Saturday 30th of August 2014

not even in russia: the aussie speaker of the house loses the purpose of democracy...

the lady loses the purpose of democracy...

The Federal Opposition has accused Bronwyn Bishop of "serious partiality" in her role as Speaker of the House of Representatives and sought to move a motion of no confidence in the Speaker.

The substance of the motion was debated as Labor sought to suspend standing orders but failed on party lines.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has labelled the move a "juvenile display" and defended Mrs Bishop as having done a "very good job".

Manager of Opposition Business Tony Burke moved the motion after the Speaker "named" Labor frontbencher Mark Dreyfus, leading to him being thrown out of the chamber for 24 hours.

To be "named" by the Speaker for disorderly behaviour is one of the most serious actions that can be taken against an MP.

Mr Burke argued that the punishment was not warranted.

"He didn't just get warned, he didn't just get thrown out - he got named - for calling you 'Madam Speaker'," Mr Burke said.

"Yesterday we had a member of Parliament thrown out for laughing.

"Madam Speaker we have spent months watching you laugh at every joke from the ministers at the expense of members of the Opposition."


Mark Dreyfus is one of the most respectful and GENTLE man in the Aussie parliament. On the other side, Tony abbott lies and is the most despicable PM since federation... But Dreyfus knows shit when shit is thrown around. Okay, Tony, be fair, the old lady has had her fun in the sun. Time to put her back on the back benches or sent her to a retirement village on the north shore, with all the old chooks and those fellas who's lost their marbles... 

She is not decent speaker material for a fair Australia. 


a nasty little quip...

Yesterday (27/03/14), there was an uncomfortable moment in parliament house, presently led by the Liberal (conservative) brats. Tony Abbott made a nasty remark about Bill Shorten and his mother-in-law, still the official GG till yesterday, Quentin Bryce. The quip was NOT off the cuff, but a deep denigrating nasty rehearsed whisper doing the round in the Liberal (CONservative) circles. Bill Shorten was decent enough to call Tony to come near and discreetly talk to him. At this point Tony Abbott withdrew the remarks... Thus the remark was wipe off Hansard, not wiped off my mind. It showed the deep ingrained nastiness lurking in the liberals (CONservative) ranks. Poor country.

particularly disappointed in Bronwyn...


Politicians from both sides agree that Slipper, before he was forced to resign over sexual harassment allegations, was an effective, authoritative Speaker. Dressed in traditional silk robes and bowtie, Slipper imposed strict discipline over the 43rd Parliament. Bishop's House, by contrast, has fallen into disarray.

Slipper said he was ''saddened'' at the Bishop rebuff because of his high regard for Bishop's intellect.

''As a recent Speaker I am particularly disappointed in Bronwyn, because she has the intelligence, knowledge and ability to build on the legacy I commenced,'' Slipper said.

''The story of Bronwyn is one of sadness … she has all of the mental capacities to improve our Parliament and make it one we can be proud of.''

Labor has pilloried Bishop from the start, with leader of opposition business Tony Burke comparing her to Dolores Umbridge, the villainous headmistress of the Harry Potter novels, on her first day in the job. Bishop didn't help her cause by announcing she would continue to attend Coalition party room meetings, unlike Labor predecessors Harry Jenkins and Anna Burke, who stopped attending caucus. Allowing Abbott to call Bill Shorten ''Electricity Bill'' - despite parliamentary rules stipulating the use of official titles - was another early flashpoint.

After months of frustration, Labor tried to force Bishop out of her job this week.

Labor staff told press gallery journalists that something significant would happen to the Speaker on Thursday.

A dossier containing an exhaustive list of Bishop's failings was circulated. On Thursday, Burke went nuclear, introducing a rare no-confidence motion accusing Bishop of incompetence, partiality and acting as an ''instrument of the Liberal Party''. The resolution, which provoked gasps from the question time audience, had been in Burke's briefcase for months. But he needed the right trigger.

''You don't move these things lightly,'' Burke says.

Bishop gave Burke his trigger by ''naming'' shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus for the seemingly innocuous crime of calling out ''Madam Speaker''. This meant Dreyfus was suspended from the chamber for 24 hours - rather than the usual one hour.

Labor's chief criticism of Bishop has been that she has been unwilling to leave her tribalism behind and preside fairly and impartially over the House.

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Bronwyn may have the intellect, but she is partisan (thus not that bright in my opinion. She appears to be a circular sophist with a square peg to fit a round hole, at any cost). This is not the job of the speaker of the house. It could appear petty for Labor to point out Bonwyn's failures but it is essential for democracy that she's be booted out. It is too late for her to smarten up. OUT OUT OUT! Or as the German would say AUS! AUS! AUS! which would be misleading for this fair country nickname (Aus...) where unfortunately the bullies want to rule the roost by being a bit more nazi daily.


time for her to take a kerosene bath...

It's time Bronwyn Bishop was removed


It was inevitable that sooner or later Labor would be forced to move against Tony Abbott’s chosen speaker, Bronwyn Bishop, and last week the no-confidence motion finally came. Of course it failed on the numbers, but that does not mean that it was futile gesture; in the interest not just of itself but of the parliament as a whole it was time, perhaps past time, for the opposition to take a stand.

Not only is Bishop a one-eyed party loyalist, but her entire parliamentary career was built on attacking opponents and hectoring and berating public servants in committee hearings. It was this sheer unbridled aggressiveness which caused otherwise sane people to propose her as potential leader of the her party in the dark days following the coalition’s fifth successive election loss in 1993.

Commonsense eventually prevailed and she did not even contest the position, but she was elevated to the front bench as shadow minister for health. She immediately mounted a spirited defence of tobacco advertising which brought her into conflict with the AMA president Brendan Nelson, himself a future party leader. Bishop was shuffled off to a more obscure portfolio, but on regaining office in 1996 John Howard brought her back into the spotlight; she ended up as minister for Aged Care (also known as Caged Hair, after her uncompromising bouffant) where she promptly became involved in a scandal involving nursing homes bathing their clients in kerosene as a possible cure for scabies.

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See toon at top...

speaker's office for sale...

Bronwyn Bishop has been hosting Liberal Party fundraisers in her Parliament House Speaker’s suite, leading to calls that her position as independent adjudicator is "untenable".

A spokesman for Ms Bishop said there was nothing illegal or improper about the practice, and no official rules appear to exist. But no recent Speakers interviewed by Fairfax Media had used their office for party fundraising.

Asked about a recent fundraising event held in the Speaker's Parliament House suite, Ms Bishop’s spokesman said: "From time to time the Speaker holds private functions in Parliament House as does a large number of members and senators... the cost is charged to her private account.”

"There is nothing illegal about it, there is nothing improper about it,” he added.

"It’s the use of a room that every other Member of Parliament does often. Are you chasing up all the other people that held fundraisers at Parliament House?”

Recent Labor Speakers Anna Burke and Harry Jenkins said they had never used their Parliament House office for party fundraising events.

“The Speaker’s office is representative of the Parliament,” Ms Burke said.

“The Parliament is not owned by the government of the day, it’s owned by the people. And it would be highly inappropriate for the people’s house to be used as a fundraising arm of a political party.”

Responding to the reports of Ms Bishop's Speaker's office fundraisers, manager of opposition business, Tony Burke, said: "If this is true her position as Speaker is untenable.”

“The Speaker’s office is meant to be owned by the Parliament," he added. "It is not a venue for hire."

The House of Representatives clerk would not comment on whether it was proper for the Speaker to be using her office for fundraising. He referred questions to Ms Bishop’s office.

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