Friday 25th of May 2018

relentless noxious icky vile obscene weeds of the commentariat spruiking for tony detritus....


As usual Annabel is proven wrong by the increased acidity and aggressive dorkiness of the repulsive shocks jocks, the nasty spruikers and the mephitic writers for the merde-och press and other sewer outlets...

A few days ago she wrote something that could have been funny if it was not tragic:


As dawn broke over Australia's new federal budget on Wednesday, it found some interest groups reeling at the new and straitened circumstances under which they will henceforth be obliged to live.

Among the hardest hit are firebrand conservative columnists, whose crucial supply of rant fuel has been cut off abruptly by the newly released national fiscal blueprint.



tragic... Supply of rant cut off? Is she for real? Is her humour so perverse that she does not mean it? Well it's hard to fathom though there are indicators that she is more naive than the statue of Queen Victoria on the corner of Hyde Park. Does she not understand that anything goes with those rabid noxious idiots?:




In a week where the Prime Minister plummeted in the polls, The Daily Telegraph distracted its readers with ferals and slackers.

So what else can the cheer squad do when their champion and his budget is so disliked?

The Daily Telegraph’s answer seems to be to channel the hatred to someone else.

Monday’s front page—as Mr Abbott plummeted in the polls—picked on anti-government demonstrators.


— The Daily Telegraph, 19th May, 2014

And rich housing commission tenants.


— The Daily Telegraph, 19th May, 2014

While Wednesday’s had a go at Bill Shorten, and Thursday’s lined up the disabled, casting them as unpatriotic bludgers who are taking us all for an expensive ride.


NSW Disability Support Pensioners now outnumber Australia’s total war wounded by more than 44,000

— The Daily Telegraph, 22nd May, 2014

It was a bizarre comparison but with obvious intent.

One lot are heroes the others a disgrace.

Australia’s disability commissioner Graeme Innes, whose position is being abolished by the Abbott government, called it a low in Australian journalism.

But not a new one, because in 2011 the Tele made that same comparison.

Nevertheless, last week’s version did plumb new depths. The slackers in the line are not disabled or even Australian.

They’re Swedish students at the university of Orebro and that’s a stock image you can buy from several US agencies.

Twitter caught fire with angry comments and Media Watch received several complaints.

Here’s one :

As a father of a disabled child, I find this disgusting and offensive in the extreme.

— Luther Uthayakumaran, email to Media Watch, 22nd May, 2014

And here’s another , sent to the Telegraph by a primary school teacher in Victoria currently teaching her class about the media.

This front page is outrageously disrespectful and arrogant. You ought to be ashamed to call yourselves an Australian newspaper.

— Kari O’Gorman, email to Media Watch, 22nd May, 2014

One person who may well approve of the coverage is the Telegraph’s owner Rupert Murdoch.

On the day Tony Abbott’s government was elected last September News Corp’s boss tweeted:

Aust election public sick of public sector workers and phony welfare scroungers sucking life out of economy.

— Twitter, @rupertmurdoch, 7th September, 2013

And back in 2008 he warned in his Boyer Lectures:

"The bludger should not be our national icon." 


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a lying government that deserves to be dipped in shit...


Wake up, Annabel, we need you to be fully awake and defecate (I mean dedicate your writing to pour shit) on the Liberals (CONsevatives) running this extraordinary lying government... and their disgraceful spruikers!... They actually hurt people and are smug about it: That is the definition of sadism... WAKE UP!




All in good fun:



Queensland MP Ewen Jones has become the first Coalition MP to be ejected from Parliament since the Abbott government came to power.

Speaker Bronwyn Bishop booted Mr Jones, who represents the Townsville-based electorate of Herbert, during question time on Tuesday.

Ms Bishop warned Mr Jones when he yelled "speak louder, speak louder," as Opposition Leader Bill Shorten asked a question.


When he continued to yell, Ms Bishop ordered him to leave the chamber for an hour.

He returned to the chamber shortly before question time concluded.

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What a silly circus this biased woman runs!...


some people question my attack on a nice person...

There is no two ways about it: I believe that Annabel Crabb is a nice person.


But this should not stop me from criticising her dim performance in making nastiness appear benign, either by deceiving herself or by believing the deceivers. Bronwyn Bishop for example is a formidable deceiver. He performance in parliament is beyond the pale and not fit to be the speaker in the house of parliament. Tony Abbott knows this of course and this is why he appointed her. 

For Annabel to use the ABC, a taxpayer funded media outlet, to show us how Bronwyn was "nice' in the kitchen was beyond the pale. To tell us that the rabid spruikers from Andrew Bolt to the Murdoch dogs won't have anything to complain about, is simply wrong and idiotic.

My beef here is stated to shake Annabel's comfort zone, in which she believes crap that has no anchor in reality. She should evolve either in a rabid spruiker or into a ferocious anti-Abbott retriever. I am worried she will choose the wrong side or as usual stay on the fence — a bit like those nice photographer/reporters who reported on how Hitler was a nice fellow for playing with his dogs on a Sunday afternoon in Tyrol.


Tony Abbott is a fierce liar.