Saturday 11th of July 2020

a silver cloud in paradise....


picture by Gus — from Stanwell Park

But if Sydney is Elizabeth Taylor, then Melbourne is Helen Mirren. Far from faded glory, Mirren is using her later years to put in some of the best performances of her career. And boy can she rock a swimsuit!

In eight days, when NSW voters boot Labor out of power for the first time in 16 years, it will be less about the rejection of a few wayward politicians who demonstrate a desire to dance about in their underwear. It will be the rejection of what we see reflected in the mirror.

Sydney has changed. It is a sadder, meaner and angrier place to live. Sydney is a city under siege; from higher house prices, to mortgages, electricity prices, toll roads, congestion … you name it.

Research by Access Economics shows the proportion of people choosing to live in NSW as opposed to other Australian states has been shrinking since the Olympics. And yet the population continues to swell, putting more pressure on existing resources.


Gus: well what an awful place to live... Pity so many people want to be living here ... and that Sydney is one of the most sought-after spot in the world... I had some old friends from Germany — old because I've known them for more than 30 years and old because we're... just old — who had a whale of a time in Sydney. Pity about some restaurant who serve food way below par at some of the nicest spots in this paradise.

Why is there so much pressure on this city then? Because more people want to be here — in paradise. And on a sunny day, religious heaven is a pale immitation of this real thing...

As I have said before, Sydney is a classy whore (or gigolo, for the ladies) who makes you pay for things... while Melbourne is an old lady (or decrepit old grump, for the ladies) who dreams of making whoopee... Which one will give you the best intercourse in paradise? The choice is no contest...

Is Jessica Irvine the new Miranda? The dour and sad face of not knowing where to find joy in this place? Or is the cost of joy too much for the hip-pocket? Have a look at the picture above and tell me this is not magnificent? A magic cloud in paradise... fan-bloody-tastic! And it's FREE!...

the ten best cities in the world...

The list is important because it helps multi-national companies decide where to open offices or plants and how much to pay employees.

In the 2010 list of cities, the top of the list is dominated by Europe. There are several entries from Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Switzerland (despite its small size) and Germany both have 3 cities in the top 10. The first entries from other countries are Singapore at 22, the USA at 31, and Japan at 37. Baghdad was at the bottom of the list. Of the 25 cities at the bottom, 15 are in Africa. Compared to lists for previous years, cities in South Asia (mainly India), East Asia (mainly China), the Middle East and Eastern Europe are clearly on the rise.

Mercer also has a 'Personal Safety' list, which is also dominated by EU and Swiss cities: the top five are Luxembourg, Bern, Geneva, Helsinki and Zurich.

2010 year’s ranking also identifies the cities with the best eco-ranking based on water availability and drinkability, waste removal, quality of sewage systems, air pollution and traffic congestion. Calgary is at the top of this index (score 145.7), followed by Honolulu in second place (score 145.1) and Ottawa and Helsinki in joint third (score 139.9). Wellington in New Zealand (5), Minneapolis (6), Adelaide (7) and Copenhagen fill the next four slots, while Kobe, Oslo and Stockholm share ninth place. Port-au-Prince in Haiti ranks at the bottom of this table with a score of only 27.8.[10]


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