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Tony Abbott has denied breaking an election promise over education funding and the Gonski reforms, insisting he never vowed to maintain the same money for each school.

His argument that the promise was "plural" – matching total funding for all schools – comes despite the education minister, Christopher Pyne, declaring before the election: "You can vote Liberal or Labor and you'll get exactly the same amount of funding for your school."

Abbott also told voters on 2 August that he would end uncertainty by "guaranteeing that no school will be worse off over the forward estimates period" – a reference to the four-year budget cycle.

In an interview with the conservative commentator Andrew Bolt on Sunday, Abbott focused on his broader commitment to match Labor's total funding for schools over four years. The prime minister said he was happy to say schools would get the same total amount of funding over the next four years, plus extra for schools in Queensland, WesternAustralia and the Northern Territory where governments did not sign up to Labor's Gonski reforms before the election.

But Abbott insisted his promise to match funding did not apply to each individual school, in an apparent concession that the government's decision to rewrite the funding model after 2014 could lead to winners and losers.


One has to admire the gall of the brat — a master bullshit craftsman in hair splitting with porkie twisting and turd spreading... BRILLIANT... He is showing to every truants, bullies, imbeciles and idiots out-there how to become a politician... As you know, ye old Gus did not believe a word of what the con-artist was bullshitting about before the elections... I did warn everybody to be careful of the vernacular Tonicchio was using... But no... Journalists, Premiers and many intelligent people of good faith thought Tony Abbott was on "the same page" as Labor in regard to education... LOOK! THE MAN IS THE CONMAN OF THE YEAR 2013. What do you expect?

a pathological liar...


Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the Coalition will deliver on its education election promises, not on what some voters "thought" it was going to do.

Mr Abbott said the Coalition was on a "unity ticket" with Labor on the issue of school funding in the lead-up to September's federal election.

But on Wednesday Education Minister Christopher Pyne pledged to renegotiate all school funding deals made by the former government after next year.

My Pyne says he cannot guarantee individual schools will get the money they were expecting under the former government's so-called Gonski plan.

The move has drawn the ire of education ministers from Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and the ACT, who made funding agreements with Labor.

Mr Abbott maintains the Coalition is upholding its election commitment, saying it promised to match the funding total, not the model used to distribute it.


What is a pathological liar? A pathological liar is someone who makes sure he/she tells something in a way you believe they are saying something straightforward while they totally mean something else... Con-artist use the technique all the time. Thus if you believe that being "on the same page" means being on the same page — for a pathological liar, it does mean the same page BUT NOT IN THE SAME BOOK... See? Easy...

Pyne and Abbott want to devalue public education. This policy has been in their "books" for a long time. Abbott "hates" philosophy. Abbott "does not like" science. Abbott thinks "art is a waste of time". And so forth. Pyne and Abbott "love" religion and moralisationing... and sports for charity.

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Pressed on the apparent clear-cut promise to individual schools, Mr Abbott suggested that there was confusion.

''We are going to keep the promise that we made - not the promise that some people thought that we made, or the promise that some people might have liked us to make,'' Mr Abbott said. ''We are going to keep the promise that we actually made.''

The promise, according to Mr Pyne's official website on Sunday, was that ''every single school'' would get what they would have under Labor's model.Mr Pyne invited a widespread backlash, including from state education ministers, when he announced a new funding formula would be introduced in 2015, with the same ''funding envelope'' but no detail on whether there would be winners and losers.

After a meeting with Mr Pyne and other state ministers on Friday, NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli said there would be losers and they would be public schools.

''The government made a commitment that there would be no broken promises under the government that they lead and, unfortunately, that has not come to pass,'' he said.

Opposition education spokeswoman Kate Ellis savaged Mr Abbott's ''clever words''.

''A promise is a promise,'' she said. ''They were very specific in their words before the election … a promise they have now walked away from.''

The Australian Education Union said it was an ''insult to parents'' that Mr Abbott was muddying the waters on such an unequivocal pre-election position.

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Abbott and Pyne are pathological liars...

What is a pathological liar? A pathological liar is someone who makes sure he/she tells something in a way you believe they are saying something straightforward while they totally mean something else... Con-artist use the technique all the time. Thus if you believe that being "on the same page" means being on the same page — for a pathological liar, it does mean the same page BUT NOT IN THE SAME BOOK... See? Easy...

Pyne and Abbott want to devalue public education. This policy has been in their "books" for a long time. Abbott "hates" philosophy. Abbott "does not like" science. Abbott thinks "art is a waste of time". And so forth. Pyne and Abbott "love" religion and moralisationing... and sports for charity. They both hate social equity and THEY HATE anything that does not have the words "ruthless competition" in it...

Do the sums...

The Abbott government is running backwards...


The Abbott government has reversed its position again on the Gonski education funding, saying it will honour all existing deals for the next four years, and add an extra $1.2 billion into the system.

In a joint press conference held at Parliament House in Canberra, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Education Minister Christopher Pyne sought to put an end to the damaging headlines about the government's ‘‘broken promise’’ on education. 

Last week Mr Pyne said the government would honour Labor’s agreement for only one year. But in Monday's press conference Mr Abbott said that over the past 11 days Mr Pyne had secured ‘‘in principle’’ agreements with the states and territory that had not signed up to Labor’s funding reforms.

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Anyone reading this would think it as a victory for common sense... I beg to differ and every man and his dog should look at the small print — or WHERE THE NEW FUNDING (found under a horse's hoof in a paddock of thistles) IS GOING TO GO... I can tell you it will be given for the BENEFIT OF PRIVATE SCHOOLS, thus in a subtle way Pyne and Abbott will be short-changing PUBLIC SCHOOLS...
Am I cynical?... Of course. With these two pathological liars, one has to be...


more hubris behind brazen flip...

Tony Abbott has brazenly recommitted to the Gonski funding model for schools, hoping to stanch the political bleeding suffered by the Coalition over the past week.

But listen closely to what he and Education Minister Christopher Pyne said and it is apparent that students could still be worse off.

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If you trust Abbott and Pyne (and the others in the Abbott government), you've got rocks in the head.... Even when they seem to be "good", they are scheming to shaft you — especially you, the hard working person, below the rich echelon of society — or do something stupid... The Abbott government is dishonest and stupid... WE DESERVE BETTER.

tony abbott is a liar...


The NSW premier’s resignation for lying to the corruption commission sharpens the focus of this series. Alan Austin looks at the record breaking dishonesty of Australia's PM.

A CONCEPT TO EMERGE from the week’s extraordinary events triggered by a certain bottle of wine is that lies can be a bad thing.

Well, who would have thought?

There appear to be two confusions over lies in Australian political discourse.

The first is over definitions. Refer article one.

The second is the oft-heard “all parties are the same; all politicians are liars”.

That’s not true.

Our definition of a lie is: a knowingly false statement by a politician, expressed with the intention to deceive.

These have been rare among Australian party leaders. And, until recently, confined to just the one party. But that may have to change.

This seems to be the tally among party leaders over the last 20 years:

  • Paul Keating, ALP: 0
  • Tim Fischer, Nationals: 0
  • Alexander Downer, Liberal: 7
  • Kim Beazley, ALP: 0
  • John Howard, Liberal: 15+
  • John Anderson, Nationals: 0
  • Simon Crean, ALP: 0
  • Bob Brown, Greens: 0
  • Mark Latham, ALP: 0
  • Kevin Rudd, ALP: 1
  • Mark Vaile, Nationals: 0
  • Brendan Nelson, Liberal: 0
  • Malcolm Turnbull, Liberal: 0
  • Warren Truss, Nationals: 0
  • Christine Milne, Greens: 0
  • Tony Abbott, Liberal: 30
  • Julia Gillard, ALP: 0

There are two stand-outs in modern history.

Howard’s tawdry record was already a world-beater by 2004, according to veteran reporter Alan Ramsay:

'John Howard told a lie on May 2, 1995. Then he told more lies to reinforce the first lie. To protect himself from what he judged a serious threat to his last chance to be prime minister, Howard lied and went on lying. Now, three years later, he is telling still more lies to hide that first lie.'

Howard lied repeatedly to the electorate and to colleagues. It was a Liberal Senator who gave rise to the nickname ‘the lying rodent’.

But Tony Abbott – who openly admires Howard – has already set a record unsurpassed in Westminster parliamentary history and almost certainly unsurpassable.

But thirty?

Well, let’s check:

1. Anti-Hanson slush fund

In 1998, Abbott supported legal action against Pauline Hanson.

Less than 2 weeks later, he categorically denied so doing to the ABC, and later repeated the lie to the Sydney Morning Herald. When the reporter confronted him with his signed personal guarantee, he said:

“…misleading the ABC is not quite the same as misleading the Parliament as a political crime."

This was so brazen, it was widely said at the time he could kiss goodbye any ambitions to be prime minister”.

2. Electoral Commission re: donations

In 1998, the Australian Electoral Commission asked Abbott to disclose his donors, as required. To avoid doing so, he blatantly lied to the AEC, as revealed by Margo Kingston and others.

3. Meeting with Cardinal Pell

Asked in 2004 if he had met Cardinal Pell recently, Abbott told Tony Jones and the nation:

“Not that I can recall.”

He had met the cardinal just days before, as satirised brilliantly by the Chaser lads.


4. Climate change

Abbott’s statements include that scientific evidence for climate change is “absolute crap” and

“Climate change is real, humanity does make a contribution to it and we’ve got to take effective action against it.”

One of those must be untrue, as Crikey exposes.

5. Labor’s emissions scheme

Abbott said in a 2010 interview:

“Under Mr Rudd's scheme taxpayers will … pay a lot more, $120 billion over 10 years as opposed to $10 billion under our scheme.”

This was immediately challenged:

“Mr Abbott, you know that is not true …”

It wasn’t. And Abbott did know it.

6.  Trip to Afghanistan

Abbott lied to PM Gillard about his reasons for declining her offer to visit the troops together.

He confessed later that his false “jet-lag” excuse was because he was lost for words — as he also was soon after meeting the troops on his own:



7. Repeated claims about China’s CO2 emissions

Abbott told the Minerals Council and various others in 2011:

“By 2020 under current plans and current policies, China will have increased its emissions by 500 per cent.”

This was widely condemned as false.

8. Continually calling asylum seekers “illegal arrivals”

Probably the most entrenched lie in current politics. People arriving with no documents, or even false papers, have the legal status of asylum seekers under international law. They are not “illegals”.

9 & 10. BHP's Olympic dam decision

Abbott claimed mine plans were shelved due to taxes. False. He also lied about reading BHP’s announcement.

Laurie Oakes’ withering analysis of this begins:

“Let’s not beat about the bush. To my mind, Tony Abbott tells lies.”

11. Australia could end up like Greece

Abbott endorsed David Murray’s ridiculous comment in October 2012 as “a timely warning”.

Completely false.

On the IAREM ranking of national economies: Greece is 55th, Australia is first.

12 & 13. Carbon tax impact

“As long as a carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme damages our economy, without reducing emissions because it’s not being copied anywhere else, we would be crazy to go down that path.”

~ Abbott at the National Press Club, January, 2013.

The Conversation found this false on two levels. It is not true the world is averse to carbon taxes. Nor that the carbon price damages the economy without reducing emissions.

14. Malcolm Turnbull and the internet



“Malcolm not only knows the internet, he virtually brought it to this country.”

Laughably false, as The Project enjoyed exposing:

15. Opening mines

“Just to get the regulatory approvals takes more than three years. Six years ago, it took less than 12 months.”

~ Abbott, June 2013

The Conversation found these “statements are incorrect.”

16. Prosperity

“The Howard/Costello Government … presided over what now seems like a golden age of prosperity — that’s been lost.”

~ Abbott in July 2013.

False. Australia was much wealthier in 2013 than in 2007 — despite the GFC.

Higher indicators include income per person, median wealth, pensions, superannuation, productivity and personal savings. Interest rates, inflation and taxes were all lower.

17. Broadband roll-out

“Malcolm (Turnbull) reckons that at the current rate of rollout it will take 80 years before the whole of Tasmania has broadband rolled out under this Government.”

~ Abbott, Sky News, July 2013.

Ridiculous nonsense. This was obviously not a "carefully scripted remark":



18. Election spending

“In every recent election, state and Federal, the Labor Party has massively outspent the Coalition and this election is going to be no exception.”

~ Press conference, August 2013.

The Conversation found

“Tony Abbott’s bald claim ... is false.” 

19. Continual lies about debt spiralling out of control

Abbott told the Press Club last September that Labor

“... has Australia’s gross debt skyrocketing towards $400 billion.”

Australia’s debt is low by global standards. The Abbott Government has raised the level of debt and abolished the debt ceiling.

20. Deals with the Greens

Before the 2013 election, Abbott said:

“I don’t do these sorts of deals with people. I mean, I wasn’t prepared to give the Independents, I wasn’t prepared to give the Greens what they wanted. Julia Gillard was.”

The opposite of the truth.

Abbott promised the Greens the same concessions in the 2010 post-election horse trading as did Gillard. They just couldn’t trust him to keep his word.

And in December, the debt ceiling was abolished in a deal with the Greens.


21. Daughters living at home

Kevin Rudd asked Abbott last September if his daughters would also be living in the Lodge.

“The short answer is yes, because they don't want to leave home until such time as they get married.”

Short and false.

Daughter Louise had already moved in with her boyfriend. Abbott knew that.

22. Cardinal Pell’s reputation

Asked in November about George Pell’s handling of child sex abuse claims, Abbott replied:

“... he has by repute been the first senior cleric in Australia to take this issue seriously.”

Plainly false. Many senior Catholics have been far more pro-active, including former Sydney bishop Geoffrey Robinson who quit in 2004 in disgust at non-action by Pell and others.

23. Worker entitlements

Liberal MP Dr Sharman Stone called Abbott – her own leader – a liar over several blatantly false allegations in February about workers’ benefits at SPC.

24. Productivity

“It’s good that Mr Rudd … committed the Government to a new effort to boost productivity … but he’s never actually taken the steps needed to convert aspiration into achievement.”


Productivity increased dramatically for four quarters in 2009. It then stalled briefly as the GFC took effect.

Since 2010, productivity has increased for a record 12 consecutive quarters to an all-time high.

25, 26 & 27. Abolishing taxes

“Tax reform starts with abolishing the carbon tax and the mining tax, which have done so much to spook investors, threaten jobs and hurt every family’s cost of living.”

Three fibs in one sentence.

Investment in Australia was not impacted negatively. People employed rose every quarter since the tax was introduced. Inflation was below the rate for most of the Labor period prior to the carbon tax and below the rate for most of the last five Howard years.

28. End of the boom

“At the Press Club recently, Mr Rudd declared that the mining boom was over and that Australia needed to be ready for life afterwards.”

~ Abbott, July 2013.

False. Mr Rudd specifically affirmed that “the China resources boom is over”. There is a difference. Australia has other customers.

29. Tasmanian forests

Abbott said of Tasmania’s world heritage listed forests he wants logged:

“That 74,000 hectares is not pristine forest. It's forest which has been logged ... it's plantation timber that was actually planted to be logged."

The ABC factcheckers found this to be 'Not true'.

30. Immunisation

Abbott said child immunisation rates fell under the Labor Government.

The ABC factcheckers said this was 'Wrong'.

How this sorry record impacts Australia’s social fabric should be worth examining.,6398


The feeling is that Tony Abbott does not want to know the facts... Thus he fudges anything according to the pair of budgies and socks he's been given to wear on the day... Is it a lie? Of course, because he knows better. But better is often not to his advantage, thus he lies and lies and lies...


Please see also the IMMENSE LIE about education in the toon at top...