Saturday 8th of August 2020

A Born Conservative attacks the ABC...


bolt attack

The communications minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has defended the ABC against accusations of leftist bias, saying the publicly-funded broadcaster holds politicians of all persuasions to account.

Turnbull appeared on conservative commentator Andrew Bolt’s Sunday morning program, where the host asked him several questions on whether the ABC is biased.

Bolt said the ABC was “campaigning against the budget” and that its interviews after the document was released on Tuesday night were unbalanced and impartial.

The communications minister repeatedly refused to classify the coverage in those terms.

“I think the ABC, like most media organisations, is determined to hold the government, any government, up to account, and politicians, of course, always feel that the media is too critical,” Turnbull told Bolt.

“I wouldn’t characterise all those people [ABC interviewers] as leftist – that’s far too strong a term,” he continued. “They’re certainly to the left of you. You are a conservative commentator and you have every right to be. You have a right to bias that the ABC does not.

“As a conservative, I believe it is important to have a wide range of views and competing opinions. The big difference with the ABC is that unlike Channel Ten, unlike the Australian or the Telegraph, they have to be impartial.”

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ABC ladies should be like pussycats and get their tummy tickled.


Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull advised two of the ABC's most prominent journalists to adopt a "less aggressive" style of interviewing but defended them against accusations they are biased.

Mr Turnbull made a rare appearance on Network Ten's The Bolt Report, which is hosted by conservative columnist Andrew Bolt. Bolt and Mr Turnbull have previously and publicly clashed over issues including climate change [and] the Liberal leadership.

On Sunday, Mr Bolt, a prominent critic of the ABC accused the host of Lateline Emma Alberici and 730's Leigh Sales of conducting biased interviews during Tuesday night's budget coverage.

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even god sits on the left of andrew bolt...


Sales and Alberici both defended their budget week interviews and said they have no intention of adopting a less adversarial style in future interviews.


"People are far quicker to attack a woman in public than they would a man," Alberici said.

"When I do a tough interview I will be called an 'aggressive bitch' but when [fellow Lateline co-host] Tony Jones does a similar interview he is just tough. No one would call him a bitch. That's something we grapple with [as female interviewers] because people don't want us to be tough."

Alberici added that, to be fair to Mr Turnbull, the Communications Minister had previously strongly criticised 2GB broadcaster Alan Jones for saying that Julia Gillard's father had "died of shame". Former 7.30 host Kerry O'Brien, who had previously worked as a Labor staffer, was also regularly criticised by the Coalition, she said. 

But she said it was "silly" for Mr Turnbull to use the term aggressive to describe a television interview.

"It suggests some kind of animosity between interviewer and interviewee that doesn't exist," she said.

"For all the nonsense about bias we are all just doing our job."

Alberici said she doesn't "understand the hoo-ha" about her post-budget interview with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann in which she accused the government of making up "nonsense" figures that "you continue to trot out".

"I was just trying to bring facts to the table - that's what we are supposed to do. I don't think doing a challenging interview is biased. I think the opposite: we should be challenging everyone who is in front of us."

Alberici added: "It is a bit rich for Andrew Bolt to complain about bias. Everyone is to the left of Andrew Bolt. And that certainly includes Malcolm Turnbull."

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