Wednesday 20th of January 2021

road kill, soon...

i am with stupid

sinking with the captain...

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he and deputy leader Julie Bishop will "stand together" to defeat a leadership spill motion due to be brought by a Liberal backbencher at next week's party room meeting.

Liberal MP Luke Simpkins has confirmed he will push for a spill of the party's leadership positions on Tuesday morning.

This afternoon Mr Abbott made a brief statement to reporters, saying he and Ms Bishop would stand against the motion.

"They [the spill backers] are asking the party room to vote out the people that the electorate voted in in September 2013," he said.

Ms Bishop issued a statement saying that due to Cabinet solidarity, she agreed there should be support for the current leadership team in the spill motion.


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a few bad ass... and anyone but him...


But Abbott’s backers are pushing for a Credlin shift and a ditching of the GP co-payment and higher education reforms, as a way of brokering a reprieve. (Formally ditching those policies would of course leave the disconnect between deficit rhetoric and fiscal reality even larger.)

Those determined for leadership change kept pouring fuel on the fire, and then lit the match at 1.26pm on Friday. It came from two backbenchers from Western Australia. Luke Simpkins, the man who will move the spill motion, clearly prefers Julie Bishop. But he also revealed he’d spoken about his intentions 24 hours earlier with John Howard’s former chief of staff, Arthur Sinodinos, who is close to Malcolm Turnbull.

Then the prime minister revealed that Bishop was opposing the spill motion, and at the time of writing neither Bishop nor Turnbull had declared. But Bishop said she was opposing the spill motion only “due to cabinet solidarity and her position as deputy”, which didn’t rule out that she would stand if the motion succeeded.



fluffy smells in the breeze...

imagine a cartoon as follows:

A smelly unravelling sock pegged on a line. The sock has the image of our glorious non-leader in charge, Tonnichio, the liar. Some "smell lines" float in the air away from the sock... The thought-bubble of course is "I am still the big stinking cheese"...


Congrats... Of course the Liberals are pissweak and know they have to get rid of him... but they wont... We know that...

sacking the good-sensed lying (or not) liberals...

Liberal MPs have been given a guarantee by the Prime Minister he will sack any staff member caught backgrounding against them, in the first party room meeting since yesterday's "near-death" leadership vote.




Watching that Queen of Bias Bishop in the speakers chair today only reinforces we are stuck with a bunch liars, crooks, idiots , dopes and rorters. No wonder we have the idiot Captain and the just won't listen mentality of this Coalition. She will not allow anyone of the Opposition to embarrass, hold to account or ask a hard question of her dear, dear Tony. He is allowed to hide, distract and outright con the voter. Hockey is no better. I don't care what Abbott says or promises or talks bout. He is a liar, will always be a liar. His staff are just as shonky and I don't care either way if they keep their jobs or lose them it is obvious they think little of our well being or the good of our Country.


7:31 PM on 10/02/2015

turnbull, now the other smelly sock in the breeze...

Malcolm Turnbull has warned that politicians must resist being “bullied” by media figures such as Alan Jones and instead win the respect of the public by standing their ground.

The communications minister, who was widely expected to run for the Liberal leadership if Monday’s spill motion against Tony Abbott had succeeded, said politicians should stand up for their beliefs and “not be bullied into an echo chamber”.

The warning came as Abbott tried to put Monday’s defeated spill motion behind him, and told his party room that if any staff from the prime minister’s office were briefing the media against members of parliament it would be a “sackable offence”.

The deputy Liberal leader, Julie Bishop, said leadership spills were “so yesterday”, but lent weight to critics of Abbott’s chief of staff, Peta Credlin, by saying the prime minister must respond to criticism of his staffing arrangements “if they are valid concerns”.


One must realise that Alan Jones is sacred grounds... for conservative politicians... Cartoonists and left wing can bag the old fellow senseless, but TURNBULL? It's like signing a death sentence... ONE'S OWN... Tada Malcolm...


The only conduit that can con the public to "have respect" for this idiotic government is to have the Alan Jones to polish the lily with the greater swingers out-there... But even then, Alan Jones would not risk his reputation of being good by supporting these idiots, would he?

dangling in the breeze...

From Mungo MacCallum


Yet another captain's pick that hasn't worked.

Tony Abbott's attempt to ambush the party room into a premature party room vote has produced the worst possible outcome for just about everyone except for Bill Shorten.

A few more votes for a spill would have led to a discreet tap on the shoulder from his colleagues, or, if that didn't work, they would be breaking down the door. A few less and it could have been spun as decisive win, a chance for a real recovery. At least it would have been some sort of result.

As it is, a very substantial proportion of the backbench - perhaps even a majority - have declared that they want to get rid of him, not because they like Malcolm Turnbull or anyone else but just because he is Tony Abbott: erratic, pig-headed and above all a loser. He will dangle in the breeze until they cut him down.

The wreckage of the Liberal Party is scattered far and wide, and no doubt sifting through the debris will take a very long time. But some of the major pieces of the charred remains can be discerned already, and the most obvious ones reveal that the calls from so many of the chieftains, especially those of the right, have been utterly wrongheaded - even delusional.

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fluffy smells in the breeze...

hot-mixed stare-master makes emoji...

Today Show host Karl Stefanovic had asked Ms Bishop whether she was familiar with a Thermomix, a $2000 appliance billed by its manufacturers as being "the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market today".

The Governor-General's office had put in a request to purchase the kitchen marvel, on Tuesday mystifying several politicians in Senate estimates who had never heard of the luxury contraption.

Liberal senator Cory Bernardi eventually had to educate his colleagues by describing the appliance as being "very popular amongst the home master chefs of today".

It seems Ms Bishop is among the ignorant.

Stefanovic asked: "Julie Bishop, do you know what a Thermomix is? Two grand for an appliance is a lot of money."

Ms Bishop replied: "I'm going to answer in emoji," before pulling a baffled face and shrugging her shoulders.

The online consensus was that she nailed it.

forgiveness of the fool...

Malcolm Turnbull has defended Prime Minister Tony Abbott's claim that remote indigenous communities are "lifestyle choices", saying his comments should not be turned into a "let's-give-Tony-Abbott-a-belting occasion".

Malcolm Turnbull led a ministerial defence of the Prime Minister who has faced widespread criticism on Wednesday for describing remote communities as "lifestyle choices" when querying how much government support should be provided to small outback communities.

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Amazing all the Libs (CON artists in CONservative spectrum) want us to do is not bash their precious Turd who to say the least is making shit look good. Malcolm demands forgiveness once more, a he is not ready to climb onto the podium which is still full of turds... Not good enough Mal... Go and play with your chopped trees if you will.  Had Gillard (or Rudd) made similar comments as Turdy, the media would be in flames... But, still considering the option of forgiveness for the 649 thingies that Turdy's mucked up... Turdy is a darling in the media, isn't he?... He says things off the cuff that he does not understand or means and if he says he means turdy things, well it's only another one of turdy's thingies...


Forgiveness of the fool is DANGEROUS, when the fool is still leading you to catastrophe... The fool needs to be  gently (forcibly if needed) sidelined should you want to survive.... Malcolm you're a dead duck...