Monday 10th of December 2018

don't waver even if he wavers... his would be another con job...

don;t be fooled

meanwhile, on the gay marriage front...


The federal government is considering whether it should block the ACT's proposed same-sex marriage legislation.

The ACT government introduced a bill to permit same-sex marriages into the Legislative Assembly on Thursday morning. It is expected to pass the 17-member Assembly with the support of all eight Labor and the only Greens member.

Mr Abbott later said the Commonwealth had constitutional responsibility for marriage and Attorney-General George Brandis would seek advice on the ACT bill.

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as usual, annabel seems to miss the point...

Gus: I don't profess to fully understand women's dilemma in regard to career and kids, but I have a feeeeeeeeling that some women are good at juggling both — should they be ALLOWED TO by various means including hubby being a bit more there and the government providing a bit of help. And the point is that a government should be able to make kids and career more accessible — even for men... The other point is that the Liberal (CONservative) party has been far worse than dismal and inept in this area — often deliberately... Despite the nanny con job from Tony Abbott, women in the Liberal (CONservative) mantra are there to only play second fiddle. 

From Annabel:



There are, of course, women in politics who buck the trend and have babies in office, and they are amazing. If juggling were an Olympic sport, these ladies would never be off the podium. And their husbands are the best men alive. But the women can never quite delegate to their spouses as completely as the men can, and you can read in their faces the extra havoc that homework and school pick-up and did-anyone-remember-mufti-day and does-everyone-think-I-am-a-bad-mother wreaks on the already overworked brain of a federal parliamentarian.

When you ask them over a glass of wine how politics has affected their children, it's awful how many of them cry.

What's the easiest way to have a fulfilling life in politics? Have a stay-at-home spouse, or don't have children at all.

Given the difficulties associated for female recruiters with the first option, a bunch of them choose the second, including the woman who in 2010 became our first female PM, and the one who this week became the first female foreign minister.

But only 15 per cent of Australian women reach the age of 44 without having had a child, according to ABS research.

That's not a very broad gene pool from which to draw candidates with the best chances of success in the political workplace.

The Prime Minister, on Wednesday, promised not to forget ''women struggling to combine career and family'' and was immediately as good as his word, appointing a cabinet that did not cause work-life balance issues for a single Coalition woman.

But the assumption that these are women's problems is entirely the point. And until they become everyone's struggles, no one should be surprised that women opt out of politics.

Annabel Crabb writes for ABC Online's The Drum...

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This diatribe is acceptance of a process that is limiting the reach of half the population with a Neanderthal view point. Annabel, we can do better than Tony's patronising crappiness..

appalling stand

The problem isn’t so much that there is only one woman in Tony Abbott’s cabinet, says Sarah Brasch — it’s that there are really none.


Let’s hope the second Abbott ministry will offer some inspiring improvements in breadth, intellect, insight and, naturally, more women.


Gus: I hope not... It's sounds stupid for me to say this but should there be ANY "improvements" on the women, intellectual and inspiration in the Liberal (CONservative) Party, one would see a bigger, MORE ENORMOUS  MASSIVE CON than there is now... At least, the present appalling stand on all issues gives us a strong base to fight the little turd for...