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shit and turdy

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has called on Malcolm Turnbull to "do something about his backbench", saying Tony Abbott is acting like both the prime minister and foreign minister.

The former prime minister delivered a speech in Japan overnight, in which he argued for more freedom of navigation military exercises in the contested South China Sea, and said China and Australia did not share the same values.

Mr Shorten said Mr Abbott giving speeches on foreign policy was a "recipe for chaos".

"When you see the former prime minister taking a very different priority to Mr Turnbull on foreign policy — this is a divided Government, and a divided Government is not good for Australia, is not good for Australian jobs, is not good for Australia's position in the world," he said.

"Malcolm Turnbull needs to do something about his backbench. I've got some respect for the fact that Tony Abbot was prime minister, so he should be given a little bit more rope than some of the more right-wing characters.

"What I don't understand is why Malcolm Turnbull has got senior members of his own Government out there giving their own speeches on foreign policy."

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the smell of fundamental crap...

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has said his controversial 2014 budget is a "badge of honour" and "fundamentally fair", while predicting an Abbott government would have won this year's election.

Key points:
  • Tony Abbott defends his prime ministership in 4,000-word essay
  • Says 2014 budget was "fair" and a "badge of honour"
  • Says he and Joy Hockey were "careful to avoid breaking promises"
  • Former PM confident he could have won 2016 election on budget savings

Mr Abbott has penned a 4,000-word essay for conservative journal Quadrant defending his prime ministership, which argues his government's achievements "will stand the test of time".

Turdy is trying to protect his illegitimate place in the history of Australia. So, contrarily to his vow of "silence", he breaks winds every second day, annoying the shit out of Turdball, who to say the least has not had the gall to tell Turdy to shut up.

the stink won't go away...

Live: Abbott issues challenge on economic 'leadership'

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has used a party room meeting to challenge the Liberal Party leadership to make further budget savings

pissing in turnbull's cabbage soup...


Senior government ministers are openly comparing the leaking and undermining of Malcolm Turnbull to the campaign waged against Julia Gillard during the 2010 election after she ousted Kevin Rudd. The latest astonishing – and possibly inaccurate – leak has been referred to the Australian federal police.

It is obviously now up to the police to determine who did this leaking of classified defence documents. But Tony Abbott is quoted in the same article, penned in the Australian by his close friend Greg Sheridan, commenting on what the leak is purported to reveal.

For some time, the former prime minister’s occasional legacy-polishing international speeches have been escalating into more serious and frequent interventions.

Whether or not Abbott meant it last September when he said, “My pledge today is to make this change as easy as I can. There will be no wrecking, no undermining and no sniping. I’ve never leaked or backgrounded against anyone. And I certainly won’t start now”, it would appear either he, or his backers and supporters, aren’t taking that advice now.


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god's work...


Role for Abbott next

Philip Ruddock off to the new position of special envoy for human rights and now Cory Bernardi off to the UN. It's remarkable! Surely there must be something in the offing for Tony Abbott.

Martin Frohlich Adamstown Heights

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There is little employment where Abbott would fit in, apart from cleaning dunnies in Woopwoopland — and we know he would leave more crap in them after his "work" was done. So obviously the only employ for Tony left in the world is as chief advisor/defender of Cardinal Pell in Rome. Doing god's work was Tony's first calling and being a vicious religious attack dog, Tony would soon replace the devilish Pell.

Bingo: Cardinal Abbott on his way to popehood... via Poopooland... God would show the sadistic hands that created the world in six days.


the media — at the service of the coalition...

The most significant messages from the latest political exposé The Road to Ruin released this week, have been ignored by the mainstream media.Alan Austin reports.

NOW THE FRISSON of tawdry excitement caused byNiki Savva’s Canberra insider book has passed, the lesson remaining is this: the press gallery serves primarily the interests of the media proprietors.

Most members seek to preserve the power of the Coalition. Most have little regard for the wellbeing of the community, the functioning of a healthy democracy or the right of voters to know what is actually happening.

Here’s the critical question: Would Niki Savva and her employer, The Australian,have made these revelations about perceptions of an extra-marital relationship had Tony Abbott still been PM?

No, they wouldn’t. How do we know? Because they didn’t when he was.

Would Savva and The Australian have made those revelations immediately about perceptions of an affair had it been a Labor PM? Almost certainly.

We now know that in February 2015 a senior Senator, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, confronted both PM Tony Abbott and his influential chief of staff Peta Credlin with advice that (a) many colleagues believed they were sleeping together, (b) this perception was damaging the Government, and (c), hence Credlin should be removed.

So why has it taken until now – more than a year later – for this significant conversation to be reported?

Niki Savva on the relationship between Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin#insiders #auspol

— Insiders ABC (@InsidersABC) March 5, 2016

Was Savva the only press gallery “reporter” to know of Fierravanti-Wells’ confrontations? If she was, then the others were not doing their job. If others knew, then they were complicit in withholding this information.

A fair dinkum journalist would have gone to his or her editor the moment the exchange was discovered. It would have led the next day’s news. This happens in most functioning democracies. It used to happen in Australia.

The Fierravanti-Wells intervention was not the only significant event revealed this week which the press gallery has hidden. Others include Abbott urgingWarren Truss to stay on as Nationals leader to prevent Barnaby Joyce taking the role, Credlin’s edicts side-lining Abbott’s wife after the 2013 election, Credlin’s unprecedented absences from crucial cabinet meetings and her 2013 veto of Abbott meeting PNG prime minister, Peter O’Neill.

Savva almost admits she would not have written anything damaging about Abbott had he still been PM.

She wrote in the prologue:

‘I certainly never thought I would write a book about Tony Abbott’s brief prime-ministership. When he got there, I thought his career would outlast mine. Ten months into his tenure, after he tackled me at The Australian’s dinner, I got fired up.’

A dinner in July 2014 celebrated The Australian’s 50th anniversary. Savva recalls Abbott’s greeting thus:

In the middle of our handshake, he said, "Now, Niki, can you please stop criticising my chief of staff."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because," he said, "Sometimes when ministers tell you things, they are not true."

"You know what, Tony? Sometimes they are."

Abbott and Credlin tried to get leftard Niki Savva sacked from#theirAustralian. Chris Mitchell wimped out.

— LuvToneyAbott (@NerksF) December 1, 2015

Savva claims Abbott sought to have her sacked:

Thanks to a prime minister acting like a raging bull and full of it, my days as a columnist could have ended early, if not for the support of the paper’s then editor-in-chief, Chris Mitchell, who endured regular expletive-laden complaints about my contributions from the prime minister.

 So the revelations in Savva’s book may not have come to light at all had she not taken personal offence at Abbott’s conduct towards her at that dinner.

The night provided me with two important insights. The first was that Abbott took more offence of criticism of Credlin than himself; the second, that he took her word above that of his colleagues. They lied; she told the truth.

Which brings us to an even more critical revelation this week: that the Canberra press gallery knew Abbott ministers were liars but, again, failed to report that adequately.

Most commentary on Savva’s book seems to accept as valid her reason for not seeking responses from Abbott or Credlin while writing it — because they would lie, and quoting what they said would be repeating falsehoods.

In a candid comment to Fairfax this week, veteran reporter Laurie Oakes affirmed Savva’s judgment:

‘I would check things with Abbott's office and be misled. One press officer even boasted openly about fooling members of the press gallery.’

To be fair to Oakes, he has on at least one occasion highlighted Abbott’s porkies. Two academics did so for Fairfax in 2014. So has Independent Australia,consistently. Few Canberra press gallery reporters have, if any.

Forking the Tone: An affair to forget, by Dave Donovan. #Pell #Credlin#Abbott @davrosz

— IndependentAustralia (@independentaus) March 7, 2016

If the press gallery knows what Abbott knows – that ministers say things that aren’t true – then several questions follow:

  • Which ministers? All of them, or just some? Names, please.
  • To whom do ministers lie? Cabinet colleagues? The parliament? Other governments? Or just voters?
  • What things have they said which are not true?
  • Why do ministers lie routinely?

If this Westminster convention is habitually violated, what other principles are routinely trashed?
These are pretty relevant questions in a liberal democracy. The press gallery – including Savva and Oakes – has shown no interest in exploring them with the thoroughness they require.

This pattern of reporting only what suits the newspaper proprietors and the Coalition parties is well-entrenched.

Throughout Julia Gillard’s prime ministership, damaging reports based on malicious cabinet leaks were published, notably by The Australian. The identity of those providing the leaks was assiduously concealed.

If it was former PM Kevin Rudd leaking against his successor – as he has sinceadmitted – then that was a far more important story than the mostly trivial internal Labor scuttlebutt those leaks alleged. In failing to report Rudd’s identity – while reporting the content of his leaks anonymously – the press gallery continued to place the interests of the media organisations and the Coalition above those of readers and voters.

The timing of this week’s release of Savva’s book clearly bolsters the Turnbull Government. Just when ministerial blunders are increasing and polls declining, attention shifts to Turnbull’s predecessor and crushes any ambition he may have to return.

Australia is indeed on the road to ruin. Its media is setting the direction.

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We started pointing out Tony Abbott's duplicity, dishonesty and bullshit, as soon as this site was created in 2005 from a 2003 wikipage... see:

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we already have had our donald trump moment...


Are we likely to have an Australian Donald Trump?

Q and A panel (ABC News)Q&A

On budget eve, the panel discussed whether our political system is working and whether it's capable of reform.




Gus: Yep we had our Donald trump moment when Tony Abbott was voted in by Rupert Murdoch. But I would venture to say that Donald Trump is far better than Tony Abbott. I supposed if we managed to survive nearly two years of Abbott disasters and fucups, I believe the Yanks can survive a few years of Trump... See toon at top.