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Think of England, dear...

From the ABC
PM acknowledges importance of uranium for India
By Catherine McGrath and wires
The Prime Minister John Howard has told a business audience in India he is keen to hear the Indian perspective on the nuclear deal signed last week between India and the United States.
Yesterday Mr Howard indicated he was open to a change in policy to allow Australia to export uranium to India, if safeguards could be ensured.
Mr Howard says there is no current intention to change the policy which stops Australia selling uranium to countries that are not signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but today he said he has not ruled out reversing Australia's position down the track.
In a speech to Indian business leaders Mr Howard acknowledged the importance of the nuclear energy issue to India.
"Energy of course plays a critical role in our economic relationship and I know in your minds will be the agreement signed between the United States and India, only three days ago regarding the nuclear industry," he said.
"This will be an issue to be discussed between myself and the Indian Prime Minister later today."
Mr Howard termed the India-US nuclear pact as a positive development and said Australia had a very positive attitude towards New Delhi.

Gus blows up:
Of course the little bombs have not been mentioned but since our prime porkyist says "... he has not ruled out reversing Australia's position down the track" and since like the war in Iraq "down the track" is just around the corner, and nearly every one in this country who has mining shares wants to flog more uranium to anyone as long as it's not on the present list of rogue states like wheat to Iraq... bacause in the short run it means huge dividends or sell price and ... blah blah blah...

Next will be selling to Pakistan and Israel If it's not already) and more to the US who have thrown out the IAEA condom by restarting their own "little" nuclear bomb upgrades...

the rampant, one-eyed cyclops is at it again .....

‘Bush’s nuclear-summit with Prime Minister Singh was
rehearsed long before he teetered off to India. That explains why the media was
all-a-twitter over Bush’s severing the last frail strands of the Nuclear
Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT); the press loves to see our Crawford-strongman
rummaging through international agreements like a bull in a China shop. 

Bush manages nuclear issues like
a schoolboy handing out party-favours; rewarding India with one deal, offering
a different one to Pakistan, and then a third for Iran. 

This is how Bush has expanded
America’s traditional double standards into “triple standards”; a new nadir in
foreign policy. 

In just days, Bush toppled
long-honoured safeguards for the allocation and control of fissile material,
and created a “nuclear bizarre” to be exclusively regulated by the United
States. His trip tells the world that global nuclear-policy will now be decided
by the Pentagon big-wigs and hard-right fanatics who dominate the Bush White

Welcome to the
United States of Duplicity

And just how long will it be before little johnnie
decides that we should help India to celebrate by giving them some of our
yellow cake?

Gander and goose...

From tne ABC

Report questions Indian nuclear record
A US think tank has questioned India's nuclear non-proliferation record, saying it had uncovered illicit Indian Government nuclear procurement program that leaked sensitive atomic technology.
US President George W Bush has used India's so-called untarnished non-proliferation record as a basis for sealing a civilian nuclear deal with New Delhi last week.

But the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), a private group in Washington, says in a report it "has uncovered a well-developed, active, and secret Indian program to outfit its uranium enrichment program and circumvent other countries export control efforts".

read more at the ABC...

Pakistan will align with China... So there

From Al Jazeera

Pakistan attacks US-India nuclear pact

Friday 17 March 2006, 7:51 Makka Time, 4:51 GMT

Kasuri said Pakistan will strengthen relations with China

Pakistan has said a nuclear energy deal between India and the United States would wreck international agreements to stop the spread of atomic weapons, the Financial Times reports.

On Friday, the newspaper quoted Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri, the Pakistani foreign minister, as saying that the US decision to give nuclear technology to India - which like Pakistan has a military nuclear programme - would encourage other nations to follow suit.

In an interview, Kasuri told the Financial Times: "The whole Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will unravel. It's only a matter of time before other countries will act in the same way.

"Nuclear weapons are the currency of power and many countries would like to use it. Once this goes through, the NPT will be finished. It's not just Iran and North Korea. Brazil, Argentina and Pakistan will think differently."

read more at Al Jazeera

that's another fine mess you've made "junior" .....

This is a bit of a worry Gus.

After all, the rodent has only just got through telling the world what a great friend & ally we have in Pakistan, notwithstanding the slight embarrassment occasioned to the champions of "freedom & democracy" by the fact that its government is a military dictatorship.  

Another fine mess created by "junior" & his crazy posse of strangelove look-a-likes.

I bet it won't take long before the Pakistanis lose interest in the "great war in error" & renew their own franchise in nuclear proliferation, no doubt encouraged by the Chinese & the Iranians.

The nazikans just don't get it ..... any more than our own memory-impaired bunch of fellow-travellers do. 

At your Johnnee grocery store...

From our ABC

Uranium sales to India possible: Howard
The Prime Minister says the Federal Government is considering the possibility of selling uranium to India but India would have to adhere to certain safeguards.

The Indian Government has asked the Federal Government to allow it to import Australian uranium even though it has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The United States has done a nuclear co-operation deal with India.

John Howard says he supports the sale if India can guarantee the uranium will be used for peaceful purposes.

"As time goes by if India were to meet safeguard obligations some Australians would see it as anomalous if we would sell uranium to China but not to India," Mr Howard said.



For moment I thought I had been wrong on the cartoon at the head of this line of blog but then a few minutes ago, the strength of the condom was changed to third world standards... This morning, selling uranium to India was a categorical NO, now it's a may-be-for-sure as long as the ribbon is pink...

That our grocer asks India to use our uranium for peaceful purposes is a furphy of magnitude 6.5 since our uranium usage will liberate uranium gotten from other sources for making little bombs...