Wednesday 20th of August 2014

1959 — russia... 2014 — australia...

1959 russia

As Russian students were getting a wage for being studious back then in 1959, In Australia, the Abbott regime wants to burden students with more fees on their already hefty loans, to study at university. 



University students should pay an extra fee on top of government loans to fund more enrolments, a review has recommended.

The review, led by former Liberal education minister David Kemp, has found the current higher education funding model is working well and should be expanded.

It also found the system to be more expensive for the Government but that this could be offset by charging a loan fee on certain debts.

The Gillard government moved from a capped to a so-called demand-driven funding system for universities in 2012.

The changes allow institutions to choose how many students they enrol. More than 100,000 extra people are studying than in 2009.

Dr Kemp and former Liberal adviser Andrew Norton reviewed the demand-driven model at the request of the Coalition Government, which was concerned the system sacrificed quality for quantity.

But the review found no evidence of that, and Mr Norton says the funding system should be expanded to include diploma and bridging courses in order to better prepare students with low admission scores for university.

"The main problem is that they have fairly high drop-out rates, and therefore there is a fairly substantial risk to the student if they start in a bachelor degree, they won't finish it," he said.

Picture at top from the SMH, February 1959...

Of course, if students drop out, they still have to pay the fees and the loans... Thus the government cashes in on oversupply plus drop outs... And between you, me and a Water Holding company — in which the Obeids have NO investments but have loaned money to and taken some shares as security (but is it a sham? Banks do it: you do not "own" your home until the last cent of the mortgage is repaid???) — how many of youse have studied the geology of Russia, by any chance?

Here is a preview including all the former USSR satellites:

geology R

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caviar for the poor...

Apparently one could buy caviar on food coupons in Russia... But I have no confirmation of this observation... I will investigate...