Saturday 6th of June 2020

Climbing the ladder of platitudes

Climbing the ladder of platitudes

As if we did not know

From the ABC

Prime Minister John Howard is urging other countries to be less suspicious about China's growing power and embrace the nation as an important economic partner.
Mr Howard, who is in New York for the UN World Summit, has addressed diplomats and business identities at the Asia Society.
He says the rise of China is reshaping both Asia and the world.

It shows you can't be the miller and the baker at the same time

From the ABC

Govt hopes WTO action could bear fruit
The Federal Government is considering asking the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to impose sanctions on China over a dispute about Australian citrus exports.
China is refusing to open its markets to Australian citrus products.
Federal Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran says the Government has so far failed to get China to accept Australian fruit using diplomatic channels.
He says China is straining the relationship between the two countries.


Lex makes uranium safe

Mike Steketee, in Defusing a nuclear time bomb accuses Lex of (gasp, ... choke, .... SOB!) hypocrisy!!
Such international agreements are notoriously hard to achieve, let alone enforce. But unless we are prepared to extend what Downer says is our responsibility to supply clean energy to other countries to a responsibility to close the gaping holes in nuclear safeguards, he should spare us the hypocrisy.

Gadzooks, that jibe should provoke a slap from His Lordship, and a space-filler in the next The Oz. But Lex is o/s, extending his Presence into far-flung regions, like Bratislava.

Nothing wrong with money

From the BBC

""""""Chinese billionaires on the rise

The number of Chinese billionaires has more than doubled in the past year, according to a survey.

Forbes Asia magazine's annual Chinese rich list found that there are now 10 US dollar billionaires in China compared with three a year ago.

China's economy has been expanding rapidly, boosting the personal wealth of the country's leading entrepreneurs.

Businessman Larry Rong Zhijian remains China's richest man, with an estimated fortune of $1.64bn (£929m).

The son of former Chinese vice premier Rong Yiren is chairman of Hong Kong-based investment firm China International Trust and Investment Corporation. """"""""

Finito la revolucion!
I have already mentioned that the second largest economy in the world after the US is controlled and owned by Chineses "outside-China". I know of some Chinese "entreprenours" (to speak Bushism with a dash of nookular twist) whose house make that of sheik Zayed bin Sultan look like a back yard "little-house". Solid gold by the tons is the order of the day to plaster ALL the walls of this modest abode... Would make a super-rich oil baron jealous unless he cries in front of his caviar spoilt by too much lemon...

Let's have another coffee...

Nothing wrong with money. It's just that some of us (them) have more than others... A bloody big lot more... And we struggle survival by saving the useless ends of burned candles...