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rattus tooism .....

rattus tooism .....

from Crikey  

"Me Too" gibes still not hurting Rudd 

Minister for Vocational and Further Education Andrew Robb knows a thing or two about losing unlosable elections. He was at the helm of the John Hewson Liberal Party campaign when Paul Keating came from behind for Labor's "sweetest victory of all."

This morning Mr Robb was out and about talking of ways that the John Howard Liberal Party can win what increasingly appears to be an unwinnable election.  

The Robb thesis is to attack Kevin Rudd is as the "Me Too" man who has stolen 36 Coalition policies as his own. Apparently the aim is to tarnish the image of Labor as being a fresh new alternative to a tired and boring government.  

Mr Robb is not alone. Prime Minister Howard has been making the same gibe about his opponent while doing his best to become a "Me Too" man himself by stealing a Labor policy or two.  

How this all plays out with the public will be decided on 24 November but, if you believe your own policies are good ones, it is hard to believe the voters will be frightened by another side which promises to introduce them.  

The punters clearly agree. The Crikey Election Indicator which measures the betting market on the Betfair betting exchange is steadily moving against the Coalition. From being rated a 43% chance on day five of the election campaign the probability of a Coalition victory is this morning assessed at 25%.

Homeless Johnnee?

Labor's homelessness pledge baseless: Brough

Mal Brough has condemned Labor's plan to help the homeless (File Photo). (Reuters: Tim Wimborne)

Community Services Minister Mal Brough has condemned Labor's new pledge to tackle homelessness, saying it would fail to make a dent in addressing the problem.

Federal Labor has unveiled a $150 million dollar package to halve the number of homeless Australians turned away from shelters within the next five years.

But Mr Brough says the target flies in the face of reality.


Gus: Mr Brough appears to be miffed he did not think of doing this first... Now he may have to do some me-to-ism on the subject... The reality is Mr Brough does not see the present crisis, still developing in Sydney for example... due to lack of federal funding.

Make Johnnee lodge-less... Vote him out.

Silence is freer...

"We are not living in a dictatorship, but we are not living in a gold standard democracy. We are paying lip service to the principle of open government"

Free speech report shock

Matthew Moore
November 5, 2007 - 2:07PM

More than 500 separate legal provisions in 335 different state and federal acts of Parliament are denying Australians access to a vast amount of information they should be able to see, a major new report says.

The Right to Know Coalition today released an audit on the state of free speech, which its authors say provides a damning picture of "how free speech and media freedom are being whittled away".


Gus: you can blame Johnee for this one... He has set the example and he has been hiding behind a wal of "in the national interest" "commercial information in confidence" and "I don't know what you're talking about" routines. Kick him out.