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The AEC can't be trusted - 140,000 kicked off the roll overnight

The AEC has revealed that overnight, it has removed 140,000 people from the electoral roll - right before the election was called. The coincidence is a little too big to be believed. Normally removals would occur progressively over many months. People would have time to be informed that they need to get back on. Now, there is basically not enough time.

The AEC is doing Howard's dirty work. Be in no doubt. Denial stops here.

Such a blatantly dodgy act will antagonise any incoming Labor Government. Why would impartial AEC officials risk their careers like that? I believe the AEC leadership are either convinced the Coalition will win, or want the Coalition to win. Given the Government's polling, the former implies the latter.

Crosby Textor and "Project Genesis" - how the Tories can steal election 2007

It is an interesting coincidence that the offices of the Australian Electoral Commission's "Project Genesis" is right next door to Crosby Textor, Liberal Party lobbyists and pollsters.

The two offices are in the Engineers Australia building in Canberra, not far from the Liberal Party HQ in Barton.

Project Genesis involves updating the software used to hold the electoral roll and manage the logistics of election day.

AEC Annual Report 2005–06

Poligoths - putting the gothic back into Australian Politics

We all know that politics has its dark side...well heres the proof:  Poligoths :  Famous politics in full gothic regalia  - a satirical blog by tanja stark


A chance to make a difference and it's urgent!

Petro Georgiou, a Coalition backbencher is soon to introduce some Private Member's Bills that aim to bring an end to long term immigration detention and end the imprisonment of children in our immigration detention centres.

This kind of action by a Coalition MP is long overdue and needs support. It's unlikely that readers of these forums need any reminding of the damage the present system inflicts on people who came here seeking our protection and who remain in our Immigration Detention Centres.

Unfortunately, unless at least 12 Coalition MPs cross the floor these Bills will not even be debated.

So What is Parliament?

Thought this was an interesting read from a web site I came across recently. Certainly explains a lot.

Cheers, Oz

Here we are going into an exhaustive illustration on the definition of
words. This will give you a better idea of what is meant by define a
word. We will go into all the derivations of the word Parliament and
parliamentary. When you go into the derivations, this will often lead you
into other derivations, which may lead you to others, etc.. For this
illustration, Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition.

We'll begin with the word 'Parliament'.

email as a communications medium with politicians

I find the medium of email the greatest thing since sliced bread. Others do not!

Political minders aka ministerial staffers I feel are very remiss in their handling of email input. There are programs which give thwe recipient the opportunity to preview incoming email before it is actually downloaded from the ISP, indeed some ISP's provide the preview facility. The minders thus have the chance to preview and delete anything that they consider their Minister would not be interested in. Problem. If I send an intelligent email enquiry to a polly, with name and address supplied and an electronic receipt requested, that is as time consuming as writing a memorandum. It lacks a postage stamp and a signature.

John Howard and Peter Lindsay

Why John Howard nominated Queensland Liberal Peter Lindsey as the chair of the parliamentary agriculture committee – his democracy in action.

Crikey's great idea on stopping/slowing Howard's Senate Majority

"An even more disturbing scenario for Howard could be a situation where the
outgoing Senate suspends Lightfoot pending an independent, perhaps judicial,
investigation. Although unusual, the Senate definitely has the power to suspend
(although not expel) a Senator (see Halsbury's Laws of England, para 1027, and
Commonwealth Constitution, section 49).

Howard and Lightfoot

Monday, 21 March.

Today in Politics. Radio Northern Beaches castigated the Prime Minister’s spineless torpor for utterly failing to pursue the various explanations of Senator Lightfoot’s junket in Iraq. Howard has to keep this ghastly senatorial yeti on side or else lose control of the Senate on July 1st.

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