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As "terrorism" is spreading like an ebola infection in the "extended" Western World, (presently in Tunisia-38 dead, France-one decapitated and Kuwait-27 dead), one has to ask where it's coming from. Because let's face it, according to the press, such as the glorious merde-och press, "Evil Rocks World" and of course IS (ISIS or ISIL) is blamed fair and square. Okay. No argument.

So what or who are IS (ISIS or ISIL or "death Cult" as out Turdy calls them?)... Well, the latest attacks, and like those of 9/11 on the World Trade centre in New York, and most other acts of terror in the world (apart from a white supremacist kid in Charleston) have come from extreme Wahhabi Sunnis that WE "support" in a complicated set of detours through our "friends" the Saudis in order to defeat Iran, Iraq (once more, this time deviously of course) and bother Russia (through Chechen terrorists)... IS (ISIL or ISIS) is a branch of extreme Wahhabi Sunnis, as was (and is) Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab and other Al-Terrah organisations... 99 per cent of terror on this planet comes from Wahhabi-aligned dudes. Wahhabism is the central religion of the Saudi and that of the other tinpot despot countries in this region of the world.

Need I say more?...
Who is playing a double-game or is engaged in a double-cross?
Presently the Saudis, with the support of Americans, are fighting ALONGSIDE AL QUAEDA, in Yemen to defeat an insurrection of Shiite-aligned Houthis. Who are the terrorists?
Presently the Saudis, The US and Australia are trying to defeat the government of Syria by financing "rebels" (read: terrorists) including some who saw a bit of opportunity coming their way and became ISIS with a bit of a nudge from rich Saudis since they (ISIS) are now destroying Iraq so carefully destroyed and "reconstructed" by the US beforehand. 
So we've decided to "fight" ISIS with a bendy-stick, mostly because "things" have gone out of hand. But we (the US) don't mind ISIS really because ISIS is destroying the Shiite-led Iraq government and its "poorly-trained armies (trained by the US of course)" as it is tending to be friend with Iran and Syria. 
So we're want to "help" Iraq defeat ISIS, but not really. The gulf between the official line and the undercurrent of our deceit is staggering. We send "more advisors" to what we know is an army of defeatists. And of course the only force that can defeat ISIS in Iraq are the Shiite militias (prepared to die for the cause) but we still see them as "terrorists"... Same with the Kurds... Meanwhile the Russians are staying put and say nothing but we'll blame them nonetheless for "supporting" Syria and Iran...
We are blinded... What I mean here that the Western populace is blinded by the neat "double-cross" of the US government and its allies (turdish vassals)... It appears as if the US were fumbling, but the fumbles are neatly stage-managed for the proportion of payoff being larger than the negatives... The main payoff: Oil and division that creates weakness in others... and getting rid of secular democracies
Yes, terrorism suits us to a tee. It makes our innate inane butt tighten. It promotes NATIONALISM like you would not believe... Our Turdy would be over the moon... The more terrorist attacks he can decry, the better HIS polls. Would you believe it?
We are waging a war on Terror and a few explosions in Kuwait is the glorious price to pay. In fact we are pissing everywhere in order to stop the spread of Democracy — as mentioned earlier.
Big premise indeed. The US and most of the Western World hate Democracy. I will be more precise: we hate secular democracy in which people are ruling the roost. We (via our rulers which we elect from various bunches of psychopaths) want democracy ruled by the multinationals and cash. Our little job is to slave in comfort and shut up. This is why the TPP negotiations are secret and will be unleashed upon us whether we like it or not. We have no choice but to present our arse to be kicked undemocratically. And should we protest, we will be sued by the system — or placed in prison, without trace.
One of the latest example of this desire to bring "pseudo-democracy alla multinationals" was Libya. Libya was "ruled by a dictator" Gaddafi. We loved him, we did not like him, we pinned some terror attack on him (Lockerbie), we hated him, we loved him again  — especially when Tony Blair became his best mate and Gaddafi renounced to develop nuclear weapons which he was not doing anyway but he played along with the joke... 
Eventually we DID NOT LIKE GADDAFI because he was not playing the international debt game. Libya was successful at employing Africans (possibly below the minimum wage, but who cares) and by NOT really OWING A CENT (Libya had the lowest debt on the planet which was very well managed) to the rest of the world. Thus Libya, as ruled by a benevolent dictator who lived in a tent ((The US bombed his palace, this is why he was living in a tent, giving him "mobility"), was a country where the West had little leverage into turning it in a fiefdom. Gaddafi was unceremoniously killed rather than face international court on his "alleged" war crimes, because he would have spilled the innards of the double-cross (Gaddafi was a smart guy — HE kept records and receipts...).  In the US, the CONservative Republicans are still pursuing Hillary Clinton for Benghazi, where a possible mistake in gauging the dangers to the US citizen at the US embassy was possibly made or not.
This is the real game of throne here: The US wants vassals and serfs. Anyone who does not play this game is declared "evil" or at least "recalcitrant" and shall be "exterminated" or "reformed" with a slap in the face — or ruined like Greece... (addendum: Greece was ruined by US banks to DAMAGE EUROPE "unification". Next on the list will be Portugal, Spain and Italy.)
So the West liberated Libya from the tyrant, using and arming "terrorists" mostly on the side of Al Qaeda and other misfitted outfits that have turned into "we-had-no-idea-this-would-happen" ISIS. Libya is a mess. All this is created of course done under the supervision and the approval of the Saudis and Israel who, like the USA, hate any form of secular democracy in which the people rule and the US hate benevolent dictatorship in which the majority of people are happy to sell dried figs and produce petroleum, outside OPEC. 
The USA hate "secular democracy" aka "socialism" far more than "terrorism", which it sponsors as a way for us to rally behind big brother and become outraged — not about the sponsorship — but about the spilt blood and the explosions. We want revenge and of course the next poor guy who asks a question becomes road-kill. 
So what happened next? All the Africans who were working for Gaddafi's Libya and got caught in the crossfire between "rival" factions of Islamwhateverism are taking to the high sea on rickety boats and trying to reach Europe for a better life, because they have no way of going back to the slavery and poverty in their countries of origins. Thus many perish in this low class desperate invasion of Europe... Drowning in hope is better than dying in slavery...
As well, of course, Libya, destroyed by the war (mostly led by the American puppet, Sarkozy of France), now owes billions to the rest of the world in loans for "reconstruction"... The word is a euphemism for "invasion of the multinationals who can show these retarded Arabs how to to things the Western way". We own you : we gave you the guns for you to get killed for your version of Allah's banquet.
For the Empire to work it has to be ruled with an illusion of democracy, but in fact it is ruled as an elitocracy dictatorship. The god of this dictatorship is cash with the eye on top of a truncated pyramid. The rich dudes sponsor the various psychopaths who will dictate the next move in the deception. The only difference between one mob and the other is in internal affairs about which colours are in the rainbow.
And we're all caught in it, at various levels from hating windmills to terrorism... We're in it up to the eyeballs, because let's face it here again, IS (ISIS or ISIL or "death Cult") is a fabrication of our own, paid for in cash by the US supported Wahhabism, to defeat Shiites and "secular democracy" which we hate far more than "terror"... 
Terror is useful to our version of "democratic patriotism" which is a self-imposed big brother kind of soft absolute despotism in which we can all play Mother Courage... in which loving-god is unfortunately vanishing from reason back into his vengeful-self, and in which the constantly reinforced psychological stick of fear is mightier than army boots. 
And the merde-och press loves it. We should hate the "manipulation", but our comfort is sold under the caveated illusion that it is dependent of our submissive sheepness. "We love our freedom to be sheep" though we cannot be any different under this system.
Welcome to another great double-cross

Gus Leonisky
Your local master of deceit expertise.


may 2, 2011...


Nato is facing urgent questions about the legality of its air strike on a Gaddafi family compound at the weekend, which the Libyan government said had killed the leader's second youngest son, 29-year old Saif al-Arab, and three grandchildren under 12. The grandchildren were not named.

The Libyan government spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, said Muammar Gaddafi and his wife, Safiya, had been in the building at the time, but had escaped injury. He said the aim of the attack was clear: to assassinate the Libyan leader.

Nato swiftly scrambled to deny that it was targeting any individuals, insisting that it was only interested in attacking the military command structure.

The prime minister, David Cameron, told the BBC that UN resolutions permitted attacks against the regime's "command and control" sites because their aim was to prevent "a loss of civilian life by targeting Gaddafi's war-making machine".

We got rid of Gaddafi and replaced him with some Islamwhaterver fighting nutcases... Welcome to REAL "terror" sponsored by the state... The USA... Many more civilian life were lost after Gaddafi's death. The aim was to turn Libya into a mess.

see also:

And of course all the lunatics we have unleashed in Libya are now infiltrating Tunisia...

one could ask...

One could ask why the "need" for terrorism with its dark sadism to defeat secular democracy?... Well, it's quite complicated but one of the way the US and its allies can bypass the United Nations or get the United nations on board to destroy secular democracy is through "terrorism" or the fighting thereof at various level including declaring the government of Syria as bad as terrorism. The other way is cash, like trying to buy the present Ukraine government (and half of the population). 

Unfortunately, terrorism has a few bad sides, including that we employ psychopaths to do the job. We pay "rebels" in Syria but the only motivation to die for these 'rebels" has nothing to do with proper government but creating a governing religious fanaticism. A fanatic is a full-blown psycho, religious or not... We are paying full-blown psychos, in cash and with very dangerous weapons. As well, the concept of terror happening here and there will make us accept draconian laws that we would NEVER accept in "normal" time. Terrorism is useful, like dogs are to hold a flock of sheep in one paddock. Our farming masters own the dogs. We are the sheep. Add two and two if you must...

we are led by duplicitous psychopaths...


While there are all manner of wild estimates for the military strength of Islamic State, like 200,000 by the Kurdish fighting force, the latest "official" estimates from the CIA and US intelligence  agencies gives the figure at between 20,000 and 31,000.

Let us assume this is reasonably correct, and let us err on the side of the higher figure, 31,000.

At the second State of Origin match at the MCG, the official attendance figure was 91,513.

If one pictures this stadium a third full, that is the military strength of IS.

Given this yardstick, the entire might, military strength, know-how and resolve of virtually the entire West and the majority of Muslim/Arab States appears to be totally incapable of overcoming this blight? Am I missing something?

Peter Loewensohn Cremorne

The late American journalist Henry Mencken insightfully commented "the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed". The Liberals have a brilliant history of keeping the populace alarmed with the big scare: "reds under the bed", "yellow hordes from the north"  and John Howard's Tampa musings. Tony Abbott's equivalent - Islamic State "is coming after us" - is precisely calibrated to scare little old ladies and gullible readers of The Daily Telegraph, with the subtext – only we can keep you safe, vote for us! Great politics, but do we Australians, after 65 years of the same unsophisticated scare tactics practised by Bob Menzies, accept this type of transparent propaganda?  

Bob Barnes Wedderburn



Read article from top... In short, the West needs Terrorism to do its "dirty business"... There are of course some unfortunate side effects (deaths), but these can be put to good use by scaring the shit out of us...

We are led by duplicitous psychopaths with their wanking hands on patriotism... 

a bit more complicated, Aleksandr...


“Violence can only be concealed by a Lie, & the Lie can only be maintained by Violence. ... Any man, who has once proclaimed Violence as his Method, is inevitably forced to take the Lie as his Principle” 
― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

True. But it's far more complicated than this, in the soft totalitarian neo-fascist capitalist regimes of the West, such as in the USA. The clever psychopath is not as obvious as what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn postulates. It is far more devious.

The clever psychopath will lie but will delegate the violence and blame others for it, while using this violence to reinforce the grip of the lie

For example our present government is Australia is built on lies. MANY LIES. In order to get elected, ALL THE RIGHT-WING CONservatives lied. The press mostly lied in order to make sure these liars were going to be elected (more than 90 per cent of the media lied —according to the Byzantine equation one needs only 66.666 per cent to achieve this kind of "loyalty"). In order to maintain position, the RIGHT-WING CONservatives covered their original lies with more lies. They do not have to use violence as long as the majority (66.666 %) of the media supports their lies. 

In order to make us swallow undemocratic moves, the psychopaths use the VIOLENCE OF OTHERS such as terrorism to make us accept the lies and enforce a ridiculous form of PATRIOTISM as well. The violence of others, mostly extreme Sunni Wahhabism, is "paid for" by "us" (via our PSYCHOPATHS in government and their vassals indirectly through various detours) to "eliminate" legitimate regimes we (THEY) do not like. The resultant terrorism has a side effect that is useful to reinforce the need for more sneaky undemocratic moves.

It's a vicious circle from which escape is far more difficult than from a straight out direct correlation between lies and violence. As well, we, honourable people, "benefit" from the lies, in illusionary comfort of feeling safer. It is far more insidious, though possibly far less dangerous, that any obvious repressive regime. It's a disguised big brother, far more effective than boots.

“You only have power over people as long as you don't take everything away from them. But when you've robbed a man of everything, he's no longer in your power--he's free again.” 
― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The RIGHT-WING CONservatives and their soft in the belly opponents are clever enough to let us, sheep, have the comfort of a reasonable paddock, though the fences are hemming us in... THEY WON'T ROB US ALL AT ONCE... Their dogs are not far watching over us. When a few of us are sent to the abattoirs, we don't really care. That's life. We're sheep to be sheared as often as profitable to the multinationals and we're in debt...


crying wolf ....

Panic indeed Gus ....

Having pumped-up the nation’s fear of terrorism to the point where we seem incapable of thinking about anything-else, Prime Minister Tony Abbott must surely be at serious risk of being accused of “crying wolf”?.

Whilst no-one is suggesting that the threat of terrorism shouldn’t be taken seriously, our political leaders have a clear duty to act responsibly, including to calibrate the government’s response in clear proportion to the threat.

Right now, Australia’s terrorist threat level is set at its second highest level, short only of there being evidence of an imminent attack or an actual attack. In the past few years, billions of dollars have been tipped-into our security agencies, allegedly with the intention of “keeping us safe”, whilst other dangers to our survival draw little more than lip service.

To make the point, in the 35 years from 1978–2013, some 113 Australians died as a result of a terrorist attacks, both at home & overseas. In the 9 year period from 2003–2012, there were 2,600 homicides (not including the 850 deaths from domestic violence), 8,500 deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents & nearly 23,000 suicides; not to lose sight of the fact that 230 people died after falling-off ladders, nearly 200 from falling-off chairs & 10 from being struck by lightning.

John Howard was right when he said we “should be alert but not alarmed”.

Regrettably for our nation’s health, Tony Abbott has only ever known how to play the irrational & irresponsible hysteric.

keeping-up appearances .....

keeping-up appearances ....

this is about it... yep...

Yes John,

the image above is telling... Chillingly true.

more confusion...

A Syrian rebel group has executed 18 alleged members of Islamic State (IS) in a video mimicking the extremist organisation's own productions.

The video shows fighters from Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam) wearing the orange prison clothes that IS victims often sport.

The IS prisoners, however, are wearing black clothes and are chained together wearing ankle and hand shackles with metal balls attached.

The nearly 20-minute production mimics many aspects of IS's own execution videos, with similar sound effects and visuals.

Jaysh al-Islam fighters in the video said the IS forces were being executed in part as revenge for the deaths of at least three of the rebel group's members, who were beheaded by IS.

The rebel group also refers to a major battle it fought with IS in February.

It accuses IS of being allied with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad's regime against its fighters and those of other Islamist rebel groups.


There is NO way that ISIS could be working for Assad... This would be nuts and does not make any sense... Assad is not a Sunni and both groups, including ISIS are Sunnis, despite fighting each other. But it makes sense when another group of fanatics want to win and install their version of extreme Islamwhaterism against a secular (declared despotic by the West) government.

getting more complicated...


The Syrian border town of Jarablous could soon become a battleground and that battle could change the front-lines and the balance of power in territories outside the control of the government in northern Syria.
Jarablous is controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Its flag is hoisted just a few metres from the Turkish flag at the border crossing.
A fence is what demarcates what has been a quiet frontier for years.
Just 100 metres from where we were standing, we could see a bulldozer digging trenches around the town's perimeter. A few days ago, ISIL fighters were filmed planting explosives.
The group is preparing for war.
This is the last Syrian-Turkish border crossing ISIL controls. It cannot afford to lose it. Last month, it was pushed from Tal Abyad and the main Syrian Kurdish fighting force, the YPG, claimed control of 400 of the 900km Syrian-Turkish border from Iraq to the town of Kobane in the west.

US support
The US, which leads the anti-ISIL coalition, praised the capture of Tal Abyad which it said was the group's main route to bring in foreign fighters and supplies to its de facto capital Raqqa.
It would undoubtedly welcome ISIL losing Jarablous.
The YPG now has its sights set on taking the town.
The coalition has provided the Kurds with air cover in previous operations and it is likely to do so in any new offensive against ISIL - leading some to suggest that it prefers the YPG over the Turks as border guards.
A few weeks ago President Barack Obama was highly critical of Turkey, accusing it of failing to stop the flow of foreign fighters, a charge officials here said was baseless.
A possible push by the Kurds into Jarablous is causing concerns in Turkey. It believes the YPG has another agenda apart from fighting ISIL. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the Kurds of wanting to capture Jarablous to link its territories in the northeast with the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in Aleppo province further west and eventually declare a state.
read more:

On top of that, the US would not mind if rebels would topple Assad's regime... It's murky, complicated and delicate like open-heart surgery using a garden rake and a mining shovel.


who are the terrorists....


Last week’s two mass murders carried out by militants allegedly associated with the Islamic State (IS) took place shortly after the release of the State Department’s annual Country Reports on Terrorism 2014Country Reports is 389 pages long, broken down by country and region. It also includes statistical charts, a focus on state sponsors, and analysis of transnational issues. It is worth a read if only to gain some insight into how the United States government views an issue as unwieldy and ultimately indefinable as “international terrorism.”

Initial reactions from interested parties and the media suggest that one can find something in the report to support nearly any point of view if one looks hard enough. The New York Times emphasized in its headline that “Iran still aids terrorism,” a conclusion also reached by the neoconservative Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP). Critics and friends of Israel, meanwhile, found the report’s explicit detailing of the Palestinian civilian deaths that occurred during the fighting in Gaza last summer either an “about time” moment or just one more indication that the White House is intent on punishing Benjamin Netanyahu.

I found the report to be somewhat perplexing, at times contradictory in terms of how it defines terrorism and what conclusions it draws. The 21st century might well be called the century of the terrorist. Terrorism is constantly in the news in one form or another and American newspapers have been reporting that “terrorism trend lines are ‘worse than at any other point in history.’” But what is terrorism? It has frequently been pointed out that “terrorism” is a tactic, not an actual physical adversary, though it is less often noted that a simple definition of what constitutes terrorism is hardly universally accepted, while the designation itself is essentially political. The glib assertion that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter fails to capture the distinction’s consequences as the terror label itself increasingly comes with a number of legal and practical liabilities attached. Describing an organization as terroristic in order to discredit it has itself become a tactic, and one that sometimes has only limited applicability to what the group in question actually believes or does.

read more:


 read from top...


USA's outrageous undeclared war on yemen...


Rolling Stone reports on Saudi war crimes in Saada province in northern Yemen. Here the report mentions how the U.S. role in the campaign is perceived by Yemenis:

Many of Saudi Arabia’s weapons and aircraft were purchased from the U.S. We have encountered remnants of both conventional and cluster bombs likely made in the U.S.A., including BU-97 cluster bomb submunitions, which were transferred to Saudi Arabia by the U.S. in the Nineties. The U.S. has also provided both in-flight refueling and targeting intelligence to bombing missions. As a result, there is a widespread perception among the Yemenis that the American government is equally responsible for the air war.

If the U.S. isn’t “equally” responsible for the war, it certainly deserves a substantial share of the blame. Yemenis have good reason to hold the U.S. responsible for the war that has devastated their country. The U.S. is particularly responsible for the campaign’s attacks on civilian areas because it is actively aiding the Saudis in their operations. U.S. officials are understandably embarrassed to talk about this. Micah Zenko flagged a remarkable recent statement from the State Department’s spokesman. When asked about reports of Saudi war crimes and the targeting of civilian areas, the spokesman did his best to dodge the question:

We remain in close touch with the Saudi Government regarding a wide range of issues. With respect to Yemen, I’d refer you to them for discussion of their operational details. That’s really for – that’s really for the Saudi Government to speak to. And we take all accounts and reports of civilian casualties seriously, and again, have been very clear about our desire to see a humanitarian pause.

When pressed on the current level of assistance that the U.S. is providing, the spokesman again ducked the question and referred the reporter to the Pentagon. The U.S. is facilitating a war that has killed and wounded thousands of civilians, but wants to make it seem as if it has no responsibility for the campaign’s effects. U.S. officials claim that our government favors an end to hostilities, but U.S. assistance with the campaign continues unabated.


rotten bag of US alliances ...


The US is “ready to de facto ally” with its archenemies from Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria as part of its “obsession” by using “so-called moderate” moderate groups to overthrow the Syrian government, former UK ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, told RT in an exclusive interview.
The US “is effectively siding with a branch of Al-Qaeda” in Syria, Peter Ford told RT, speaking of Washington’s recent request to Moscow not to target Al-Nusra positions with air strikes for the sake of moderate opposition groups located in the same area.

The former ambassador denounced the move as “not reasonable at all” and “grotesque.” He also sharply criticized the US for their “obsession with getting rid of Assad and the secular government in Syria” that leads them right to the alliance with “their arch-enemies” and to the loss of “all moral and practical competence.”

“We can only hope that it is a temporary aberration and they will soon return to their senses,” Ford told RT, urging the US government to abandon their policy of de facto aiding Al-Qaeda’s affiliate. He also expressed his support for Russia’s “very reasonable demand that the forces of the so-called moderate opposition disentangle themselves from the embraces of Al-Nusra and allow Al-Nusra to be bombed.”

The former ambassador also stressed that there is “virtually no difference” between Al-Nusra and such groups as Jaish al-Islam, Ahrar al-Sham and Jaish al-Fatah as they are “indistinguishable” in terms of ideology, sectarian bias and their practical methods consisting of “massacres and ruthlessness.”

He also emphasized that the only difference between Al-Nusra and other groups that western countries, including the US, portray as “moderate opposition” lies in the field of tactics.


See toon at top... Read article at top.