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I have spoken to the Administrator Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO and secured her approval to announce the following changes to the Ministry.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade, the Hon Mark Vaile MP, approached me some time ago and indicated his desire to spend more time in Australia selling the Government's message, particularly in rural and regional areas.

As a consequence, Mr Vaile will become Minister for Transport and Regional Services and the Hon Warren Truss MP will become Minister for Trade. Mr Vaile does, of course, remain Deputy Prime Minister. There are no other changes to the Ministry.

a presidential parody .....

"Imagine what it's like to be a young person living in a country that is not moving toward reform. You're 21 years old, and while your peers in other parts of the world are casting their ballots for the first time, you are powerless to change the course of your government.

"While your peers in other parts of the world have received educations that prepare them for the opportunities of a global economy, you have been fed propaganda and conspiracy theories that blame others for your country's shortcomings.

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From our ABC .....

Downer challenges UN to follow Australia’s example

Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer has spoken of the importance of rebuilding Afghanistan and Australia's work in stabilising East Timor and the Solomon Islands in an address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

He says the work undertaken by Australia contrasts with the UN's failures in the Sudanese region of Darfur.

files hide fraud on United Nations, says judge .....

A Judge has ordered the country's wheat exporter to hand over hundreds of documents to the Cole inquiry into the oil-for-food scandal, including material suggesting it "deliberately and dishonestly" tried to defraud the United Nations.

The judge found that at least 10 documents that AWB strenuously fought to keep secret were brought into existence apparently for "an improper and dishonest purpose" and designed to "work a trickery" on the UN.

herr dick .....

‘Vice President Dick Cheney cast the global war on terror on Tuesday as a “war of nerves,'' borrowing a phrase Harry Truman used to describe the Cold War. Cheney asserted that the hopes of the civilized world depend on a U.S. victory.

“We are not going to let down our guard,'' Cheney told a convention of automobile dealers. He said President Bush “will not relent in the effort to track the enemies of the United States with every legitimate tool at his command.''

the little phoney .....

The rodent certainly has plenty of gall …..

Straight-faced sledging of all things Muslim, whilst ignoring the lunatic Christian right, lead by bushit …..

And then more straight-faced lying when asked about the coup in Thailand …..

Prime Minister:

…… We condemn military coups. They are a throwback to a past that I had hoped Asia had emerged from, and it's a great disappointment.

freewheeling .....

Our “great besider” only has to freewheel his deceitful spin these days. 

The little fella is not only made safe by his many loyal but mindless followers, always primed & ready to do his dirty work for him, but by a sycophantic, incompetent or dishonest media.

Among his gentler media handlers is Ray Hadley, from 2GB.

Take the latest on air free kick on “radical Islam” awarded yesterday.

vigilante .....

‘"Trust us. You're guilty. We're going to execute you, but we can't tell you why."

That is how Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, characterized the Bush administration's recent proposal for a draconian new trial system to deal with accused terrorists. The plan includes a reinterpretation of prisoner protections guaranteed by the Geneva Conventions. Graham was joined in opposition last week by other Republicans, including Colin Powell.

Questions On The" Kovco Tapes", Sky Television Infiltration Scare

There's a video link from the inquiry room to that which the journalists watch from.  Vision from the Kovco inquiry is supposed to go to no other place even within the amry barracks at which the hearing is being held.  Howvever the Daily Telegraph reported that the inquiry has been halted, all of the journalists evicted from their room and their belongings searched, due to a believed wire-tap by Sky News.   Sky and the Tele have since reported that this was not the case.   The fact, however, that the inquiry believed that an infiltration occurred and acted accordingly belies the level of paranoia at which the inquiry is being conducted.  Perhaps the Austtralian public should consider a similar methodology.

jumpin' at shadows .....

‘President George W. Bush, Vice President Cheney and the entire Republican election team are scrambling to make their so-called war on terror the focus of the next seven weeks. As in 2002 and 2004, they’re counting on their ability to scare Americans with the al-Qaida bogeyman. And while the trauma of 9/11 has begun to dissipate and American voters seem less susceptible than ever to the scare tactics used by the White House, for the past five years the Democrats have been singularly unable to develop an effective counter to the Bush administration on terrorism. So, for that reason, here are 10 important facts about terrorism that opponents of President Bush should understand.

Smelling Like Project Rose- AWB Documents Ordered Handed Over

The old saying is that a person might be  so lucky as to fall into a bucket of manure and come out smelling like roses.  There's a fair chance that whoever named the AWB's reputation recovery plan may have been overly optimistic.

Along with their departments, three Australian ministers, those of Defence, Trade and Foreign Affairs, are now swimming in that proverbial bucket.

Project Rose was conceived when AWB knew that the UN Oil-For-Food Inquiry was going to suggest that the company was bribing Saddam for wheat deals by giving him money to buy weapons with.   It is also likely to be connected with the activities of Australia's ambassador to the U.S. as another part of a continued cover-up program to conceal that AWB, a formerly Government controlled agency, was funding what became an enemy army.

Today the courts have ordered that AWB hand over piles of documents it didn't wish the Australian Inquiry into the matter to possess.  It managed to suppress some, but over half the documents that it wished concealed will now become available for public scrutiny.

so much for "aussie tony" .....

‘I'm standing down so I can speak the truth.

I am profoundly ashamed of the Government. The Labour Party has lost its way.

There are many good things that New Labour has done since 1997, mostly things Labour committed itself to before the New Labour coup, but I have reached a stage where I am profoundly ashamed of the Government. Blair's craven support for the extremism of US neo-conservative foreign policy has exacerbated the danger of terrorism and the instability and suffering of the Middle East.

protecting awstraylen values .....

The Editor,
Sydney Morning Herald.                                                 September 16, 2006.

John Howard’s Citizenship test simply isn’t tough enough (“Embracing old and new. Now that’s cricket”, SMH, September 16).

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