Wednesday 20th of June 2018

the ultimate insult...

the ultimate insult

Malcolm Turnbull’s stoush with the rightwing megaphone commentators went another round on Thursday morning in a 23-minute interview with Sydney radio announcer Alan Jones in which each accused the other of undermining Tony Abbott.

After an ongoing slanging match with columnist Andrew Bolt, the communications minister did a prearranged interview with Jones, who also saw nefarious intent in Turnbull’s dinner last week with Clive Palmer.

Jones told Turnbull that because he had had dinner with Palmer, a trenchant critic of Abbott, “people” were suggesting that “precisely because you have no hope ever of being the leader again – you have got that into your head, no hope ever – that because of that you are happy to chuck a few bombs around that might blow up Abbott a bit, that is what they are saying.”

Turnbull replied that it was Jones who was undermining the Abbott government and “doing the work of the Labor party”, a charge not usually levelled at the Sydney announcer who is an ardent supporter of the prime minister.

“That is what you are saying and that is what Andrew Bolt is saying and it is doing the Labor party’s work,” Turnbull said.

“This is the most united, cohesive government we have had in this country for a long time and I think it is just very sad that you and Bolt are doing the work of the Labor party … You are seen by people who are loyal to the Liberal party as undermining Tony Abbott’s government at a time when we are trying to sell a difficult budget … this sort of stuff you are going on about is a distraction, it is a non-issue and I think it is so sad that someone who has put so much effort into supporting Tony Abbott, like you, would not be undermining his government, it’s heartbreaking to listen to you do it.”


budget repair with a Joke-of-all-trades...

Mr No at work...

under orders from the chief loony...

Malcolm Turnbull has pulled out of four appearances on the ABC's flagship radio and TV current affairs shows in the month since the federal budget, and some of the Communications Minister's allies are privately blaming the Prime Minister's office for intervening to stop his appearances.

At the same time, Mr Turnbull has come under sustained attack from conservative News Corp columnists Andrew Bolt and Sydney broadcaster Alan Jones for not selling the government's budget and undermining Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

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Well, The budget is a dog... And I mean a flea bag... and I mean a rabid mongrel just before dying of the disease... So there. There is nothing to sell... And Turnbull is still trying to convince the electorate that a steam engine is better for communication than a national broadband... Loony. The Rabid right are still at it.

we've stopped a long time ago...


Razer’s Class Warfare: stop loving Malcolm Turnbull

So all you progressives love Malcolm Turnbull. Why, when he’s destroying the NBN and represents the ruling class?

When performer Doc Neeson died at 67 yesterday morning in his sleep at a Sydney hospital, the nation farewelled the memory of a peculiar solidarity. The response “No way, get fucked, fuck off” to his rock liturgy Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again? has been mentioned in a hundred obituaries. As it should. 

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weak as piss...


political bomb throwers...



Malcolm Turnbull says accusations from conservative media identities that he is harbouring ambitions to return to the Liberal leadership "could" have been a coordinated campaign against him.

The Cabinet minister's dinner last week with Clive Palmer - whose party will soon hold balance of power seats in the Senate - triggered a scalding attack from columnist Andrew Bolt over the weekend and from influential radio host Alan Jones this morning.

Both commentators are known to be supporters of Prime Minister Tony Abbott and both accused Mr Turnbull of betraying his leader and flexing his leadership potential by dining with Mr Palmer.

Mr Turnbull has hit back angrily, accusing them of "doing the work of the Labor Party" and being political bomb throwers.


We all know that about 90 per cent of the population wants Turnbull to take over from loony Abbott... BUT as well as knowing that Turnbull is spinning like a wind-vane in a turbulent street corner, we should also know:

... the former medical practitioner feels the need to diagnose Malcolm Turnbull's condition. Says Dr Nelson: "You need to look up narcissistic personality disorder. There's about 5 per cent of the population who are born with narcissistic traits, and about 2 per cent have narcissism. He's got narcissistic personality disorder.

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And Madam Razer (see comment above) also warns about warming to Turnbull. I sometimes think that Turnbull finds difficult to convince himself about Turnbull. Here, ends my case. 




if I did not know better...

If I did not know better I would say that the whole Turnbull/Bolt/Jones affair was a set up to distract us from the awful and unfair budget... But then I do not know better...

vulture profits are taxed in aussie heaven...


Turnbull investment in tax haven criticised
July 4, 2014

Political reporter

Malcolm Turnbull, Australia's second-richest parliamentarian, has invested in a ''vulture fund'' based in the tax haven Cayman Islands.

Disclosure of what appears to be a $1 million stake in a New York-run fund targeting distressed and bankrupt companies sparked criticism from financial transparency campaigners on Thursday.

They argue the Communications Minister has invested legally but in conflict with the Coalition's current campaign against corporate tax dodging and the offshoring of profits.

Australia is to chair the G20 leader's summit in Brisbane in November and Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey have put on the agenda discussion of tax evasion and profit shifting.


On Thursday, Mr Hockey launched a fresh assault by moving to legislate a Labor initiative to stop multinational companies like coal miner Glencore minimising tax by loading up debt in higher-tax jurisdictions.

Many global hedge funds locate in tax havens to avoid paying capital gains tax and for the comparatively looser governance obligations, an expert said.

Others argue that tax havens allow investors in hedge funds to pay tax once and in their own home country. A spokesman for Mr Turnbull said: ''Income from his investments is declared and taxed in Australia.''

Mr Turnbull, who has divested himself of shares and switched his investments to managed funds and hedge funds since being elected, updated the register of members' interests on June 18.

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If the COALition was genuinely against multi-nationals enterprises (including miners) using loopholes to minimise their taxes in Australia, the government's coffers would be full to the brim by now.
Note that many so-called "vulture funds" have bought poor countries' "debt" from say the world bank and are jacking up the interest repayments so that the countries get poorer and poorer while the funds get richer and richer. The crux here is that the risk for the funds is that those countries could default, but fear not, their assets and resources are often entangled in the deals...


black pudding in politics...


Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has rejected assertions he told Joe Hockey he would not contest a ballot for the party's leadership in 2009.

The allegation is contained in a new book about Mr Hockey, with the Treasurer's wife, Melissa Babbage, quoted as saying her husband would not trust Mr Turnbull again because he thought they had an agreement.

Mr Turnbull was the Liberal leader in 2009 and had publicly said at the time he would run for the job again if there was a partyroom contest for it.

However, the book says the next day he privately told Mr Hockey he would not.

Mr Turnbull did contest the ballot, splitting the vote between himself, Mr Hockey and Tony Abbott, who eventually won it and went on to become Prime Minister.

Mr Turnbull told Channel Nine he did not give Mr Hockey any assurance.

"I think most people who know me know I'm not the sort of person that says one thing on national television and then does something different," he said.


My guess here is quite perverse... Joe Hockey wanted Abbott to lead. So he presented himself to the leadership to split the votes that would have gone to Turnbull — thus re-electing Turnbull to the leadership... But Joe does not want Turnbull to know that's what really happened... so Joe in a usual good Christian way of telling white lies for what he believed was the best outcome, says in his "memoirs of an average bloke" that though Turnbull said publicly he would stand for the leadership he told Joe the opposite privately... This makes sense like black pudding in a double-cross...

This tirade by Joe Hockey is designed to exonerate Joe for having thrown his hat in the CONtest to kill off Turnbull chances... It does not exonerate him at all. 


jones has been miffed...



Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has done over 30 one on one interviews since September 2015, but none of them on Radio 2GB...and they aren't happy.

But now to more serious matters and the mystery of our missing Prime Minister.

Who has not been seen at Sydney’s top-rating radio station, 2GB, and its affiliate in Brisbane, 4BC, since taking the job last September.

Here’s Andrew Bolt and Steve Price hot on the trail 

ANDREW BOLT: Has Malcolm Turnbull since becoming prime, becoming prime minister, spoken to one of the, probably the leading conservative broadcaster in Australia, Alan Jones?


ANDREW BOLT: Oh! How funny. 

STEVE PRICE: He hasn’t been on 2GB at all. 

ANDREW BOLT: Has he spoken to Ray Hadley? 


ANDREW BOLT: Oh. Has he spoken to Steve Price and Andrew Bolt?


ANDREW BOLT: Apart from a private phone call which didn’t go very well, no. No.

— 2GB, Nights with Steve Price, 9 March, 2016

Yes, the folks at 2GB are upset because, after having Tony Abbott on tap, the new PM is refusing to talk to them.

Mr T has not been sighted at the Power Station as they like to call themselves for ages.

And they’re asking: 

CHRIS SMITH: And where is Malcolm Turnbull? 

— 2GB, The Chris Smith Show, 9 March, 2016

RAY HADLEY: The Prime Minister, who doesn’t talk to myself or Alan Jones or other people on the network ...

— 2GB, The Ray Hadley Morning Show, 23 March, 2016

CHRIS SMITH: He’s installed himself over Tony Abbott last September and he hasn’t appeared on the Macquarie Media Network in Sydney via 2GB once. Not one program. 

— 2GB, The Chris Smith Show, 9 March, 2016

BEN FORDHAM: Not with Alan Jones or Ray Hadley or Chris Smith or Ross Greenwood or Steve Price or anyone else that I’m aware of. 

— 2GB, Ben Fordham, Sydney Live, 8 March, 2016

So what could be the explanation? Well, as drive-time host Ben Fordham told listeners in one of several musings on the matter.

BEN FORDHAM: He’s clearly made a decision to alienate the 2GB audience ... This is a deliberate move by Malcolm Turnbull to brush us and to brush you. 

— 2GB, Ben Fordham, Sydney Live, 23 March, 2016

But is it any surprise? 

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Gus: Well this is not a surprise. Or it is a surprise? Who cares? Who knows about surprises. "In fact" Turnbull does not need to convince Alan Jones' audience of right-wing agenda. Jones does this daily apart from the CSG which he hates because it could make holes in his turf like an infestation of moles... What Turnbull is trying to do by mostly visiting the ABC studios is to convince the "ABC rabid lefty audiences" that he is a nice bloke to be trusted. It does not work but he thought it would. He appears wishy washy...


Meanwhile by not appearing Jones, or Bolt or John Doe on the Macquarie Network, he is slowly alienating the rabid right wing shock jock who hate him any way for having removed their posterboy, Tony Abbott, from the landscape. So he knows he would be in for a hiding for nothing... Dilemma... And see toon at top... Then you might know where all this comes from...


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