Monday 28th of May 2018

the gall of the man...


More than $5 billion was invested in Australian clean energy last year but the sector has virtually ground to a halt owing to widespread anxiety over the government’s commitment to renewables, according to the industry body.

In its analysis of renewables in 2013, the Clean Energy Council found that nearly 15% of Australia’s power was produced by renewable energy, with $5.18 billion invested in the sector.

The industry now employs more than 21,000 people, with last year seeing the launch of the 140-turbine Macarthur wind farm, the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

But the government’s current review of the Renewable Energy Target, which mandates that 20% of Australia’s power must come from renewable sources by 2020, is likely to result in a drop-off in investment in 2014, the Clean Energy Council warned.

The council’s report warns that Australians’ electricity bills will increase by up to $1.4 billion each year beyond 2020 if the RET is removed, with the review “creating uncertainty for the industry and eroding investor confidence”.

The review is headed by Westfield chairman Dick Warburton, who has publicly questioned the science of climate change. Several Coalition MPs have called for the RET to be scrapped in order to bring down power bills, while treasurer Joe Hockey recently took aim at the renewable industry itself, saying he found the sight of a wind farm “utterly offensive.”


The cabal of rabid ruthless virulent delirious raging right wing nuts is beyond the pale... They have not a clue... Not a single one since 1956.


fairness? the government is in a despotic turdish mood...


The government continues to gag any debate on the budget bills. This morning the suspension of standing orders continues to push through more legislation and to sit in Clive Palmer's inbox.

Leader of the House, Christopher Pyne is at his Cheshire Cat best this morning, taunting the former Leader of the House, Anthony Albanese.

"He is really is missing it Madame Speaker, he had his brief shining moment of power..."

The Public Governance, Performance and Accountability bill was pushed through and now the fuel indexation budget bill is getting the same treatment.

Chris Bowen rose briefly and got a few sentences in before he was gagged by Pyne.

"Has there ever been a government that is less determined to talk about their budget than this one?"

Gagged. Sit down.

Now we are onto the Migration Amendment (Protection and Other Measures) Bill 2014.

More on that shortly.


comparing incomes inequalities...


Australia might have a better record than America when it comes to inequality, but that won't continue if it borrows the latter's policies on welfare, health, higher education and the minimum wage, writes Greg Jericho.

The undisputed number one topic of economics over the past year has been inequality. Focus on the issue was given an almighty boost with the publication of French economist Thomas Piketty's study "Capital in the Twenty-First Century", and earlier this year the IMF also released a study on the topic titled "Redistribution, Inequality and Growth". About the only people dealing with economics who seem oblivious to concerns of inequality are those in our own government.

The topic has always been near the top of the economic tree, but with the beginnings of the GFC (or the Great Recession, as those in the northern hemisphere would call it) now 5-6 years ago, economists are able to now examine its consequences across income levels.

While the success of Piketty's work perhaps rests in part on his accessibility to non-economists - given his preference for graphs and references to Jane Austen over mathematical equations - he does not eschew data; far from it. His research on the history of incomes is amazingly thorough and has withstood, with fair ease, some of the strongest attacks. And best of all, all the data he uses in his book is available online, and he has gathered other data on incomes from a number of nations on The World Top Incomes Database.

The data shows that compared to the USA, Australia's income equality picture is not too bad - but that's a bit like saying that compared to Usain Bolt we're a bit slow.

In 2010, the richest 10 per cent in Australia held about 31 per cent of all income, well below the 48 per cent held by the richest 10 per cent in America.

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tony's scientific ignorance...


Funding cuts to the CSIRO are driven by “pure ignorance” and will result in significant damage to Australia’s economy, the organisation’s staff body has claimed.

On Thursday hundreds of CSIRO workers took part in a national day of protest against the government’s decision to cut the national science agency’s budget by $111m over four years.

The CSIRO staff association said the organisation is set to suffer an “unprecedented” round of redundancies – nearly 20% of the workforce would depart over two years.

These redundancies comprise 700 people in 2014-15, made up of direct job losses and an organisational restructure. A further 80 jobs are forecast to be lost in 2015-16.

CSIRO workers predict the public will be aghast at the programs that will be lost as a result of the cuts, including research into neuroscience and colorectal cancer, water safety and advanced manufacturing.

The CSIRO has already moved to close eight research sites across the country. Research areas such as climate change moved to different premises to save funds.

A senior scientist within the CSIRO told Guardian Australia the organisation had been “crippled” by uncertainty over job cuts. “Everyone is holding their breath to see where the axe will fall,” he said.

The CSIRO staff association said the cuts would have a detrimental impact in several areas.

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sinking to lower lows in polls...


Later in the Q&A, Mr Abbott also praised Bob Hawke for being the best leader the Labor Party has probably had.

“There’s no doubt that the period between 1983 and 2007 was the golden age of reform,” Mr Abbott said.

“Towards the latter part it was the golden age of prosperity as well. Let’s look at the authors of those reforms - Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, John Howard, Peter Costello. All of them great contributors,” he said.

“Hawke [was] almost certainly the best-ever Labor prime minister. Howard [was] certainly the best prime minister since Menzies.”

“I think all of them have got things to teach us, but as in most things I would regard John Howard as the supreme teacher,” Mr Abbott said.

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Meanwhile our National Turd rating has sunk to near record levels, comparable to "Julia Gillard" low polls. Considering that Gillard was incessantly being hammered by the media at every street corners and that she was completely undermined in her own party as well for, well, being a woman and an atheist, she was not doing too bad. Meanwhile our lying Turd-in-Chief is still being praised by more than 70 per cent of the media and he is loved like a rose in a garden of cactuses by his own party... though he is no more than a puppet of the legalised robbers... His used of the word "unsettled" to define the lack of "investments" in "Australia" in 1788, is a very clever way to praise the appropriation of lands that "belong" to someone else... His coterie of mediatic admirers, including Paul Kelly as the Editor-at-Large for the The Australian, stink.


To me, apart from pandering to the general hysteria about "boat people", Julia Gillard has shown to be one of the best PM in this country. She had the courage to introduce an ETS in the form of a carbon pricing that has worked far better than expected. She has also had the courage to introduce school funding and fair curriculum reforms — and the NDIS — all of which were designed to make this society fairer for all. Her government also introduced regulations for "financial advisors" and a host of other policies which maintained the decency of this country.


In some ways, her PMship was far harder than that of Bob Menzies, John Howard, Bob Hawke, mostly because she was being hammered by a stupid rabid opposition, by a slut of a media, and by her own jealous and religious colleagues. 

John Howard, like Tonicchio, was a liar, but a better turncoat. 

the spin cycle of the turd is set on shit... it does not wash...


The Abbott government has created a hub of 37 communication and social media specialists to monitor social media and offer strategic communications advice costing taxpayers almost $4.3 million a year.

Details released in Senate documents show the ''Strategic Communications Branch'' was implemented late last year, where the 37 staff are expected to oversee media within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, including Indigenous Affairs and the Office for Women. According to the documents, staff are expected to monitor social media, offer strategic communications advice and create internal newsletters graphic design support, among other duties.

A spokesman for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten slammed the number of communications staff engaged to spin Tony Abbott's messages.

''At a time when the Prime Minister is cutting pensions and increasing taxes and cost of living pressures, nearly 40 extra staff members have been put on to try to spin his messages.''

'No amount of spin will convince Australians that Tony Abbott's budget is fair.'' The number of staff is in contrast to the PM&C under the Labor government, which had seven communications staff during its last year.

Despite this, the government maintains it is cutting the cost of public affairs staff across all departments and says the communications staff came from other departments. ''There has been no increase in the number of communications staff employed by departments,'' a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister said. ''In the May budget the government announced savings of more than $43million to reduce the cost of public affairs across government agencies.'' Last month it was revealed Scott Morrison's departments employ more than 95 communications staff and spin doctors, costing at least $8 million a year.

Details released to the Senate show the departments of Immigration, Border Protection and Australian Customs have 85 permanent and 10 other staff responsible for media monitoring, internal communication and public relations.

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cronyism-plus by our turd-in-chief...


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