Wednesday 15th of July 2020

an inconvenient truth... or an open letter to mr al gore...

inconvenient truth

Dear Mr Gore...

Can I call you Al?...

Al, this could be your first visit to these weirdo shores. I don't know if this is so, but welcome anyway.
My first advice would be to be prepared. Of all the "Inglese" hegemony in the world — the USA, the UK and even New Zealand with its belching sheep, Australia is the most prone to bullshitting by its people for fun — and its right wing politicians for power... The left-wingers are often lost in space, looking at their own navels for sins past... or belly button lint.
After only a couple of hundred years of going troppo in isolation, plus celebrating some "glorious" defeat that defines the fighting spirit of this nation of bogans, the place is a weirdo haven with a few redeeming features like the Harbour Bridge and Collins Street Station... 
The weather here is fine, apart from a cyclone here and there, plus some droughts, bush fires and floods, all eventually becoming more severe under the effects of global warming.
By the way your "Inconvenient Truth" was a smasher that most of the Aussies would go along with, except for the coal which keeps this lazy-go-lucky economy going. 
Let me say that you fell in with the wrong crowd today... Palmer is the king of bullshit though he has a debonair cunning Aussie attitude that could melt the ice of the north pole had global warming not done so for the past few years. 
Palmer is a COAL MINER for krissake, and an industrialist — god bless him — who makes money by destroying the earth, slowly. He's a big investor in a new coal mine in Queensland, a place called Galilee that has nothing with the sacred ground Jesus walked upon, but is what could be the biggest coal mine in the world. Alleluya!
If Palmer is the king of bullshit, Tony Abbott is the emperor. And they work in a tandem. Today it looks as if you endorsed Palmer's devious scheme. I say devious because there is buckley's chance his second part of "his" proposal could get off the ground. Anyone worth their sarcasm would know that. So Palmer's PUP will vote for the repeal of the carbon pricing, THEN will try to get an ETS through the house of representatives... You're kidding me... It's like assaulting the Atlantic wall with a couple of old jeeps. Palmer knows this but he will claim the high moral ground because you were with him "on behalf of mankind"... (bugger the "womankind")... This is so silly it brings tears of laughter and pain to my eyes. 
Mr Gore, you have to restore your standing that suddenly was dipped in the mud by the art of Aussie bullshit. Please tell Mr Palmer to stop his repeal of the Carbon pricing, PLEASE. 
Tell him you know what he is up to... But be aware, this was only the beginning of a marathon of bullshit. You need to watch it coming thick and fast so you can duck... I know the Yanks are a bit naive, but you, Al, can do better than appear to sleep in the same bed as Mr Palmer, like Al Bundy would.




Gus Leonisky

Your local sarcasm expert.

watch for the bullshit, mr gore...

Mr Gore served as US vice-president for eight years from 1993 and has spent most of his time since leaving office focussing on ways to combat climate change.

His efforts were the subject of the 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth and in 2007 he was a co-recipient - with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - of the Nobel Peace Prize for working to "build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change".

In 2009, when the national climate change debate centred around Kevin Rudd's plans for an emissions trading scheme, Mr Gore congratulated the then prime minister for the initiative.

And he pointed to Australia's potential to fight climate change through other sources of energy.

"No nation has greater renewable energy resources and a greater capacity to develop alternative sources of energy and contribute to a solution for the climate crisis," Mr Gore said during a press conference at the time.

Please be careful, Mr Gore. the rabid raging right wing in this country — of which Mr Palmer is a member off — have devious ways to make shit palatable. One of the tricks is to say one thing and do the opposite. Other tricks include grabbing the high moral ground while taking the country through the sewers.

I am not the only one...

There's something Al Gore should understand before sharing a stage with Clive Palmer. First and foremost, Palmer is a Liberal spurned. Anything else – boredom, mischief, self-interest, public interest, narcissism, whatever – is a purely secondary consideration.

That puts Tony Abbott in a particularly difficult position. When a key player in the Senate balance of power is primarily interested in embarrassing the government and making life as unpleasant as possible for the Prime Minister, "policy" counts for nought.

As PUP won't ever be in government, short of some frightening Argentina-like future for this country, Palmer can promise and say whatever he likes. 

It's a thought former US vice-president Gore might have done with before accepting any role in the Palmer parliamentary circus. I suppose it's possible that he did, given Abbott's stance on matters climatic, but nobody's credibility is enhanced by a dance with Clive.

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a sting to carry out a wish list


wish list...

HOW THIS Palmer-Abbott DOUBLE CROSS WORKS: Two years ago, Tony knew he would not get the numbers in the senate to repeal the carbon pricing. Tony knew though he would get into parliament, with a big swing assured by the global warming denialist Uncle Rupe. But Tony knew the senate would always be in his way to "repeal the carbon tax"... Two years ago, Palmer starts fiddling with magic bullshit. He quits the "Liberals" to become his own man and forms a new political party of "honest" whatever. Of course no one sees the under currents of the way this double-cross is being set up, except uncle Gus.

The sting is pre-planned with Palmer distracting folks with his barrage of debonair buffoonery and total flipfloppery of policy vagaries, with an accent on "true values" with uttering which places him to the ultra-right of the rabid ultra raging right, while appearing decent enough. Like in the bullshit about the Iraq war, the MMMM is dazzled, embedded... One must admit, Palmer is a great bullshitter... He has the art of the gab. 

Slowly but surely, Palmer is swinging from tree to tree like a clever monkey — well he stays on the ground but make us look up at the tricks — and with great skills over the following two years, manages to assemble what Tony wants: a dorky switch in the senate. The Labor party of course sees nothing because it has the glorious ability of shooting itself in the foot, using its own internal wars to destroy its own senate candidates.


So if you follow how this "plague of minor parties" for the senate was set up, you will understand how advertisers and manufacturers of goods work hand in hand. I have already explained this on this site, on how a major infiltration of market is done. Should you want to sell more products, YOU NEED TO DIVERSIFY and compete against yourself. 

Competition has long been the "temple" of business. But say you are selling bubble-soap. Your bubble-soap has been selling well since 1924. But for the last two years, your competitors are TAKING SOME OF YOUR TRADITIONAL SHELF-SPACE in supermarkets. Your product is also under attack through strong advertising of your competitors. You have to either discount, tell your customers that your product is "superior" and fight on price, which your competitors can also react to or you can do something nifty like selling your product UNDER DIFFERENT BRANDS.


In politics you can hammer the competition with foul.

On the market place it's not allowed to badmouth your competitors products, though some clever advertising like the present one with the bear and some toilet paper are "compared" for price, not for quality as "you know" it's only to wipe your bum... And it's likely that BOTH products are made by the same "factory" for different retailers...


In retail, another way to push products is to sell "A NEW LINE" of YOUR bubble soap — with NEW IMPROVED plastered on it. You tweaked the formula of your "old" bubble-soap by adding "blue flakes" in the product (some of these blue flakes are nothing more than "hydrated soap-flakes" but hey!). And you make the new line compete against your own "traditional" formula. You give the supermarkets a special discount to promote your new line and you regain most of your self-space... But competition is fierce and the process is continued with a plethora of flavours, colours and ring-a-dings that only marketeers can think of to make you consume more stuff. 

Controlling the senate was like controlling shelf-space in a supermarket... The rabid raging right wing-nuts had to "diversify" in order to wring it. But when you diversify, the best way is to "look different" and sometimes appear totally opposed to what your mother goose is doing.

So one would be enlightened to see all the dots being joined. How can a party like the Motorist Enthusiast Party get a gong. Who "inspired" these basically political illiterates of the party known now as PUP to enter the race for illustrious bench space. And they all get a ride in Palmer's jet to Boston to study Aussie politics... 

So, by "coincidence" both the major parties want "reforms" of the senate polling to stop the splintering of politics into a rainbow of crap. But don't be fooled, the Liberals (CONservatives) set up the sting SO THAT THE SENATE WOULD SPLINTER into subgroups that would be then collected by Palmer... Easy as P.I.S.S.

(Push Into the Shelf Space)

One needs to join the dots... I know it can be done. I don't have the resources though, to go and "interview people". Mind you, there are always loose-ends in a double cross. These are mostly dealt by the instigators with cash or death. Starting with Palmer, he used to be a big donor to the Liberals (CONservatives). He will profit from doing NOTHING ABOUT climate change while claiming to be on the side of "mankind" on this subject. Despicable. If he was thus inclined to do "something" about global warming, he would stop his Galilee investments forthwith and battle to stop this development and ENFORCE the carbon pricing.

Fat pigs are still flying past my window, and compared to Clive Palmer's hide, they look as if they have not eaten anything for six months... 



Gus Leonisky

Your local double-cross expert


your demand is my wish...


The Federal Government [The Abbott Regime] says it "is happy" to lock in a legal requirement that power companies pass on savings arising from the abolition of the carbon tax.

The move, which would satisfy the only condition laid down by the Palmer United Party for its crucial support to the repeal bill, follows talks between PUP leader Clive Palmer and Prime Minister Tony Abbott this morning.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has told Parliament it will add to the Government's efforts to monitor power pricing through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

"The ACCC will be on the job but we are happy to take the considerations of members of this House and to go even further and to enshrine in legislation guarantees over and above what we already have, so prices will be lower than they would otherwise have been," he said.

Late yesterday Mr Palmer revealed his party's position that it would vote with the Coalition in the Senate to repeal the carbon pricing scheme, but only if lower power prices were locked in.

"I think we can work a solution out on carbon tax, we can ensure that electricity prices will come down for Australians. I think that's a positive thing," Mr Palmer said shortly after this morning's meeting with Mr Abbott.

"I think that's an important aspect of it. What's the point of reducing it if we don't get the benefit for Australians?"

Mr Abbott told Parliament in Question Time that he is "delighted" that PUP senators will vote to abolish the carbon tax and is receptive to Mr Palmer's suggestions.


Meanwhile, another clown, Eric Abetz, was gesticulating madly with rhetoric about introducing via "a decree" Tony's "direct action plan" which is a complete farcical embarrassment in regard to saving the planet from emissions of CO2...

Sp prepare yourself for the way the senate has been played to go with the repeal of the "carbon" pricing... IDIOTS! IDIOTS!

the idiots abound in the crop circles...


MP questions Al Gore's credibility

Mr Palmer revealed his party's position at a media event in Parliament's Great Hall on Wednesday, flanked by climate change campaigner and former US vice-president Al Gore.

Liberal MP Dennis Jensen says Mr Gore has lost all credibility.

"Gore will take money for anything," he told Parliament. "Everything Al Gore does is with a view to profit him directly or to benefit him in some way."

Mr Palmer has stressed that he did not pay Mr Gore - whose international speaking fee begins at $150,000 - to attend the announcement.

"He came here for the air. I did buy him dinner I think when he got here and said I was happy to meet with him," the PUP leader said.

"Al Gore's a person of great integrity and he's got an excellent reputation. It challenges the concept of journalists themselves to see me and Al Gore together.

"Is it so bad that two people talk try to get a resolution?"

Mr Gore served as vice-president for eight years from 1993 and has spent most of his time since leaving office focusing on ways to combat climate change, efforts which were the subject of the 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth.

He praised Mr Palmer's plans for a new ETS in Australia but admitted axing the carbon tax was not favourable.

"While I will be disappointed if the immediate price on carbon is removed because it is a policy which I believe to be ultimately critical to solving the climate crisis, I am extremely hopeful that Australia will continue to play a global leadership role on this most pressing issue," Mr Gore said.



Dr Dennis Jensen (born 28 February 1962 in JohannesburgSouth Africa), Australian politician, was elected to the Australian House of Representatives at the 9 October 2004 federal election for the Division of TangneyWestern Australia, for the Liberal Party. He is known for his views as a climate change sceptic.[1]




Meanwhile the idiots abound in the crop circles:


The former chief executive of the Australian Conservation Foundation has confirmed he was behind the extraordinary meeting between Clive Palmer and former US vice-president Al Gore.

Don Henry and a former senior Greens staffer were involved in setting up the deal between the billionaire miner and Mr Gore, one of the world's most high profile climate change activists.

Mr Henry says Mr Gore asked him for the names of important figures to meet during his trip to Australia.

"He asked for my advice on who may be important to meet with in Australia and I suggested Clive Palmer to him," he told The World Today.

"I thought it would be good for Clive Palmer to hear first hand from one of the world's leading experts and committed people on climate action.

"He offered to meet Mr Palmer if Mr Palmer would take out that invitation. He knew Mr Palmer had new senators coming into the Parliament and he wanted to talk to him."


Al Gore is Al Bundy in disguise:

a) he has NO UNDERSTANDING of Australia politics

b) he should know that "Palmer's ETS" that he is praising so much has not a chance in hell of getting anywhere

c) he was sold a PUP by a very clever operator, Clive Palmer who saw him coming.

d) Dennis Jensen reinforces with vigour the double-twist of the double-cross by trying to make us believe that Palmer IS NOT WORKING WITH TONY...  BULLSHIT!!! Pull the other leg, it ring !   And Jensen TELLS US that Al Gore has lost credibility... Sure Al Gore lost credibility by being taken for a ride by Palmer... Not for the reason that Jensen is professoring about.

e) And why did those "Conservation" dorks took Al Gore to see Palmer who is HELPING TONY GET RID OF THE CARBON PRICING... WHILE PALMER IS DOING HIS USUAL SLIGHT OF HAND trick talking about a "Palmer inspired ETS" that will never ever see the light of day???... Palmer is a COAL MINER! A Coal miner!!! Have you got nuts in your head? YOU NEVER JUDGE A PERSON BY WHAT THEY SAY. You make your opinion of people by knowing what they have done, what they are doing and what they plan to do... PALMER WANTS TO DIG HEAPS MORE COAL OUT of the ground! Is this totally unclear to you? 





another sucker who fell for palmer's palm trick...

The man who helped design Australia's current carbon pricing scheme has praised Clive Palmer over his decision to block the abolition of the Renewable Energy Target.

Economist and carbon pricing expert Professor Ross Garnaut says the Palmer United Party's position to vote to retain the RET and other key climate change bodies will have "important" and positive effects.

"We're in a better position than we were before this news," he told the ABC's 7.30 in an interview to be broadcast tonight.

"We're in a better position than when we were facing abolition of carbon pricing, major tampering with the Renewable Energy Target, abolition of the Climate Change Authority, abolition of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

"It may not be the ideal way of doing things, but Mr Palmer's support for keeping existing arrangements will have important effects."

Don't hold your breath, anyone... Palmer is still going to contribute HEAPS  of CO2 to the EXTRA  carbon equation on the surface of this planet,  NO MATTER WHAT Palmer says. or does (which is just there to help Tony Abbott) in politics

another heat record for australia...

Australia smashed its temperature record in the year to the end of June, beating a high set during the most recent El Nino weather event in the Pacific.

Buried in the Bureau of Meteorology's monthly report on national conditions, the agency noted the 12-month mean temperature was a "solid highest-on-record" result. 

In fact, mean temperatures were a full 1.08 degrees above the long-term average, smashing the previous record July-June anomaly by 0.18 degrees. The previous record was set in the 12 months to June 2010 – an El Nino period.

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Note: if my memory is correct, the "long-term" average has now discounted the cooler timeframe from 1850 till 1960.