Saturday 14th of December 2019

democracy down the john

democracy down the john

Echo warriors

That voice I heard on ABC Radio's AM just before 8am, was it Gerard, hosing down the Newsweek Koran-abuse story, on the grounds it was sloppy journalism? (I haven't seen the transcript yet.)

Here's another view, backed up by sources, that faith-abuse has been an integral part of the Gitmo tradition.

Detainees' stories by Jeanne on Human Rights.

Sidney Blumenthal has a good piece at Salon today on how the Newsweek brouhaha has focused attention on the reliability of a single reported incident, which takes attention away from the fact that torture throughout the gulag is irrefutable. "Newsweek may have been wrong" quickly morphs into "All reports of abuse are invented."

And Muslims are a little too touchy.

Why would Gerard be out so faithfully, trying to play it down? So he doesn't have to talk about George Galloway?

Or spinning cloth for the Emperor's new clothes, again?
Arise, Sir Gerard.

And I expect a faithful rendition of Eco-warriors are 'US terror risk' within the next few days. It doesn't have to be GH, any of the court clones will do.