Thursday 25th of July 2024

the impossible american dream....

Scott Ritter: Ukraine is Heading for TOTAL COLLAPSE and Russia's Had ENOUGH ft. Garland Nixon



Putin's New Traditional Vodka...


Marvel invents exceptional American super heroes

That fly to save parallel worlds from made-up nasty foes

Australians praise yobos, petrol-heads and gas-guzzlers

Bathurst, Melbourne-GP and Philip Island circuit geezers

China marches towards sustainable civil futures

Its population lifted away from pauper gutters



Silly clever Americans dream of colonising space

To Mars and beyond with Captain Elon Ace

Many Australians still have to see one koala

A kangaroo, one emu and a laughing kookaburra

Chinese drive electric cars, buses, trucks and trains

We chastise China for bicycles with no pedal strains



We dream of saving the planet by selling coal

Blaming China for buying ours to eliminate cold

Moronic Americans disbelieve global warming

Following Biden’s hypocrite steps of warmongering

China is doing far more to save this weird planet

As we madly burn more fossil fuel per capita net


America wages war — top dog off its rabid rockers

Barking two-faced rules-based uncivil disorders 

Australia has joined the Anglo/US AUKUS wolves

To defeat delusive fleeting chimeras with corny hooves

China builds hundred highways and fast train tracks

We fix potholes on days when we find our pickaxe


Polishing giant turds for the caustic fascist Israelis

We let die imprisoned Palestinians in a petit genocide

Dead men, murdered women, children in hunger pain

Sending to the world desperate cries while being slain

We Blame Russia for American conspire with Ukrainian nazis                   

China helps the Arab World heal its religious-divided pride


Americans NATO Western proxies losing wars in the east

Aussies pay dearly for dicky subs that don’t exist

Chinese make friends via commercial ventures

That we decry by loosing our old colonial vultures

BRICS is replacing the West and the dollar could default

Digging its own grave and those of all the heroes


In decrepit Hollywood, culture is becoming zero-zeroes

And the American poor bastards are the ones at fault…








On 2 January, a young Ukrainian weapons inspector, Khrystyna Kimachuk, got word that an unusual-looking missile had crashed into a building in the city of Kharkiv. She began calling her contacts in the Ukrainian military, desperate to get her hands on it. Within a week, she had the mangled debris splayed out in front of her at a secure location in the capital Kyiv.

She began taking it apart and photographing every piece, including the screws and computer chips smaller than her fingernails. She could tell almost immediately this was not a Russian missile, but her challenge was to prove it.

Buried amidst the mess of metal and spouting wires, Ms Kimachuk spotted a tiny character from the Korean alphabet. Then she came across a more telling detail. The number 112 had been stamped onto parts of the shell. This corresponds to the year 2023 in the North Korean calendar. She realised she was looking at the first piece of hard evidence that North Korean weapons were being used to attack her country. 

"We'd heard they had delivered some weapons to Russia, but I could see it, touch it, investigate it, in a way no-one had been able to do before. This was very exciting", she told me over the phone from Kyiv.

Since then, the Ukrainian military says dozens of North Korean missiles have been fired by Russia into its territory. They have killed at least 24 people and injured more than 70.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Ukraine for the first time has begun using long-range ballistic missiles provided secretly by the United States, bombing a Russian military airfield in Crimea last week and Russian forces in another occupied area overnight, American officials said Wednesday.

Long sought by Ukrainian leaders, the new missiles give Ukraine nearly double the striking distance — up to 300 kilometers (190 miles) — that it had with the mid-range version of the weapon that it received from the U.S. last October. 

“We’ve already sent some, we will send more now that we have additional authority and money,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said. The additional ATACMS were included in a new military aid package signed by President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

Biden approved delivery of the long-range Army Tactical Missile System, known as ATACMS, in February, and then in March the U.S. included a “significant” number of them in a $300 million aid package announced, officials said.