Thursday 18th of April 2024

so many mamdouhs .....

"If they do it, it's terrorism, if we do it, it's fighting for freedom."

Anthony Quainton, U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua, 1984

The Bush administration has made much of its belief that “terrorists

Iraqis in Prisons Outside Iraq

I've read reports (from the Red Cross and Amnesty) that have stated that about 9,000 Iraqi are held in prisons OUTSIDE Iraq, mainly Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

so many mamdouhs .....

Hi Gus. One of the really scary things about the US rendition / detention activity is the secrecy surrounding it. I suspect even the Bush administration doesn't know precisely how many detainees there are, who they are, where they are or what the circumstances of their detention are.

Even Rumsfeld has acknowledged the existence of "ghost" detainees ie: those for whom there are no "official" records kept, which simply makes it that much easier to move them around & deal with them without the inconvenience of scrutiny or accountability.