Saturday 6th of June 2020

Nothing new

Nothing new

Terrorising the punters

Terrorism has always existed.
Thus we should not "terrorise ourselves" (are you listening, little Johnnee?) with more laws that destroys all human rights for all, in order to catch a few loonies who, being smarter than the average bear, will easily slip through these Johnnee-thinks-he-is-clever-straight-jackets contraptions.

Christ, as human as he was, must have died in vain 2000 years ago, as Johnnee, this smart peddler of porkies and Telstra disaster-is-waiting, still carries on selling his rotten goods dipped in fear, from within the temple of human rights. Chase the philistine away...

'control order' please .....

Yeah Gus ...... our prime preanster is certainly the most eligible of our subjects for one of Darth Ruddock's 'control orders'.

Imagine what it would be like if the little fella was gagged: oz would probably win a Nobel Prize for improving the environment or contributing to world peace & everyone would be able to watch the cricket in peace to boot !!!

courting a control order .....

US & British pilots whose bombs killed Iraqi civilians were murderers & actions taken by those two countries during the invasion & occupation of Iraq amounted to terrorism, former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has said. 


Mahathir Calls US & UK Terrorist Nations


we have long ago lost our moral compass ....

‘If Muslim violence is to be condemned, it is not because Mohammed is misunderstood but because it violates basic human rights. "West Bank settlements, Christian anti-Semitism and Muslim terrorism ... are not morally wrong because theologically questionable - they are theologically questionable because morally wrong."

And it is true that most Christians, Jews and Muslims draw on the tolerant, moderate aspects of their tradition. We prefer not to accept the fact that the religions of the children of Abraham are inherently flawed in respect of intolerance, discrimination, violence and hatred. Only - if I understand Mr Shepherd’s thesis correctly - by putting respect for human rights above all else and by making religion submit to universal human values can we " grasp the nettle".’ 


says Robert Fisk ….


So How Can We Lecture The Islamic World?

a thruthitude of magnitude 6

From our ABC

Terrorism an enemy of religion, PM says
Prime Minister John Howard has reaffirmed his commitment to fighting terrorism at a memorial service marking the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

As the American flag fluttered at half mast in the breeze above them, around 100 guests stood in silence on the grounds of the US embassy in Canberra to remember the 3,000 people killed in Washington, New York and Pennsylvania in 2001.

Mr Howard told the service terrorism is the enemy of all the world's great religions.
Gus : see cartoon at the head of this line of blogs...
Our diminishing grocer in chief is gifted with the gab — shifting the debate by using a platitude of magnitude 6. In fact, what the leaders of the free world don't want you to know is that the whole rigmarole about religion versus religion (evil versus evil — if you believe in that stuff since no good comes out if it) had little to do with 9/11.

The motivation behind 9/11 rests squarely with the support the US was (and still is) giving unreservedly to Israel against the Palestinians... Now that would be a more credible reason that the pup which is being sold to us; "they hate our freedom" etc... That's a clever guff that since "our" side used it to glorify a lot of porkies, the "other" side has seen mileage in it... now the silly idea is becoming currency... Gawd... The fellow on the cross now thinks he died in vain... Nothing much changed, since his sacrifice... We are still as moronic and sinful as ever...

Yes... Terrorism is an enemy of a lot of things, including governments... but of religion specifically? Which one?... a bit thin of an argument, considering the "Inquisition" and many other anomalies, like the crusades...

an embarrassing silence .....

Snake oil on the fire

From the New York Times

Bush to Call for Fight to the Finish Against Terrorism

Published: September 11, 2006
WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 — President Bush will pay tribute to the victims of Sept. 11 tonight and call on Americans to brace themselves for a fight to the finish with the forces of terrorism, the White House said this afternoon.
The president, who will speak to the nation in a televised address from the Oval Office beginning at 9 p.m., will invoke the ideals that have made America great, the White House said in releasing excerpts of the speech.
“On 9/11, our nation saw the face of evil,” Mr. [|Bush says]. “Yet on that awful day, we also witnessed something distinctly American: ordinary citizens rising to the occasion, and responding with extraordinary acts of courage.”
The president’s address comes at the end of a whirlwind day of commemoration of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Mr. Bush paid silent homage to the dead in ceremonies at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Shanksville, Pa., where United Airlines Flight 93 plunged to earth after passengers rebelled against their hijackers.
“We face an enemy determined to bring death and suffering into our homes,” Mr. Bush will say in his televised address. “America did not ask for this war, and every American wishes it were over. So do I.
“But the war is not over — and it will not be over until either we or the extremists emerge victorious. If we do not defeat these enemies now, we will leave our children to face a Middle East overrun by terrorist states and radical dictators armed with nuclear weapons. We are in a war that will set the course for this new century — and determine the destiny of millions across the world.”

read more at the NYT
Gus: [ANNOTATIONS IN BIG LETTERS]... and as the president adds this superb hyperbole of snake oil: “This struggle has been called a clash of civilizations, In truth [START TO WORRY HERE], it is a struggle for civilization [THE US DOLLAR]. We are fighting to maintain the way of life enjoyed by free nations. And we are fighting for the possibility [FIGHTING? YES KILLING AND/OR CREATING A SITUATION WHERE MORE THAN 100, 000 INNOCENT PEOPLE HAVE LOST THEIR LIFE...AND PLENTY MORE PEOPLE HAVE JOINED THE RANKS OF "TERRORISM"] that good and decent people across the Middle East can raise up societies based on freedom, and tolerance, and personal dignity.(SURE BUT THERE ARE OTHER WAYS THAN WAGING LITTLE WARS, USING LIES TO CON US , UK AND AUSSIE CITIZENS]”... can imagine his mind ticking: "as long as you buy US multinational drinks and products, concentrate on Halliburton supplies, and let our little armies stay there to make sure you consume OUR IDEA OF FREEDOM as we tell you TO DO SO...