Friday 25th of July 2014

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history wars

We will never reach an agreement on what world view we should expose to our children, which is why we should get rid of the national curriculum altogether, writes Chris Berg.

Christopher Pyne has done irreparable damage to the national curriculum project.

This is fantastic.

The damage hasn't occurred because there's anything wrong with appointing Kevin Donnelly and Professor of Public Administration Ken Wiltshire to review it.

No, it's because the supporters of the national curriculum can no longer pretend that imposing a uniform curriculum on every single student in the country isn't an ideological undertaking.

Donnelly is a conservative and in his work as a political commentator, he has made no attempt to obscure his conservative views. Not least on the Drum.

Conservatives are such strange and alien creatures that the appointment has turned outrage up to 11. The teachers' union described it as the "politicisation" of education. Bill Shorten implored Tony Abbott to "please keep your hands off the school books of Australian children".


Chris Berg is off the planets... and I mean PLANETS. There is a point at which understanding history is always muddled by politics... But as we all know the right wing of this silly beast tries hard to bring in glory to the un-glorious, sanity to the debauched and respectability to the unacceptable via whitewashing and through grandstanding morality... The left is more warts and all thingy... We have thus an unnecessary debate about the origin, the progress and result of many useless wars. Many wars were fought under religious banners — Christians versus Christians, Muslim versus Christians, Jews versus Egyptians, Christians versus Muslims, and more Christians versus Christians — not discounting the pope sending in his armies to destroy opponent and "dissidents" such as the Cathars...

Henry the Eighth wanted a divorce which the catholic would not let him have so he create his own branch of the faith, which makes as much sense as the original... None.

Rules and regulations of morality are annoyingly linked to the idea of a superior being that does not exist, but we push the barrow to scare the shit out of us with images of HELL forever after. Silly.

The single side-view of the planet is the prerogative of the right. A more cosmopolitan view is that of the left.

Nothing being perfect while not having enough time to learn about all the deceits and the lies contained with humanity's fiddles, the right-wing historians polish history with a mindless blancmange to make us accept the glory of successful gore with "facts" (fiction) and figures (dates)... Please reject this with tonight's garbage.