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HOW THIS Palmer-Abbott DOUBLE CROSS WORKS: Two years ago, Tony knew he would not get the numbers in the senate to repeal the carbon pricing. Tony knew though he would get into parliament, with a big swing assured by the global warming denialist Uncle Rupe. But Tony knew the senate would always be in his way to "repeal the carbon tax"... Two years ago, Palmer starts fiddling with magic bullshit. He quits the "Liberals" to become his own man and forms a new political party of "honest" whatever. Of course no one sees the under currents of the way this double-cross is being set up, except uncle Gus.

The sting is pre-planned with Palmer distracting folks with his barrage of debonair buffoonery and total flipfloppery of policy vagaries, with an accent on "true values" with uttering which places him to the ultra-right of the rabid ultra raging right, while appearing decent enough. Like in the bullshit about the Iraq war, the MMMM is dazzled, embedded... One must admit, Palmer is a great bullshitter... He has the art of the gab. 

Slowly but surely, Palmer is swinging from tree to tree like a clever monkey — well he stays on the ground but make us look up at the tricks — and with great skills over the following two years, manages to assemble what Tony wants: a dorky switch in the senate. The Labor party of course sees nothing because it has the glorious ability of shooting itself in the foot, using its own internal wars to destroy its own senate candidates.


So if you follow how this "plague of minor parties" for the senate was set up, you will understand how advertisers and manufacturers of goods work hand in hand. I have already explained this on this site, on how a major infiltration of market is done. Should you want to sell more products, YOU NEED TO DIVERSIFY and compete against yourself. 

Competition has long been the "temple" of business. But say you are selling bubble-soap. Your bubble-soap has been selling well since 1924. But for the last two years, your competitors are TAKING SOME OF YOUR TRADITIONAL SHELF-SPACE in supermarkets. Your product is also under attack through strong advertising of your competitors. You have to either discount, tell your customers that your product is "superior" and fight on price, which your competitors can also react to or you can do something nifty like selling your product UNDER DIFFERENT BRANDS.


In politics you can hammer the competition with foul.

On the market place it's not allowed to badmouth your competitors products, though some clever advertising like the present one with the bear and some toilet paper are "compared" for price, not for quality as "you know" it's only to wipe your bum... And it's likely that BOTH products are made by the same "factory" for different retailers...


In retail, another way to push products is to sell "A NEW LINE" of YOUR bubble soap — with NEW IMPROVED plastered on it. You tweaked the formula of your "old" bubble-soap by adding "blue flakes" in the product (some of these blue flakes are nothing more than "hydrated soap-flakes" but hey!). And you make the new line compete against your own "traditional" formula. You give the supermarkets a special discount to promote your new line and you regain most of your self-space... But competition is fierce and the process is continued with a plethora of flavours, colours and ring-a-dings that only marketeers can think of to make you consume more stuff. 

Controlling the senate was like controlling shelf-space in a supermarket... The rabid raging right wing-nuts had to "diversify" in order to wring it. But when you diversify, the best way is to "look different" and sometimes appear totally opposed to what your mother goose is doing.

So one would be enlightened to see all the dots being joined. How can a party like the Motorist Enthusiast Party get a gong. Who "inspired" these basically political illiterates of the party known now as PUP to enter the race for illustrious bench space. And they all get a ride in Palmer's jet to Boston to study Aussie politics... 

So, by "coincidence" both the major parties want "reforms" of the senate polling to stop the splintering of politics into a rainbow of crap. But don't be fooled, the Liberals (CONservatives) set up the sting SO THAT THE SENATE WOULD SPLINTER into subgroups that would be then collected by Palmer... Easy as P.I.S.S.

(Push Into the Shelf Space)

One needs to join the dots... I know it can be done. I don't have the resources though, to go and "interview people". Mind you, there are always loose-ends in a double cross. These are mostly dealt by the instigators with cash or death. Starting with Palmer, he used to be a big donor to the Liberals (CONservatives). He will profit from doing NOTHING ABOUT climate change while claiming to be on the side of "mankind" on this subject. Despicable. If he was thus inclined to do "something" about global warming, he would stop his Galilee investments forthwith and battle to stop this development and ENFORCE the carbon pricing.

Fat pigs are still flying past my window, and compared to Clive Palmer's hide, they look as if they have not eaten anything for six months... 


Gus Leonisky

Your local double-cross expert

palmer's clean palms...


The man who helped design Australia's current carbon pricing scheme has praised Clive Palmer over his decision to block the abolition of the Renewable Energy Target.

Economist and carbon pricing expert Professor Ross Garnaut says the Palmer United Party's position to vote to retain the RET and other key climate change bodies will have "important" and positive effects.

"We're in a better position than we were before this news," he told the ABC's 7.30 program on Thursday.

"We're in a better position than when we were facing abolition of carbon pricing, major tampering with the Renewable Energy Target, abolition of the Climate Change Authority, abolition of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

"It may not be the ideal way of doing things, but Mr Palmer's support for keeping existing arrangements will have important effects."


I know... But the aim of the game in a discreet Abbott-Palmer sting is FIRST AND FOREMOST TO get rid of the "carbon pricing"... When this is done and delivered... Palmer's ETS "proposal" has no chance in hell to get through the house of reps... Please consider that Palmer is a COAL MINER about to develop the biggest coal mine in history on this planet... How is the next trick going to be done?...

There are many ways I can see in which the reduction targets and the Clean Energy Commission will be shafted by Palmer... But I will tell you of only one:

He votes against the abolition of emission targets and against the abolition of the Clean Energy Commission in the house of representatives... It does not cost him anything because he knows the bills would pass with the majority being held by his mates, the rabid right wing... His palms are clean.

But in the Senate, one or two of "his" PUP senators decide to go on their own and "bite the boss"... It has been done before. So they vote for the abolition of the Clean Energy Commission and the abolition of the emission targets... Easy? No?

So Palmer's palms are clean and the deed has been done... Of course he would disown his own for not playing according to his rules. And I basically know who "will do the dirty" on him in the senate. But of course the whole thing would have been orchestrated by Palmer... In a very cunning way. This of course is never done by "direct" instructions but by stirring and fomenting dissent in his own ranks... I know the tricks... I have seen it before and I've used it before. It needs a devious person to know one...

Do not forget Palmer is a COAL MINER and very clever debonair trickster.


Gus Leonisky

Your local deviousness expert.

al bundy would be proud of you...


I know, I know... I am repeating myself, but you all need to read this several times to fully realise what I have been harping on about (and read all articles from top)...:


Dear Mr Gore...

Can I call you Al?...

Al, this could be your first visit to these weirdo shores. I don't know if this is so, but welcome anyway.
My first advice would be to be prepared. Of all the "Inglese" hegemony in the world — the USA, the UK and even New Zealand with its belching sheep, Australia is the most prone to bullshitting by its people for fun — and its right wing politicians for power... The left-wingers are often lost in space, looking at their own navels for sins past... or belly button lint.
After only a couple of hundred years of going troppo in isolation, plus celebrating some "glorious" defeat that defines the fighting spirit of this nation of bogans, the place is a weirdo haven with a few redeeming features like the Harbour Bridge and Collins Street Station... 
The weather here is fine, apart from a cyclone here and there, plus some droughts, bush fires and floods, all eventually becoming more severe under the effects of global warming.
By the way your "Inconvenient Truth" was a smasher that most of the Aussies would go along with, except for the coal which keeps this lazy-go-lucky economy going. 
Let me say that you fell in with the wrong crowd today... Palmer is the king of bullshit though he has a debonair cunning Aussie attitude that could melt the ice of the north pole had global warming not done so for the past few years. 
Palmer is a COAL MINER for krissake, and an industrialist — god bless him — who makes money by destroying the earth, slowly. He's a big investor in a new coal mine in Queensland, a place called Galilee that has nothing with the sacred ground Jesus walked upon, but is what could be the biggest coal mine in the world. Alleluya!
If Palmer is the king of bullshit, Tony Abbott is the emperor. And they work in a tandem. Today it looks as if you endorsed Palmer's devious scheme. I say devious because there is buckley's chance his second part of "his" proposal could get off the ground. Anyone worth their sarcasm would know that. So Palmer's PUP will vote for the repeal of the carbon pricing, THEN will try to get an ETS through the house of representatives... You're kidding me... It's like assaulting the Atlantic wall with a couple of old jeeps. Palmer knows this but he will claim the high moral ground because you were with him "on behalf of mankind"... (bugger the "womankind")... This is so silly it brings tears of laughter and pain to my eyes. 
Mr Gore, you have to restore your standing that suddenly was dipped in the mud by the art of Aussie bullshit. Please tell Mr Palmer to stop his repeal of the Carbon pricing, PLEASE. 
Tell him you know what he is up to... But be aware, this was only the beginning of a marathon of bullshit. You need to watch it coming thick and fast so you can duck... I know the Yanks are a bit naive, but you, Al, can do better than appear to sleep in the same bed as Mr Palmer, like Al Bundy would.



Gus Leonisky

Your local sarcasm expert. Am I the only imbecile old kook who sees this sting?

(I could be wrong but I don't think so...)

Note: today (27 June 2014), this site — in its ninth year of publishing — has collected its 100,003rd INDIVIDUAL new reader of comments. According to the logs, this means the site has been visited by more than 1 million individuals, who just come in to see the toons but do not read the comments. Please tell all your friends — and your enemies (I believe you do not have any, because we're all nice people).

congratulation, you are our 100,003rd new reader...

Today (27 June 2014), this site — in its ninth year of publishing — has collected its 100,003rd INDIVIDUAL new reader of comments. According to the logs, this means the site has been visited by more than 1 million individuals, who just come in to see the toons (but do not read the comments). Please tell all your friends — and your enemies (I believe you do not have any, because we're all nice people). This also indicates the vicinity of more than 10 million hits... (On trend, by end of day the 100,003 figure might be 100,095)


Congratulation to all our readers (100,003!) and visitors only (over 1 million). We don't know who you are anyway and there is no prizes awarded for being loyal, for being curious and true to the cause of human well-being in a fairer political system on a small warming up planet that we are buggering up. We sometimes can be off the mark, but please forgive us, we're only a couple of old kooks (talking for myself) possibly three from time to time — and a tiny bunch of one "IT" geezer debugging the site. May I thank all the contributors, patrons, helpers past and present and future... 

May we get rid of Tony Abbott — the pathological liar in power of this fair country, called Australia with a 60,000 years of human history. May we contribute to improving the lives of far more people than we could hurt with our nasty comments (for example, saying that Tony Abbott is a lying turd).

someone asked me to provide another way the senate...

Someone justifiably asked me another way the senate could pass the abolition of the Renewable Energy Target, the abolition of the Climate Change Authority and abolition of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (I called them sumpthin' else in my articles to show my disdain of Palmer and Abbott) — apart from some PUP senator helping along by voting FOR the abolition...

Yes I agree, the PUP senators may not "dissent" as I foresee would happen. But all the Abbott regime needs is one vote extra in its favour to tip the balance. 

Thus all opposing hands need to be on deck to stop Abbott regime's idiocy. Don't plan on "pairing" at the time of the "crucial" vote, which could also cleverly delayed and then get major salvos from the merde-och press to manipulate public opinion by publishing say articles "tainting" the Climate Change Authority and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, until the pressure becomes such that these two bodies collapse.




Being deprived from income from the carbon pricing and possibly getting a "new" CEO (wink wink), the Clean Energy Finance Corporation could die of its own death with "unacceptable" accumulation of debt...

In regard to renewable energy targets, whether they are achieved or not, the Abbott regime COULD NOT CARE LESS... and with the merde-och media pushing and hailing the kingdom of mining, renewables will take a front seat in hell or be burnt to the stakes of public opinion turning against the windmills...

The Climate Change Authority is already being muzzled by the likes of Maurice Newman and Dick Warburton. 

So there, the Palmer trick illusion will have been completed and the abolition of all whatevers DOES NOT have to go to a vote. Brilliant.



But should there be a senate vote for the abolition of the renewable targets, the abolition of the Climate Change Authority and the abolition of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, and should the PUP senator be true to their words (ahahaha)... let me say here there would be some discreet "knee-capping" of some other vulnerable senators. The sick, the wounded and those in child labour would have to be counted on the floor of the Senate in full. Buses, trains, planes will have to be on time. Cars of the government motor pool cannot afford to run out of petrol or have an accident, or have mechanical failure... Any absence of one single decent senator against the bills, will let the abolition bills through...

Is this enough ways to stuff up a "crucial" vote that may not see the light of day, because of the reasons explained in the Note above? And believe me there are plenty more ways to let Tony destroy everything in his path once the carbon pricing is removed... Palmer and Abbott United? For sure. The aim of this smoke and mirror trick by sneaky Palmer and his United Party is to LET THE CARBON PRICE REPEAL THROUGH.


After that there is no more ball game... The process of having Australia at the forefront of emission reductions has gone through the window with the bath water... Turdy and Palmer have conned you.



the senate, soon to be invaded by ignoramuses...


The PUP senator-elect Dio Wang told Guardian Australia he did not accept the idea of global warming caused by humans. Palmer said Gore had “made his comments independently of me”.

While tariff barriers have been talked about during international climate talks, no country imposes them or has concrete plans to do so.

The PUP has said it will back the repeal of the carbon pricing scheme when the new Senate begins in July – but will not support the abolition of the CEFC or the Climate Change Authority and will not back mooted changes to the renewable energy target, which the government has under review.

Palmer has said he will try to introduce a new emissions trading scheme with the price set at zero until other countries take action, but this is almost certain to be defeated in the lower house


Let's say here that if you believe Clive's cri de coeur about climate change, you're an idiot. He is a clever trickster hell bent on getting the repeal of the carbon pricing. All the rest is just window dressing, while the murder is being committed.

I strongly disagree with Sandi Keane...


When climate realists and coal billionaires share a stage to commit to climate change action, the end is nigh for the climate dinosaurs, says deputy editor Sandi Keane.

THE MEDIA HAS STRUGGLED since Wednesday to make sense of the Palmer/Gore shock presser with guess-which-media monopoly trumpeting it as a win for Abbott and many of the more independent-hue cynically declaring it a damp squib and Crikey even going so far as to call it a win for climate denialists.

Now, after the media frenzy that followed the bizarre coupling of Australia’s Living Treasure (and sworn AGW-denier) with Planet Earth’s Super Hero in a so-touted ‘Clive Palmer saves the world’ media conference, we’ve had some clear air and time to sober up.

Firstly, it should be noted, Al Gore – former U.S. vice-president and rightful victor in the 2000 U.S. presidential election – is no-one's fool.

I was privileged to be a guest at a Melbourne breakfast with Gore some years ago. During his speech, I witnessed first-hand his unyielding faith in the power of truth and facts. This Nobel laureate is on a turbo-charged mission. He’s outcome-driven and this, coupled with being a master of the art of suasion, is the key to his success.


But when politically powerful coal mining billionaires decide the time for action on climate change has come then the end of the age of the climate dinosaurs has truly arrived.

read more:,6619



An annoyed Gus:

Sandi, Like all other journalists in this land, you have chosen to trust Palmer. If Palmer's intention where honestly honest, he would not vote for the repeal of the carbon pricing. Full stop. His song and dance to do this-and-that is only a very clever smokescreen to make us swallow the abolition of the carbon pricing which at this stage is far more efficient than Palmer's fancy ETS that has not a chance in hell of being implemented AND PALMER KNOWS THIS. It's a con trick, like a card trick...

Palmer and Abbott are working together on this. Please read from top.

And by the way, "one" of the PUP new dorks has already signalled that "he does not believe in climate change"... Thus you can kiss good-bye to his vote against the abolition of the renewable targets, against the abolition of the Climate Change Authority and against the abolition of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation...

Please read also:  the double cross of australian politics...


see also Crikey: 


The politics: Palmer delivers a big win for climate denialists




supermarkets roughshod tactics...

Supermarket chain Coles had admitted threatening suppliers with sanctions such as refusing to stock new products and blocking access to sales forecasts when they declined to pay extra rebates to participate in a new supply chain program.

In its 34-page defence of unconscionable conduct allegations by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Australia’s second largest food and liquor retailer has made more than 98 “admissions.”

These admissions include using formalised scripts to sell the benefits of participating in the new supply chain program and ‘escalating’ recalcitrant suppliers up the Coles management chain when they resisted.

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Read Gus article at top in regard to politics and supermarkets tactics...