Tuesday 29th of July 2014

the abbott regime hates science...

the dish

The Dish — "in a sheep paddock" outside Parkes... Picture by Gus Leonisky.

“Parkes’ Biggest Event Since Gold Discovery”, screamed the headline of the Parkes Champion-Post one August day in 1958.

It reported that the previous evening, Richard Casey, the minister for Australia’s science agency, the CSIRO, had announced that a sheep paddock outside Parkes in western New South Wales would be the site of Australia’s new, £500m giant radio telescope.

Casey said that Australia had already played a pioneering role in the burgeoning field of radio astronomy. “With the aid of this giant radio telescope, Australian scientists will be able to maintain for us a prominent position in this new and important branch of science,” he said.

The telescope has spent more than half a century since picking up signals, perhaps none more important than a faint transmission in the late hours of 20 July, 1969. Famously, one-fifth of the world’s population watched Neil Armstrong’s first walk on the moon in grainy footage beamed from right here in rural NSW.

This month, the telescope featured in another Champion-Post front page, but it was a glummer story. It read that the Parkes observatory would not be spared from a $111m cut to CSIRO funding in the May federal budget. Staff numbers would be “scaled down” and more scientists would have to use the telescope remotely.


Meanwhile the Abbott regime finds some extra cash to fund "chaplains in public schools"... UGLY UGLY UGLY...


no leeches... but "co-payments" to destroy medicare...


Under our Dark Lord Abbott’s present public service jobs freeze, the CSIRO look to lose about a quarter of their staff, reports the Syndey Morning Herald.

Thanks to Tony’s plan to cut 12,000 jobs from public servants, the employment of 1,400 non-ongoing CSIRO staff and the research projects they’re working on are threatened. Sadly for these workers with their heads on the block there are no answers for them.

Maybe the Minster for Science could help?

Oh wait… that’s right.

No science minister, no climate change commission, a quarter of CSIRO left to die, the environment minister is not attending the international climate change negotiations in Warsaw, the NBN ripped out from under us… Anyone else feel we are rapidly moving backwards?

What’s next Tony?

How much do you want to bet that by this time next year Tony will have downgraded Medicare so that it only covers the use of leeches and amputation?



The co-payment is supposed to fund a medical research activity for which there is no plan and no financial structure except that the money will be "invested" and the interest will be used to fund "medical research"...

If you believe Tony and Joe are telling you porkies, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT as Julia Zemiro would say on Rockwhiz... Those two are completely BONKERS or "meschugge"!!! in Julia's mother's lingo that would be completement cinglé...


meanwhile in the netherlands... and australia...


Gold for Dutch girl at mathematics Olympiad

Saturday 12 July 2014

Dutch teenager Michelle Sweering (17) is the only girl to have won a gold medal at the International Mathematic Olympiad in South Africa.

With six medals and six entrants, the Netherlands ended up in 13th place in the overall rankings, which were led by China, the US, Taiwan and Japan. In total, 101 countries took part.

‘We knew we had a good team, but these results beat our expectations,’ coach Quintijn Puite told news agency ANP. ‘We are incredibly proud of them all.’

Michelle, from Krimpen aan den Ijssel, was one of just 15 of the 560 competitors to solve the most difficult puzzle.


- See more at: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2014/07/gold_for_dutch_girl_at_



Meanwhile Australia was placed 11th (no women in the team)... Germany was 16th... You won't see these result in Aussie papers... 

read more: http://www.imo-official.org/year_country_r.aspx?year=2014

an unfair idiot attacks the abc...


A Coalition senator who called for the ABC to be sold because of perceived left-wing bias has been ridiculed by Labor as a "fruit loop".

Queensland Liberal National senator James McGrath used his maiden speech in Parliament to call for the GST to be increased and applied to "everything", and for an overhaul of the public broadcaster.

The former senior Liberal adviser asked for a review of the ABC's charter and said if the broadcaster did not address concerns about bias it should be sold and replaced by a "regional and rural broadcasting service".

"While it continues to represent only inner-city leftist views, and funded by our taxes, it is in danger of losing its social licence to operate," he said.

He also called for the federal health and education departments to be axed, and for the GST to be increased to 15 per cent and applied across the board to pay for the abolition of the payroll and company taxes.

Labor senator Doug Cameron has attacked Senator McGrath as a "Tea Party extremist".

"I'm still gobsmacked by that speech," Senator Cameron told reporters on his way into Parliament this morning.

"It's clear that the extremists are the ones that are coming into Parliament from the Coalition – this Tea Party approach dominates the Coalition ... from Tony Abbott down.

"What is it with these people, what is it with them?


Even right-wing people I meet would admit privately that the ABC is now far more shifted to the right-wing... To have this coalition fruit-loop do a "maiden speech"  that is an abomination of idiocy shows how low the standard of politicians has gone — below the sewers into the putrid cesspools of right-wing decay... "Fruit-loop" is too kind for this idiot.


a mandate to destroy the future as he sees fit?...


Asked last week about his previous depiction of climate scientists as alarmists, Abbott told the ABC that “on either side of most arguments some people go a little over the top”.

“My position is that climate change is real, humanity does make a contribution and it's important to have strong and effective policies to deal with it and that's exactly what the Coalition's Direct Action policy is,” he said.

The government is looking to bring in Direct Action – which would provide $2.55bn in funding for carbon abatement – to replace the carbon price, which was abolished last week.

read more: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/21/abbott-praised-for-fighting-green-blob-by-former-uk-environment-minister


One would have to be a moron to believe that Tony Abbott is serious about global warming. His main aim with "his direct action" is to fill the pockets of his mates, the polluters, for token reduction in emissions which no-one would be able to judge or measure, except Tony's appointed denialist mates, in charge of the purse. As Turnbull rightly suggested, "this is open to corruption" and fiddling of bookkeeping rather than relying on the solid measurement of the total amount of carbon burnt — as per the carbon pricing.

And between you, me and a Sinodinos "I can't recall", Tony is a fully fledged denialist, despite making loud farts to the contrary. If he truly "believed" in global warming being anthropogenic (which it is) he would not have repealed the carbon pricing which was working well, he would not have sacked all the scientists working on this problem and he would not be trying to "repeal" all the commission of this and that, including dismissing renewable targets. Tony Abbott is a hypocrite first class, telling fibs to con the public. And basically, he is an idiot who thinks he has a mandate to destroy the future as he sees fit.


blind to science, abbott wants science to be blind...


The radio telescopes at Parkes and Narrabri may shut within two years “without substantial, long-term external investment”, the chief of the CSIRO’s space research division has warned.

It was expected that funding for the telescopes would diminish as the next-generation square kilometre array (SKA) telescope comes online between 2020 and 2025.

But the head of the CSIRO astronomy and space science department, Lewis Ball, said the $114m cut to the agency’s funding in the May federal budget “ramps up the pressure and means that we have to make significant changes right now”.

“This is a budget cut for the current financial year, which we only became aware of when the federal budget was announced on 13 May,” he said. “So we’re dealing with a $3m cut, amounting to 15% of our budget, on six weeks’ notice.”

He told the Australian Astronomical Society this week that “without substantial, long-term external investment”, the agency would have to “cease funding of one or more of Parkes and the Australian telescope compact array [at Narrabri]”.

The future of the two centres, which astronomers inside CSIRO said were “at the peak of their ability”, was already uncertain, because federal government funding under the national collaborative research infrastructure strategy was due to run out in mid-2015.


Tony Abbott is a thug and an idiot...