Monday 28th of May 2018

sugar coating...

sugar coating2

Joe: "I've called them fair, gentle, equitable, necessity, improvement, considerate, mellow, pleasant, docile and sympathetic...

wink wink say no more...


the lying idiot has no shame...


Tony Abbott has labelled himself a conservationist who believes humanity should “rest lightly on the planet”.

The Australian prime minister made the remark as he sought to downplay any suggestion of disagreement with Barack Obama over climate change.

Abbott, who is pushing to dismantle the legislated carbon pricing scheme and replace it with a government-funded competitive grants scheme, said after a meeting with the US president that both leaders took climate change “very seriously”.

“It was a very constructive and genial discussion because we all want to do the right thing by our planet,” Abbott told the ABC.

“I regard myself as a conservationist. Frankly, we should rest lightly on the planet and I’m determined to ensure that we do our duty by the future here.”


Tony Lying Abbott has no shame. To claim that he is a conservationist is as if Satan himself declared he was in favour of bar fridges.  Here is a cartoon I did a while back explaining how this turd tells a different story to various groups — stories that don't add up, stories that cannot add up and stories that are porkies, lies, fibs, swifties, untruth, deceit, deception, falsehoods, forgeries, myths and simple dishonesty. 

dishonest toony

Note the distinction between liberals and Liberals.... The liberals in Australia are the "moderate" right-wing conservatives while the Liberals are the same camp with ultra-right wing CONservatives. Since Tony Lying Abbott arrival on the scene the liberals (moderate right-wing) have been decimated or have switched camp to the Liberals ultra-right wing (CONservatives).

We could add many more aspects of Tony's porkies, such as telling he is a friend of the miners... Er... actually this is CORRECT.... Bugger... But a CONSERVATIONISTS? That is the biggest long nose one could see on a Pinocchio disguised as a primal minster of Orstralya... at least 25 foot long piece of twobefour... Blimey.

Go the Socceroos! Make sure we don't suffer for too long...


down two-nil already... possibly due to our turd-in-chief

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been accused of being many things, but a Socceroos fan is not one of them.

Draped in a Socceroos scarf, Mr Abbott has called skipper Mile Jedinak "Mike" as he wished Australia well in a YouTube message just hours before they take the field in their opening World Cup clash against Chile in Cuiaba, Brazil on Friday (Saturday AEST).

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Now the poor bastards are 2-0 against Chile after 20 minutes of play... 

labor should reject this budget completely...

There is nothing good for anyone in this unfair budget. Should Labor senators help pass the "deficit levy on the rich" (which is like being hit by a feather), they will be promoted by the merde-och press and other right-wing media as hypocrites should they not help pass all the anti-social measures of this crummy budget. Even if the budget passes with the help of double-crossing Palmer, at least the Labor people can hold their heads up. Otherwise Labor will be shown as pissy and dithering. 

a shamble of inequity...

I don't know if Jonathan Green is sarcastic or if he believes the drivel he writes...:




What if the accustomed rotating absolute authority of two-party politics, the blank cheque of comfortable majority, became a thing of the past? Jonathan Green writes.

It's just not fair.

Here is a Government, duly elected with the popular mandate that our vote of last September implies, and yet its political centrepiece, its statement of political and philosophic intent, its budget, is being quibbled and nibbled and denied by the combined voices of minority interest in the Upper House.

Just not fair.

Never mind that this may not be the budget we might have expected had we paid close attention to the promises and blandishments of the actual campaign. That after all was just the quick pledges of politics; this is economic management, formed by the demands of incumbency ... and opportunity. They're different things.


Sorry... Jonathan but the promises made by the coalition including the "no surprises" swearing with the hand on the heart helped these fabulists get across the line... But THEY WERE LYING. Thus what you say here "this is economic management, formed by the demands of incumbency... " are not two different things. First there is no need for Joe's budget to be nasty and second, they lied... We can accept some leeway in making promises and not following the script word for word, but there is a gulf in rewriting every promises with an axe and a mortuary shovel. The coalition lied to get a "mandate" with no surprises. Not only we get a plethora of surprises, we get sticks push up our backside at the same time... Proper education is being dismantled, health is being raped, oldies are being told that their pension is being savaged and the only way the coalition can say grace and save face is that the states are taking up the losses in order to avoid hardship, followed by a revolution. That concoction that Joe calls his budget should not get passed... There were some precedent when a budget was rejected along some different circumstances when Whitlam got booted out. As soon as the GG pushed Whitlam out, the budget was passed without a single change, by the coalition. Ugly times of political games for politics' sake. 

Here the coalition budget is a shamble of inequity... The coalition should be booted out and a new fairer budget put in place. Simple.


with friends like him who needs enemies?...


Tony Abbott has portrayed his government as the “best friend that the workers of Australia have ever had” as he used a speech to defend key budget policies, including tough proposals targeting unemployed youth.

The prime minister rejected suggestions that the soon to be revived work-for-the-dole program was “demeaning” and declared that “the days of doing nothing on the taxpayer are over”.

Abbott's speech to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia follows criticism from Labor, the Greens, Palmer United, welfare groups and unions regarding the government's plan to strip people aged under 30 of income support for six months if they are not “earning or learning”.

The changes to Newstart – denounced by the opposition leader, Bill Shorten, as “the single most heartless measure in this brutal budget” – may be blocked by the Senate.

In defending the budget measures on Tuesday, Abbott spoke of the importance of work in empowering people and argued that there was “no compassion in having people start their adult lives on unemployment benefits”. Further, he said it was “a disaster for young people” to be out of work.


Tony-the-Turd always portrays himself as something he is not... All to get in your head.

Tony is the opposite of what he says, except when he says he is a liar.


See toon above...