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the vice-criminal at work .....

Cheney, Visiting Kazakhstan,
Wades Into Energy Battle

From the NYT

Published: May 6, 2006 

ALMATY, Kazakhstan, May 5 — A day
after chastising Moscow for its use of oil and natural gas as "tools
for intimidation and blackmail," Vice President Dick Cheney visited
Kazakhstan on Friday to promote export routes that bypass Russia and
directly supply the West. 

With his comments, Mr. Cheney
waded into a messy geopolitical struggle for energy and influence in the
countries of the former Soviet Union, rapidly becoming one of the world's
largest-producing regions. 

The United States backs efforts
to weaken Russia's grip by building new export routes for the enormous
energy reserves of Central Asia, much of which now must cross Russian
territory to reach ports in the Black Sea or pipelines to Europe. 

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the great deceiver .....

Yes Gus ….. 

We’ve had the great “decider”
& now we have the great “deceiver” ….. 

Vice-Criminal … pro-consul for
Halliburton …. enemy of quail & lawyers everywhere …. the deputy prince of
darkness, Chuck Cheney. 

Make yourself sick by reading
Chuck’s deceitful speech to the converted at the 2006 Vilnius Conference: a
speech that would see Amerika’s # 2 gangsta laughed-out of town if he dared to
deliver it in the “land of the free” & “home of the brave”. 

Just a taste ….. 

‘It is clear in today's world that our values and our
strategic interests are one and the same. In President Bush's words,
"Democracy leads to justice within a nation - and the advance of democracy
leads to greater security among nations." Regimes that repress and tyrannize
their own people also threaten the peace and the stability of other lands. They
feed rivalries and hatreds to obscure their own failings. They seek to impose
their will by force, and they make our world more dangerous. We support
democracy and reform, because governments accountable to their citizens are
peaceful. Free peoples do not live in endless deprivation, tending old
grievances, growing in their resentments, and posing threats to others. Free
peoples do not dwell on every disagreement and conflict of the past; rather,
they see the possibilities of the future, and turn their creative gifts to
building a better tomorrow. Here in Europe, because nations live in freedom and
in hope, they resolve disagreements calmly, and share in the work of building
prosperity and security. The democratic unity of Europe ensures the peace of

We have every reason for
confidence in the future of democracy, because the evidence is on our side, and
because we are upholding great and enduring values - which apply everywhere,
and which can be stated in the plainest of terms. No one should have to live
under repressive rule - denied the right to chart their own destiny, or
persecuted for the beliefs they hold or the words they speak. A beloved
President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, once wrote these words in a
letter to a leader of the former Soviet Union. "The peoples of the
world," Reagan said, "despite differences in racial and ethnic origin
have very much in common. They want the dignity of having some control over
their own destiny. They want to work at the craft or trade of their own
choosing and to be fairly rewarded. They want to raise their families in peace
without harming anyone or suffering harm themselves. Government exists for
their convenience and not the other way around."’ 

Living proof that politics is

Remarks At The 2006 Vilnius Conference

incomprehensible .....

Kremlin has described US Vice President Dick Cheney's tough condemnation of
Russia on Thursday as "completely incomprehensible".  

Cheney made his comments in a speech in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.

accused the Russian government was using oil and gas as tools of intimidation
or blackmail.  

comments come just over two months before the G8 summit of major industrial
countries and Russia which is being held in St Petersburg.’

Kremlin Hits Out At Cheney

Bush spats some ill-information

From the Moscow Times

Bush Takes Swipe at Kremlin

By Anatoly Medetsky
Staff Writer
U.S. President George Bush accused Russia of "economic nationalism" while Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the White House ill-informed as the United States and Russia waded deeper into a verbal spat between the two former foes.

The jousting, which stems from comments made last week by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, revolves around U.S. concerns over Russia's commitment to democracy and its reliability as an energy supplier...

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Gus sees the Bush biffo as a bit of jealousy.... Imagine Russia is collecting USD 8 billion a week, while the Whiteshit House adminsitration is losing about USD 20 billion a week...

So the Bush-Cheney camp — who "had trained" some capitalist to suck the stuffing out of the oil industry in Russia and is now in prison for fidddles.... — have to find other ways to rattle the world perception about Russia. Describing Russia as an unreliable source of energy is one for starters... Talking of nationalism is a bit rich from the Bushit who is the world most powerful dictator if subtle (not so subtle really) and idotic at that...

the kettle talks back .....

‘President Vladimir Putin took a swipe at the United
States in his state of the nation address Wednesday, bristling at being
lectured by Vice President Dick Cheney and comparing Washington to a wolf who
``eats without listening.'' 

During an emotional moment in the
nationally televised speech, Putin used the fairy-tale motif on the need to
build a fortress-like house and to illustrate Russia's need to bolster its
defenses. He also suggested that Washington puts its political interests above
the democratic ideals it claims to cherish.’ 

Chastises US On Democratic Ideals

quail bait .....

‘President Vladimir Putin said
Thursday that Russia wants good relations with the United States but he
objected vigorously to Vice President Dick Cheney's recent criticism of
democratic backtracking by the Kremlin. 

``We see how the United States
defends its interests, we see what methods and means they use for this,'' Putin
said at a news conference following a summit meeting of Russia and the European
Union in his most direct criticism of Cheney's remarks. 

In a speech earlier this month in
Lithuania, Cheney accused the Kremlin of rolling back democracy and
strong-arming its ex-Soviet neighbours.’ 

Criticizes Cheney's Remarks

NRA, only in the USA

From the NYT

15 States Expand Right to Shoot in Self-Defense

Published: August 7, 2006
In the last year, 15 states have enacted laws that expand the right of self-defense, allowing crime victims to use deadly force in situations that might formerly have subjected them to prosecution for murder.

Supporters call them “stand your ground” laws. Opponents call them “shoot first” laws.
[|Thanks to this sort of law], a prostitute in Port Richey, Fla., who killed her 72-year-old client with his own gun rather than flee was not charged last month. Similarly, the police in Clearwater, Fla., did not arrest a man who shot a neighbor in early June after a shouting match over putting out garbage, though the authorities say they are still reviewing the evidence.

The first of the new laws took effect in Florida in October, and cases under it are now reaching prosecutors and juries there. The other laws, mostly in Southern and Midwestern states, were enacted this year, according to the National Rifle Association, which has enthusiastically promoted them.

Gus: these laws will make sure that any small time robber or your next door neighbour just knocking on the door for a bit of sugar will be shot on sight like a hardened criminal... or a missed quail and a judge on a Cheney shooting outing... Ah.,. Don't they love the sound of gunshots in the moon light... Romantic as hell these Yankees... The NRA is so enthusiastic about these new laws, the members can't wait to load their big semi-automatic guns next to their pillows...
Decadence of the mind... back to Homo moronicus shootfirstii