Monday 28th of May 2018

the mogul's nightmare...


the public's nightmare...


TONY ABBOTT’S thought bubbles illustrate very plainly why he is totally unfit to become this country’s Prime Minister.

For him to say, without any equivocation whatsoever, that his front bench will remain intact in the event of his elevation to The Lodge is surely one of his scariest predictions ever and must send shock waves throughout the thinking sections of the once great Liberal Party.

Does he really believe Julie Bishop could represent Australia at world forums like the United Nations? Julie Bishop at Westminster or the White House or the Élysée Palace or the Kremlin? Julie Bishop receiving top officials visiting this country and holding intelligent conversations with them?

Perish the thought. I don’t think so.

As for the other Bishop ‒ Bronwyn, of the metho kerosene baths at nursing homes fame ‒ the only role that would interest her would be Speaker of The House.

Any party opposing an Abbott Government would be silenced by this ancient spectre, whose pre-selection should have been denied (at least) two elections ago.

She would be relentless.

Her hatred of the Prime Minister has reached paranoid levels, and it must never be forgotten she sided with the disgrace and disgraceful Alan Jones when he made his remarks following the death of Ms Gillard’s father.


And while on the subject of those who are disgraceful, let’s never forget Cardinal Pell’s Parliamentary representative Kevin Andrews — a man who personifies the lack of humanity which runs through Abbott’s acolytes.

He was responsible for the heartless treatment of Dr Muhamed Haneef — treatment which cost the Australian taxpayer millions of dollars in legal fees and eventual compensation.

Then there’s the chief clown of the Australian Parliament, the hissing and mincing Christopher Pyne — whose only redeeming feature is his support for an Australian Republic.

He has wasted more Question Time than any other politician in Australia’s history, with totally irrelevant points of order — most of which are ignored by the long suffering and patient Speaker.

Pyne recently outed himself as an anti-Semite, by his tasteless remarks equating the Gillard Government to the last days of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

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Meanwhile, Tony Abbott's standing isn't that great either.... If one thinks Julia Gillard's polcies live in a tin-shack out-the-back, one has to realise that Tony's ideas live in the sewers below, before treatment.



Tony, the party-pooper underdog...

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has imposed a travel ban on Coalition MPs heading overseas, saying they need to be prepared for an election at any time.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has already announced September 14 as polling day, but Mr Abbott believes she will call the election sooner if it suits Labor's interests.

"No overseas trips," Mr Abbott told colleagues at a meeting in Canberra this morning. "Be ready, be visible and be in Australia."

"Each one of us has to be a person of the people and for the people in the lead up to polling day."

He praised MPs for their discipline, but warned them against taking an election victory for granted.

"We are the underdog. Oppositions always are," Mr Abbott said.

the thunder of war...

I believe ther is a war between Kim Williams (see toon above) of the merde-och press and the ABC... Williams fired some nasty barbs at the ABC recently, a bit like the merde-och outfit fired some nasty barbs at the BBC last year... From time to time, the merde-och system of news likes to remind us (people/cattle) that it rules the information propaganda. In Kim's mind, public bradcasting, as pissy as it can be sometimes, needs to be even pissier till oblivion...

But it is not the first time Williams has been pushing the barrow gainst the ABC... Back in June last year (2012):

Those with long memories for the forgotten backwaters of Australian media history would have been amused by the spray Kim Williams gave the ABC yesterday for its record as a news-breaking organisation.

Speaking on Sky News’ Australian Agenda (of which, as Murdoch’s CEO here, he is the boss), Williams got stuck into the ABC for its lack of accountability and claimed that while News Limited broke “thousands” of stories every year, the ABC only broke “dozens”.

Twenty years ago the shoe was on the other foot. In late 1991, Williams was hired by then ABC managing director David Hill to head the corporation’s foray into what was to be the brave new world of the pay TV. The ABC received a start-up grant of $12.5 million from the Keating government to get their planned subscription services going.

we need more not less......

Social media users are berated for endlessly whining about the state of the mainstream media, but until they see change, why shouldn't they keep criticising, asks Tim Dunlop.

There has been some pushback over the past few weeks against those who use various forms of social media to criticise the mainstream media.

For example, this piece from the excellent new group blog, AusVotes2013, suggests that such criticism risks becoming nothing more than a megaphone for a one-note chorus of whine.

Part of the pushback has also been directed at the use of the term 'mainstream media' itself, particularly its abbreviation, MSM.

The suggestion is that the phrase has become something of a shorthand for disaffected Labor voters who simply want to whinge about what they see as bias against their party.

I'm a bit sympathetic to this pushback, because certainly, some of the criticisms directed at the media, the big established companies who dominate our airwaves, newspapers and online environments - the mainstream media, FFS, what else do you want to call them? - is petty and ill-informed.

But my overwhelming reaction is, so what?

Of course some of the criticism is going to be second rate, but you could say that about any debate we have, from global warming to deficits. The existence of such below-averageness - even partisanship - is hardly a reason to tell people to stop talking about these issues.

It's actually an argument for the opposite, for more criticism and more public debate. As American social critic Christopher Lasch has explained:

"What democracy requires is vigorous public debate, not information. Of course, it needs information too, but the kind of information it needs can only be generated by debate. We do not know what we need until we ask the right questions, and we can identify the right questions only by subjecting our own ideas about the world to the test of public controversy."


Well, I am not sure about 'debate"... What we need is more flow from the left wing into the main stream media... Presently most of the flow in the MSM is right-wing bullshit. So even if some people see it as such, it eventually taints the larger proportion of the voters's mind... That's the game. We're swimming in a tide of media ritewing nuttery... The Media loves Tony. The Media sees no harm in his loopy schemes... The media hates Julia thus tolerate Rudd to annoy Julia... Should Rudd come along as a re-heated Labor soufflé, the media will cut him into little bits... No, we need to swamp the media with a reality check and swamp it and swamp it non-stop, basically stop buying it until the media changes... But it won't, will it?....

easy as...


After sixty-six years in the business, veteran journalist Rodney E. Lever says he knows when the media are trying to rig an election — and that’s just what’s going on now.


For me, the first evidence of his involvement in the 2013 Australian election was when the former Fairfax journalist Michelle Grattan, in her new role as Professorial Fellow at the University of  Canberra, wrote a commentary for The Conversation that began with the words:

If Kevin Rudd were to wrest the prime ministership back from Julia, this week might be the tipping point. 

Then she went on to refer to “government chaos”.

The only “chaos” in the present government is the work of Abbott and the LNP Opposition. Every attack on the government is picked up by the Murdoch and Fairfax newspapers and then slavishly repeated by the ABC, which one day might deeply regret its loss of journalistic independence. The Murdoch family’s Ten Network, significantly, has just joined the fray with a new weekend political program to balance ABC’s Insiders.

Now, with Michelle Grattan’s commentary, sung to the chorus of a heavenly media choir, it seemed, Kevin was coming out of the background to be a contender again, despite all his fervent denials to the contrary.


This is not to say that Kevin doesn’t want to make a comeback. But if he does he is falling into the hands of those who want to destroy the Gillard Labor government.

A change of leadership now would paralyse Labor. That’s exactly what the ham-fisted, whinging, abusive Tony Abbott wants so much that it is eating away his internal organs. His own leadership of the Coalition is hanging by a thread.

Remember 2007? That’s when Kevin Rudd made the annual pilgrimage to New York city to throw himself at the knees of Rupert Murdoch. Later, one of Murdoch’s editors took him to a dark speakeasy to be entertained by semi-naked pole dancers and got him sufficiently tipsy to have little clear memory of the evening.

Remember also that Michelle Grattan’s contribution comes just after she retired from Fairfax, whose largest shareholder is the world’s richest coal [iron ore] miner’s daughter, Gina Rinehart.


Both Rinehart and Murdoch would just love to have Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott in  a two-horse race. Abbott is already spruiking for the mining companies. Rudd simply could not win if Labor was divided.

For Murdoch any affection for Kevin is influenced by a built-in fear of women. Raised as the youngest child and pampered and dominated by three older sisters, Murdoch has always been uneasy with women. Oh, he loves them, of course, and charms them, but he prefers them in bed. He has married three and divorced two.

Once, he courted Margaret Thatcher and got all he wanted. Julia Gillard is not Margaret Thatcher.


murdoch poop


See toon at top as well...



polsters, police, polllies, pen-pushers, pirates, pigs, popes...


The professional pollster takes his work very seriously. They do not use the word “prediction” when referring to polling for an election. Even a few days before an election, some small revelation, some slip of the tongue, some unexpected event could change the end result. The word they use is “trend.” The polls may help to recognise a trend in voting.

A professional pollster would be aghast at the concept that a poll taken seven months before an election could signify even a “trend.”

So much for the hysterical reaction of the Australian media, currently headlining the figures that “predict” a loss for Labor and a victory for Tony Abbott next September. So much for the emphasis the same media outlets, including the ABC (which should know better) place on baseless speculation and meaningless gossip of a Labor leadership spill.

The figures released this week mean exactly nothing. They do, however, reveal the pressures placed on the editors and journalists to manufacture unrest and discord in Labor and the prime ministership of Julia Gillard.

The ruthless power currently being exerted by Rupert Murdoch and the mining queen Gina Rinehart are laid bare for all to see.


I think it's time Tony Abbott be promoted to pope... Tony would do a marvellous job in this role... especially in reversing the hierarchy with George Pell kissing Tony's...  But let us not dream silly dreams and stay focused on the idiot Abbott... He still hangs around like a bad smell in Australian politics and we can only hope that at the eleventh hour, our democratic sense will be awaken to the dangers of his megaton lure... But then I am biased and anti-Abbott to the point I define myself as an Abbott-hater... Should I see a shrink? Not really, that's what the fellow does to good thinking people....

I am flabbergasted that the majority of Aussies don't get it but I forgive them. The media, led by Valiant Prince Murdoch is like the sheriff of "Notthingham" — a ruler in a medieval city where porkies are queens and where robbery of minds is done by fear and tweaked propaganda.




Welcome to the piggery where it's hard to know the pigs from the humans...


Julia Gillard should stay


Julia Gillard should stay where she is. The Labor Party has run out of party tricks. The federal government's perceived unpopularity is a collective effort, an effort that began with Kevin Rudd, who as prime minister was so dysfunctional in his leadership and his megalomania that his own colleagues revolted against him.

Now he's being touted as prime minister again but not by those who removed him. The only people who will never be cured of the disease called ''leadership fever'' are the Canberra press corps and the media commentariat. When I tried to create a database of stories about leadership speculation, there were so many of them - about Howard and Costello, Beazley and Crean, Crean and Latham, Latham and Beazley, Beazley and Rudd, Costello and Turnbull, Nelson and Turnbull, Hockey and Turnbull, Gillard and Rudd, Abbott and Turnbull, and now Gillard and Rudd again and Gillard and Shorten - that I gave up. Let's just say there have been, oh, about 10,000 stories about federal leadership over the past eight years, a period of unprecedented carnage for federal political leaders.

Driving all this public speculation are the opinion polls. Who creates the opinion polls? The media. Who drafts the questions? The media. Who promotes the results? The media. Who acts as if opinion surveys are surrogate elections? The media. Who profits from the publicity and the speculation? The media...

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Apart from the line in regard to "party tricks" I am with Paul Sheehan on this one... The whole CRAP is created by the media which Sheehan is a prominent member of...His conclusion is a bit iffy... In love with anythig "liberal" (conservative), He does not mention that the O"Feral government is now a fascist government in regard to council building approvals and in its spare time licks the arse of James Packer, amongst other delight in which changing the name of the RTA was the glorious solution to the transport woes in Sydney Town — voted 10 times worse as Londonum..

Meanwhile, Abbott is very quiet, as as soon as he would say anything, he would remind people that sometimes it's better to stick with the devil we know....


more media bitch...


From the Limited News website...:

It's not a tabloid, it's just a naughty little newspaper.
That's pretty much the official line from Fairfax media this afternoon after it announced plans to shrink The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald to tabloid size within two weeks.

Not that Fairfax media is using the word "tabloid". It prefers the word "compact".

Readers of both The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald have expressed fears that the redesign will alter the papers' editorial tone.

In response to their concerns, Fairfax Metro Media Editorial Director Garry Linnell issued a typically longwinded statement which pretty much said "nup, no need to worry".

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Of course here, Limited News is having a bitch about the Fairfax media new format... Should you be too lazy to go to the link here is the nasty picture that accompanies the nasty little article...
news smh
If you don't see a nasty sublimial message there, your dumb...


Yes the merde-och media is full of bitchy nastiness...


bitching about our first bloke...

Two articles about the first bloke: one by the fairfax press and one bitching news story by the merde'och press...:


Tim Mathieson is about to climb into the saddle to raise $100,000 to fight child slavery in Cambodia.

The Prime Minister's partner plans to ride in a pack of about 50 bikers from Kirribilli House in Sydney to The Lodge in Canberra, via Wollongong, Kangaroo Valley and the Hume Highway, astride a brand new machine on loan from BMW.

Each of his riding partners, most of whom will come from the business community, will pay a minimum of $2000 to undertake the ride. He is inviting some of Australia's best-known motorcycle racers and enthusiasts, including world champion Mick Doohan and V8 Supercars driver Will Davison, as well as ''old mate", Glenn McGrath, who rides a Ducati Multistrada 1200.

The event, on Sunday, April 14, has been dubbed the ''First Bloke's Ride Against Slavery''. It is being organised by Hagar Australia, a charity that supports children who have been victims of human rights abuses.

Money raised will support the organisation's Catch-Up School in Cambodia, which aims to help children who have been subjected to severe trauma and missed years of schooling.

Mr Mathieson said he was happy to offer his name to Hagar's cause.

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Meanwhile at the merde'och stable:

FREE tickets to Richmond games apparently aren't enough for Julia Gillard's partner, Tim Mathieson.

While most footy fans were focusing on reconciliation and the social and cultural significance of the occasion at last year's Dreamtime game between the Tigers and Essendon, Mathieson was concerned with only one thing - how that pesky Tony Abbott managed to score himself an invite into the Richmond rooms.

The first bloke was so dirty on his own club after seeing opposition leader Abbott taken down into the rooms after the game that he promptly fired off an angry email to Tigers CEO Brendon Gale to complain about it.

The Australian reports Mathieson demanded that Gale raise the matter with Gillard's chief of staff, Ben Hubbard.

"Mate u need to speak with Ben Hubbard on why abbott was taken down to the rooms..." the email raged.

"'s just not on Who authorised it < it was a shocker it was a Don's function and he should not have gone down there..." he continued.

"...<this sort of crap has to be addressed ASAP <also why the dons had abbott his chief of staff and his 2 daughters on the head table is a disgrace."

So much for peace and understanding.



Peace and understanding? Who's writing this crap... Tony Abbott should definitely not have been there in the rooms... It's an abuse of privileges... Yes, some pigs are more equals than others... In the case of Abbott, it's a case of some little rat is more privileged than others... It stinks.


And i would not be surprised if Tim pays for his tickets in one way or another...