Tuesday 2nd of September 2014

picasso: "I should have been president of the united states of america"...

frat quality hijinks

Critic: 'Frat-brother quality'

"He's a pretty good painter. I don't in any way want to say it's great art or anything, but he's not bad," Lawrence Weschler, author of True to Life: Twenty-Five Years of Conversations with David Hockney, told the BBC.

"It's just weird that this guy who once had this incredible power is not interested in writing about what he did or justifying it," Mr Weschler says. "No, he's doing paintings of people he once knew back in the old days."

The portraits, he says, have "a frat-brother quality. Me and my pals ruling the world - us and our hijinks."



Gus: "...not interested in writing about what he did or justifying it"?... Hogwash!... George Bushit wrote his definitive memoirs in "Decision Points". Any more writing about it would destroy the myths he carefully crafted in his book. Especially that of his collusion with his mates, Blair and Howard, in the invasion of a "sovereign" country — namely Iraq.

"...a frat-brother quality. Me and my pals ruling the world - us and our hijinks"?... SERIOUSLY? Did George say this????... Is George that dumb to think we're believe his boisterous celebration or merrymaking was just a bit of pimply student unrestrained fun as he was killing and torturing people — at the same time as taking the entire world on a decrepitude of Global Financial crisis? Has this man got no shame? Or has he gone cuckoo (A foolish or crazy person)?

Georgeangelo's portraits and dog paintings seem to me like those of crazy people in therapy... but then what do I know... 


me and my hijinks mates...

hijinks mates


The real portraits...

Blair Howard Bush...


May I invite your to read the real "memoirs"...

trying to mop up a lot of blood....

George W Bush has found that magic recipe for public redemption that eludes Tony Blair. Don't waste time on globetrotting missions and elder-statesman opinions that do nothing to appease people who see you as a liar and warmonger and think you should be arrested. Take up painting instead.

That gentle, civilised art can wipe away a surprising quantity of blood.

Since it became known that Bush had taken up painting as a hobby and had hired a personal artistic trainer to improve his style, his opinion poll ratings in America have improved, slightly. The comedy of a naive self-portrait of himself in the bath that got leaked on Twitter apparently helped humanise the man most responsible for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Americans do tend to be forgiving of their more controversial presidents. This generosity is surely born of national self-regard. If you see the presidency as peopled by monsters how can you love your country? So like Nixon before him, Dubya is getting reassessed, or at least repackaged, his martial presidency forgotten in America's cosy reception of his cute paintings, unveiled in a television interview with his own daughter.

read more: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/apr/04/george-bush-paintings


Bush is not reassessed on this site... he still is a duplicitous nasty man bumbling his way through history.