Sunday 21st of September 2014

keeping isis at beige...


Mr Obama's decision to address the media in a breezy, light-coloured summer suit swiftly took centre stage for many, even though he was talking about Russian responsibility for rebel actions in Ukraine and ongoing US air strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq.

"Yes we tan" became the mocking rally cry on social media as Mr Obama gave a statement and then took questions from what some have deemed a horrified press corps.

In 2012 the president told Vanity Fair he only wore "grey or blue suits".

But by breaking that promise - despite his sharp-looking, seasonal attire - Mr Obama inadvertently gave birth to #suitgate, with the snark from America's aspiring fashion critics exploding on Twitter.

"I'm sorry but you can't declare war in a suit like that," guffawed Wall Street Journal reporter @damianpaletta.

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it's a trap...

Discussion of military action against the Islamic State (Isis) is veering close to the stupidly binary – where someone either agrees with every as-yet-unspecified thing the government wants to do, or is accused of being blind to the danger and the atrocities.

If there is one thing we should have learned from the last decade it is surely the folly of committing to military action without a clear understanding of the precise objectives of the involvement, what we want to achieve or how long we are prepared to stay.

There is a humanitarian crisis in northern Iraq, Isis is engaging in mass murder and US president Barack Obama has quite rightly described the aim of previous US air strikes as being to “prevent an act of genocide”. Most people would consider it a situation that warrants action by the US and its allies.