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the bullshit news from the murdoch press, back then on september 11, 2015...

bullshit news...

Allies look to end of Assad...

With this serious title and a serious editorial about our serious Prime Minster of the time, written by a serious Dennis Shanahan, the serious political editor at The serious Australian from the serious stable of a serious Mr Murdoch, one can only believe to be seriously misled. Without giving a proper rationale, we want "Assad to go". All we get in the Shanahan article, apart from Mr Abbott wanting to destroy Daesh, is a repeated quote from the great man Abbott: "baddies versus baddies" — and look, the Assad regime is a dreadful regime... Is it? Is it worse than the Saudis?

Our great man Abbott, like a miniature antipodean Napoleon — poodle of yankeedom — is unfazed by the fact that under UN rules, "imposing regime change in a country is illegal" NO MATTER WHAT. Iraq being a case in point. 

And would Assad not being the flavour of the month to the West, enough reason for his removal thereof and replace him with worse "baddies"? Is it because the other "baddies" are friends of our friends the Saudis (Wahhabi Sunnis)?

This kind of foreign policy is high rubbish and in tune with nasty bully boy of the school yard. So, Abbott-the-megalomaniac, was preparing a "political strategy" for Obama — as if Obama did not know what he was doing... Obama must have been fearing the day Abbott was going to land once more in America, with more loony Tony plans of making a bad situation one million times worse. 

In the same paper of course we were shown a silly cartoon by bully boy billy leak, a cartoonist who has gone totally rabid right-wing possibly after a blow to the head. Unless his cartoon was created under instruction from the master bullshitters at the murdoch media — for cash support. How gauche and silly. 

But one of the worse stupidity coming from this rag, on the anniversary of 9/11 is an article the headline of which was:

Russian military build-up 'intent unclear' in Syria

The article let us know that "it would be unconscionable for any party, including Russians, to provide any support to the Assad regime" Mr Schultz (White House press secretary) said. 

Meanwhile, the White house has been providing support to the rebels which included Al Qaeda and Al Nusra to unseat Assad, for no other reason that to drive Syria into the hands of the Saudis. 

And here we are, the Russians came and went and all the rebels who had refused to have a cease fire have been pushed into one otherwise they would have been decimated. Daesh is in retreat in Syria.

If The Australian and the Yanks did not know what the Russian build up in Syria was about, it shows a lot of ignorance about Russian interests in Syria and in Europe. I don't think the US were that naive, but were ready to let the Russians get bogged down in Syria. The Russians are smarter than this.

The Australian? idiots.


a silly leaky cartoon in the silly murdoch press...

a leaky cartoon...

Six month on, Assad is still the head of Syria while Abbott is on the rubbish tip of Australian rejected idiotic sewer-swimming parliamentarians. BOOM. 

the biased stupidity of the merde-och press...


Sigh of 'relief' at Turnbull victory

We asked how you felt about Malcolm Turnbull replacing Tony Abbott as prime minister and the response was overwhelming. The morning after the challenge almost 25,000 readers told us their mood and one word stood out - relief.


With this sigh of relief, Abbott was gone four days after the idiotic The Australian of September 11. There were many idiots commenting in this The Australian on the 11th without any idea the plot was on. This The Australian was typical of this paper and represents the gamut of its idiotic political commentators — all huddling in the ultra-right wing of general social ignorance for the profit of the rich, without understanding anything about relationships, not even about real cash values. 

Of note, in the September 11 The Australian, is of course Maurice Newman, about "It's obvious that leftists in academe and the media doesn't believe in free speech." Weirdly our Newman here told us he was in favour of a "plebiscite" about same sex marriage after having punched to the ground the idea of said same sex marriage for three long paragraph, also punching Jeff Kennett and Julia Gillard in the process without any reference to their positions.

We all knew that "a plebiscite in 18 months" had a) zero chance of influencing Tony Abbott (at the time) and b) still has 0.5 per cent chance of really happening. It was and still is fudge that would cost around $500 million to put to the public.

Newman as always aligns "faith" and right wing conservative values in the same breath — as if there were no lefties in religious circles. Newman also tells us without batting an eyelid, that the left "saturates the formal and informal communication channels so effectively that it crowds out or suffocates alternative views".

We all know what this means. Despite controlling more than 70 per cent of the press and influencing most of the media organisations from TV to radio, Mr Murdoch's rabid right views — expressed via the like of Newman, Shanahan and other rabid right wing loonies such as Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt — are not making the inroad that his MASSIVE propaganda should generate. So the right wing boffins up the anti-whatever in the name of "free speech" as if the "left" (which in this country is a pretty tame "soft centre") had no right to speak up. 

The ABC, SBS and Fairfax get their fair share of Maurice-bat for being "leftie" when we all know they are not. The ABC creep to the right has been too noticeable in the last ten years. SBS is right down the middle and Fairfax is a bit like a Coca Cola flag at a corner shop blowing with the breeze of the day — or limp in dead calm. 

This is not accidental,." Claims Maurice. "The editor -in-chief of The Sydney Morning herald was found by a Federal Court to have acted with malice against Joe Hockey. Yet he remains in his role. His colleagues follow a similar vindictive line, at times making things up when the facts don't fit the conclusion. Anonymous sources and false assertion are no problem. The end justifies the means."

Oh boy! Is this a job description for becoming a columnist at The Australian, the Daily/Sunday Telegraph or not? You've got to laugh really. 

Maurice was a bit glib in his analysis of the "Treasurer for Sale" article which landed Fairfax in front of the court. The judge agreed that the headline was fair on the article but was unwisely used on the advertising of the piece — as the advertising, electronic and otherwise, did not explain how The North Shore Forum organised lunch(es) with Joe for huge sums of cash designed to go to the Liberal party coffers.

I believe that Maurice does not read what he writes. He would be horrified, unless his vein are flowing with blue hypocrisy, yellow delusion and jet-black dishonesty. "So long as shareholders decline to exercise editorial control, journalist will fill the space and seek to influence public opinion with their interpretation of reality..." says Maurice.

Hey you F&^%$ING moron, you just mention the free speech and you want to muzzle it? With the "shareholders! And trust me, the biggest shareholder of News Corp., Uncle Rupe, controls the strings of editorial blabberationing in his papers and the employ of its fifth ultra-right-wing columnists... He may be a gambler but he does leave little to chance.

Bloody idiot. Newman talked shit... Still does, especially on the subject of global warming. Mind you, as mentioned at the top of this article, Abbott was gone within three days, on the 14th of September, 2015. A momentous occasion that saw Hockey, the king of entitlement rorts, booted out as well, for having delivered some shockers pretending to be "budgets".

Sure, the replacement to Tony abbott, Turnbull, is still shit. But he has a better style. We must be alert to see right through the elegant fudge and the dishonest smiles.



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freedom of the press, 26 january 1965...

press freedom

The problem with the "freedom of the press" is when the press is deliberately modifying the truth into lying propaganda — and not telling the truth. Basically telling us porkies in Bold type...

the "assad curse"...

"President Assad of Syria should be put on trial at the International Criminal Court", Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders publicly stated in 2016. He now may face charges from ICC himself, since it's been revealed he supported terrorists in Syria. 

Many western officials have declared that president Bashar al-Assad should be removed from power. But Assad is still the president of Syria and many of those who have called for his removal and even have tried to overthrow his government were removed from political power themselves. And so one day a meme popped up on social media, that immediately went viral, entitled the "Assad must go curse", or simply the "Assad curse". The meme is made up of pictures of western leaders among whom Hillary ClintonDavid Cameron and Theresa May exclaiming "Assad must go!", followed by a picture of Assad asking 'Who must go?" and closing with a picture of Assad laughing and his opponents looking dismayed, because he is still sitting there and they have just stepped down.

In 2017 Dutch Bert Koenders joined the club. Only one year after he had called upon the International Criminal Court (ICC) to put Assad on trial, his party, PvdA, dramatically lost the national elections, which forced him to resign as minister of Foreign Affairs and made him the laughing stock of Assad curse jokers on social media.

Not only had Koenders publicly whished for an ICC trial against Assad; it turned out he had dirtied his hands himself in Syria. In 2015 he had responded to a request from the US to help them overthrow the Syrian government by supporting armed groups. The names of these groups were classified. I asked for their disclosure, but my request was denied. However in 2018, a year after Koenders had left office, national newspaper Trouw and current affairs program Nieuwsuur managed to identify some of these so called 'moderate rebels' that had received relief goods from Koenders. Among them was Jabhat al- Shamiya, also known as the Levant Front, an organization that the Dutch Public Prosecution Service considers to be 'salafist', 'jihadist' and 'a criminal organization with a terrorist purpose'. Support had also been given to groups that worked closely with terror groups, as well as with groups that, according to human rights organizations, had committed crimes of war and crimes against humanity.

Koenders had been perfectly aware of what he was doing. Amnesty International had personally informed him about the misdeeds of Jabhat al- Shamiya, among which torturing, abductions, summary executions and executions for apostasy. And they had asked him to use his influence to ask countries that supported Jabhat al- Shamiya to stop aid immediately. A year later, in 2017, Koenders himself started providing logistics assistance to this very group.

It wasn't only Koenders' support for Jabhat al- Shamiya that unpleasantly surprised Amnesty International. The investigation by Trouw and Nieuwsuur also showed that the Sultan Murad Brigade had been among the recipients of Dutch relief goods, among which pick-up trucks, satellite phones and night goggles. This group worked closely with Al Qaida and was involved in various human rights violations and war crimes, including randomly firing missiles at a residential area in Aleppo, which killed 83 civilians, including 30 children. Furthermore Koenders appeared to have supported at least three groups that worked closely with Ahrar al- Sham, which was also labelled 'terrorist' by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service.


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