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the rainmaker .....

the rainmaker .....

Turnbull under fire for million dollar water deal 

MalcolmTurnbull is fighting for his political life and now another battle is brewing. 

A $10 million grant given to a local company to investigate Russian rainfall technology has been questioned and criticised by water experts. So why has the Environment Minister taken such a gamble during an election? 

Turnbull under Fire For Million Dar Water Deal 


Gus: On that report it was mentioned that the local company was owned by a prominent Liberal campaign donor who had contributed to Malcolm's campaign quite considerably... Matt Hanbury, the nephew of ... Rupert Murdoch... 

Furthermore, Several water experts, including experts on seeding clouds to make rain, were so sceptic about the Russian technology - which was mostly a patent, not a working scientific study - in Australian condition that it was hard not to see them laughing, although they were scathing at the apparent waste of money... 


bring it on

Threat if Turnbull loses

The Liberal Party has foreshadowed a possible legal challenge if Labor's George Newhouse defeats Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull in the marginal Sydney seat of Wentworth.

Liberal spokesman Andrew Robb says his party has legal advice that Mr Newhouse's candidacy is invalid.

Mr Robb said a further search has revealed another 12 Labor candidates have question marks over their validity as candidates, raising the possibility of a spate of by-elections if challenges were upheld.

Opponents have questioned Mr Newhouse's candidacy, saying he failed to resign on time from the NSW Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal before nominations for Wentworth closed on November 2.

Mr Newhouse insists his candidacy is valid but Mr Robb says legal advice to the Liberal Party says otherwise.


Vote Turnbull out and see who's a sore loser.... 


The 7.30 Report, put to Malcolm Turnbull the following questions: has Matt Handbury's contribution to your fundraising Wentworth Forum helped in securing funding for the Australian Rain Corporation?

"There is absolutely no connection," he said "That is an outrageous suggestion".

Secondly, why couldn't the Matt Handbury Swiss consortium pay for its own research?

Response: "The company is contributing finding to the research and trial."

Our final question to the Minister was why should this not be seen as securing funding for one of your electorate supporters ahead of an election the Government is tipped to lose?

Mr Turnbull did not directly answer this question, suggesting perhaps his first answer had.

"The Australian Government is open to new and innovative approaches to secure water," he said.

Previously Malcolm Turnbull was dubious of the age old practice of rain enhancement by aerial seeding clouds with salt particles to help rain drops form.

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Turnbull under fire for $10m water deal



Throw Malcolm out. 

rain man...


Leader of the Liberal Party wets and heir apparent to the prime ministership, Malcolm Bligh Turnbull is popular amongst progressives, however Sydney bureau chief Ross Jones thinks he's a drip.

Malcolm Turnbull is a rolled-gold dickhead.

Bright when he was young. Like his opponent, a Rhodes Scholar. Rich, successful, pumped. Mr Internet. One half of Australia’s pre-eminent power couple.

But a dickhead.

Rough assessment?

Despite the apparently glorious overarching narrative that is Malcolm’s life, even including his 1999 republic disappointment/failure, two events afford even the most casual observer a glimpse directly through the emperor’s clothes — Raingate and Utegate.

A leader does not make decisions like these.

In the week before the 2007 Ruddslide election, reported the ABC's Matt Hoy, when the Libs knew they were gone big time:

'… Mr Turnbull found the time to announce that the Government, already in caretaker mode, would bankroll to the tune of $10 million the investigation of an untried Russian technology that aims to trigger rainfall from the atmosphere, even when there are no clouds.'

Malcolm had another agenda of course.

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Now you may understand why Malcolm had cold webbed feet in regard to challenge for the top job... He knows the media is waiting for him around the corner. See toon and story at top... If you want to see more on the Grech affair go to