA.”2 This is going too far even for NZZ editor and transatlanticist Georg Häsler. With his question of what would happen if the Federal Court also rejected Browder’s complaint, he takes the absurdity to the extreme: “Would the federal judges involved, as part of an allegedly dysfunctional judicial system, then also be threatened with a request to be put on the US sanctions list?”
  That’s what it’s coming to! They would be wiser to scrutinise their own justice system, for example the case of Julian Assange, who has been tortured and threatened with extradition in the UK for years on the orders of the US, just because he published some inconvenient truths about US war crimes.


Swiss contribution in the service of world peace

Today, Switzerland has lost its credibility as a neutral state in many places, and its good offices are hardly in demand any more. This is a direct consequence of the lack of rootedness of some of our politicians in the Swiss model of state with neutrality at its core. In a world in upheaval, the Swiss contribution could be particularly helpful. The fact that Swiss history has largely been dropped from the curricula in our schools and is no longer taught at universities is a great misfortune and an underestimation of the importance of people’s awareness of history for their personal development, for the future of their country and for looking beyond their own backyard. The education of the youth must be brought back to the centre: The preservation of the foundations of our state system is based on the direct democratic participation of the Swiss people and their interest in the fate of their communities, cantons and the federal government. This is only possible with a solid civic education in school and active role models in the parental home. The integration of the large foreign share of the population (around a quarter) and of newly naturalised citizens is also based, among other things, on a good understanding of the Swiss state model. The planned 2023 strategy to transform the Swiss army into a de facto NATO unit is admittedly also the result of pressure and flattery from abroad. But without the lack of historical awareness, especially among many young Swiss, the blunt rejection of Swiss neutrality as the basis of our army would not be possible.3
  As a reminder to ourselves, a word from the great Swiss historian Wolfgang von Wartburg: “The prerequisite for the credibility of neutrality is its absolute reliability and the constant striving for impartiality. In this area Switzerland has a unique experience which it can put at the service of world peace.”4  •





Current Concerns: The Swiss Armed Forces recently published a new report entitled “Strengthening Defence Capability”. To my mind, two questions emerged. Firstly, have our military personnel become queasy because the army has been run down to a level that is not suitable for national defence? Secondly, are those people who want to join NATO using the war in Ukraine to finally bring Switzerland closer to NATO?
Franz Grüter
: Both theories are probably true. Concerning the first question: In the last 20, probably even almost 30 years, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, there were many politicians from almost all parties who said: There will never be another war in Europe. The Social Democrats were still saying this at the beginning of the 2000s: we will never again need tanks, we will never again need planes. Today, for the first time in 75 years, we have a war in Europe. This has opened the eyes of many, and people in the army have also – fortunately – slowly become aware of the fact that the Swiss army would no longer be able to guarantee the security of the population if Switzerland were really attacked.

There was a war in Europe before that, the Yugoslavian war. 
There was indeed a war in Yugoslavia, but it was never perceived in as emotional a way. It did have major consequences for Switzerland in terms of immigration, but it did not stir people up as much as the war in Ukraine has done, which has a completely different dimension.


On the current state
of the Swiss Armed Forces

Corps Commander Süssli [head of the armed forces] once spoke of four weeks’ staying power, which is of course equal to nothing. The mobilisation of troops has also ceased to function. In this respect, I think it is positive that people now do realise that there is a need for action. Adolf Ogi [former Federal Councillor and head of the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport DDPS] said at the time that there would be ten years’ warning in case of a war. These are and were illusory considerations, and I am pleased that the priorities are being set in a different direction, namely that the armed forces must once again be able to guarantee the security of our population and thus maintain defence capability.


No closer affiliation with NATO

The Swiss Armed Forces have always procured their armaments in the West and have also made sure that these are compatible with Western goods. In the past, we bought the US Tigers, the FA-18s; they were always Western fighter jets. Today we are re-equipping the air force with the F-35, and we are getting a state-of-the-art surface-to-air defence system (Bodluv), the US Patriot missiles. We have always been mindful of the so-called interoperability, as we call it so nicely in German Newspeak. But many politicians in Bern want to join NATO even more closely than this. That is, of course, unacceptable. Because we would only be allowed to join forces with other states if Switzerland itself were attacked. Apart from that, Swiss neutrality does not permit such a rapprochement.

In June, the Council of States approved the postulate submitted by its member Josef Dittli. This demands that the Federal Council “present in a report how – without joining an alliance and while preserving the right of neutrality – a deeper, institutionalised cooperation in the field of defence with NATO can be achieved”. The Council of States agreed to this. Would that not be practically equivalent to joining NATO?
Well, this is a postulate, which means that the Council of States first of all demands a report from the Federal Council [in contrast to a motion, which directly demands a draft law]. But the direction in which they want to go is clear. It is also dishonest to the population to say: after all, we do not want to join NATO. Because everyone knows very well that according to our constitution, this would not be possible in any case. A referendum would be needed for the accession to NATO.
  On the one hand, it is good when our people realise that we are no longer able to defend the country and guarantee the security of our own population with our own army, both in terms of equipment and training. But the demand should be a different one, namely: What does the army need? And this is what I would expect precisely of a member of the Council of States like Josef Dittli: he is a former instruction officer of the Swiss army, a colonel in the general staff, a man who understands things about the army. I think very highly of him in other respects. But his question should be: Where are the biggest gaps? What do we need to bring the Swiss Armed Forces to the level where we can secure our country ourselves? We have to face this honest discussion. The focus must be on our ability to defend ourselves, and not on joining any alliances just because we are no longer prepared to accomplish the tasks that face us at home. That would be a cheap way of shirking responsibility.


Ensuring our neutrality

This is also about ensuring our neutrality. This brings us to foreign policy, i. e., the tasks of my Commission. For a small state, defence capability is an important instrument. But it is just as important that we act as a neutral small state, that we do not interfere in foreign conflicts. On the contrary, we should try to mediate and offer our good offices. The readiness to do this is precisely what has been diminished in recent times, because we have virtually taken sides. Being neutral during a war is of course much more uncomfortable, much harder, it takes much more backbone and much more strength. To say in a war, we are steering clear, we do not condemn anyone, even if inwardly you would probably like to do this – by the way, everyone is allowed to do it in private – but the state itself is not allowed to do that, it has to remain neutral. That is why these questions have also moved back into the focus of politics.

It would be good if more Swiss politicians gave our neutrality the weight it deserves, like you do. But the new army report goes in a completely different direction. It wants cooperation with NATO to be “further expanded and intensified in the coming years”. What does that mean in concrete terms?
Obviously, it all started in 1996 with the “Partnership for Peace” and since then, Switzerland has been working more and more together with NATO. Today we participate in joint exercises in cyber defence, and the air force trains abroad. But if we want to participate in military exercises of ground forces, if we want to purchase armaments jointly with Germany and Austria and, according to Swiss Federal Councillor Amherd, should participate in the so-called “Sky Shield”, then it is dishonest to say: we are doing almost everything, but we are not involved. We have to counter that: red lines must be drawn here.


I do not think this is
what the Swiss people want 

On 30 August, Federal Councillor Viola Amherd said in the “Tages-Anzeiger” that she wanted Switzerland also to take part in NATO ground troops exercises. Of course, everything would have to be “in conformity with the law of neutrality”. The interviewer asked: “Can Switzerland now practise the alliance case with NATO?” Viola Amherd’s answer was: “The alliance case is a bit much. But in future we can participate in defence exercises. We must simply not commit ourselves to collective defence.”
Yes, this is exactly the dishonesty I was referring to. When NATO carries out big manoeuvres, the troops are effectively practising the alliance case. If one of the NATO countries is attacked, the alliance automatically comes into effect. This means that the defence alliance obliges each member state to provide troops and to join in the fight, i.e., to become involved in an act of war. If the Swiss army participates in exercises where the case of alliance is practised, then it is simply dishonest to say: “We are not a member of NATO, we will not participate anyhow.”
  I do not think this is what the Swiss people want. We have to show clearly what it would mean. Incidentally, I do not rule out the possibility that such an alliance case could actually occur one day. If Switzerland were to join, it would have to send soldiers to war zones, and that is definitely not possible according to our Federal Constitution. Fortunately, it would require a referendum, and I am sure that it is not what the Swiss would want. I have great confidence in our people. Neutrality is much more deeply rooted in the population than is readily admitted in Bern. Things are not going in the right direction in Bern.

Thank you very much for the interview, National Councillor Grüter.  •






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